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            澳洲代寫assignment 代寫英國assignment Assignment格式 如何寫assignment

            指導英國business management assignment

            論文價格: 免費 時間:2012-10-03 10:12:35 來源:www.orient-thai.net 作者:留學作業網

            論文題目:Assignment 2
            您的研究方向:Business Management
            論文用途:本科課程論文 BA Assignment
            補充要求和說明:Havard  格式, 是profolio, essay格式, 引用率不超過18%, 不用寫introduction和conclution了。請做Tesco和Global factors.我在附件要求裡面 黃色標注的是要做的,其他不用。

            Topic 5 Objectives

            Stakeholders and Mendelow analysis
            Since 1980s, stakeholdermanagementhas become more and more http://www.orient-thai.net/dxygassignment/ important in strategy formulation.Stakeholders’opinions should be taken as important factors in decision making. However, their options won’t always stay as same,some of these groups have a bigger impact than the others. Then, how to balance the interests of all groups became a crucial consideration (Pieter,2009).Besides the influence of strategyformulating, stakeholder analysis can be a useful tool to evaluate strategies by stakeholders’ influence in some controversial issue (Morris, 2008).
            Mendelow analysisis a theory advanced by Aubrey Mendelow (1991),provides a way forenterprises to distinguish important stakeholdersby their strategic impact.According to this method, itcanform a Mendelow matrix to distinguish stakeholders by their power and the level of their interest in strategy. Therefore, the matrix can also be called power/interest matrix.
            Strategies for stakeholder groups
            Tesco Corporate is the biggest merchandise retailer in UK, ranking the 58th in Forbes’s Top500. A power/interest matrix can be formed about this enterprise and strategy suggestion will be given according to Mendelow analysis.In this Mendelow matrix, stakeholders can be divided into four types. Decision makers have to allocate resources reasonably on the basis of the feature of different stakeholders to optimize management.

            Obviously, stakeholders of type D have both power and interest in high level. They affect the management and profits prominently by various waysso that their requirement of type D (primary actor) should be considered significantly.
            The relationship with stakeholders of type C is the hardest one to deal with. Although they have low interest and seem passive, they are probably to be interested in some specific events and influence the management a lot.Underestimating their benefit and make them reposition will lead to harmful situation,therefore, takingtheir options into account and keeping them satisfied is necessary.
            Similarly, stakeholders of type B have low power but can make effect to influence the attitude of those who have higher power.Strategy makersshouldtreat these stakeholders accurately by keepinginformation exchange, providing quality service, offering considerable gains and contenting extra demand.
            The ones of type A have both low power and low interest and may impact smaller than type B, C and D. That doesn’t means their demand can be ignored because they may shift to other groups under some special circumstance. Keeping monitor their requirement and making the minimum effort will be efficient strategy.
            Some problems to clear about Mendelow analysis
            Decision makers can make clear the following questionsabout the power/interests matrix:
            The purpose of bringing Mendelow matrix in stakeholder analysis is making the enterprises realize that only focus on the gains of some people is not enough. The decision maker should get a clear understanding of the interactive relationship between the various powers, care more about the social responsibility and make comprehensive consideration in order to making the enterprise more competitive (Lynda and Derek, 2005).
            Mendelow analysis should be taken as a dynamic analysis, for the classification of stakeholders is not always fixed (Stefan,2005). The level of stakeholders’ power and interest changes with the different stages of development. Decision makers should pay close attention to this change and combine power/interest analysis, external analysis and internal analysis to make efficiency strategy in time.

            Topic 7 Trends in the development ofSupermarket Retailing

            The industry of supermarket appears under the situation of economic depressionin1930s (McClelland, 1962). Some people stared lowering price to attract consumers and do inventory liquidating. Nowadays, branches of supermarkets are all over the world(Thomasand Julio, 2008). With the development of the global integration, supermarkets began to face more and more opportunities and challenges. Subtle changes happen in operation principle, business scale and technology supporting of supermarket retailing.
            Aspect of Operation principle
            Lower price is an inherent advantage of supermarket. On the other hand, that means there isn’t any considerablespace forprice reduction.Therefore, price won’t be the focus of supermarket managers; the possibility of price war is really miniscule.
            Modern business management and marketing theory manifest that, there are many different ways to boost profits and increasing brand attractiveness is an efficient one.Some supermarkets which have basic consumer attention (Wal-Mart and Carrefour, for example) may use more resources in building and optimizing their brand image. To enhance consumers’ loyalty of brand (Edward and Dick, 1998), managers may choice to establish the membership and VIP price.
            Managers will also make efforts to improvethe added value of the products, which may bring attentions to something more efficiency and more competitive. The quality of service will become as important as the quality of goods and market managers are expected to make efforts tosatisfy customer's psychological demand in a more humanity way.
            Aspect of Business scale
            Since the competition is more and more intense in supermarket retailing, the business scale will be more flexible and competitive.
            The form of chain store is going to be retained for a long time for it is the best choice in both cost control and the degree of convenient management. On the other aspect, since there are more and more brands of supermarket, the organizational form of supermarket retailing will tend to be centralization. It’s wise for supermarkets to improve the cohesion and competitiveness by merger and acquire. By means economics of scale, they tendto improve their bargaining power with both the suppliers and consumers.Of course, with the development of the centralization, monopoly is definitely realized. However, taking the characteristic of the industry into consideration, this situation would cease to exist when more supermarkets flow into market.
            With various demand for commodity, customerswould become difficult to satisfy by single products. People prefer to have more choices, therefore, the business area and varieties would increase in order to adapt to the demand from different regions, different races and different habits. While this expandability turn to reality, supermarket managers may adopting some effective ways to design and control the scale of chain stores in different regions so as to approachresource configuration optimization.
            Aspect ofTechnology supporting
            With the incredible development of science and technology, computer technology and various senior management theories have provided the technical support to every sector of world economic. As a young member of retailing, supermarket shows the advantages of keeping pace with The Times. By using advancedcomputer systems and game theory, managers are able to create stop-losses methods more effective than before. Network of logistics would be achieved by PC technology and communication apparatus so as to save costs and shorter logistics cycle (Ho and Lau, 2010). The development of S&T is changing era, and is bringing new promotion to supermarket retailing.
            In conclusion, by taking advance of technology, optimizing management and planningthe business scale reasonably, the industry of supermarket retailing would be lively and competitive.



            Pieter Klaas Jagersma, 2009. The strategic value of sustainable stakeholder management. Business Strategy Series,10(6), pp. 339-344
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            Suk-ching Ho and Ho-fukLau, 2010. Development of Supermarket Technology: the Incomplete Transfer Phenomenon. International Marketing Review, 5(1), pp.20 – 30.
            NirenSirohi, Edward W.McLaughlin and Dick R.Wittink, 1998. A http://www.orient-thai.net/dxygassignment/ model of consumer perceptions and store loyalty intentions for a supermarket retailer.Journal of Retailing, 74(2), Summer, pp. 223-245.


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