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            澳洲代寫assignment 代寫英國assignment Assignment格式 如何寫assignment


            論文價格: 免費 時間:2011-06-22 11:45:22 來源:www.orient-thai.net 作者:留學作業網

            市場營銷調研報告范文  所謂市場營銷調研,是指系統地設計、收集、分析和提出數據資料以及提出跟公司所面臨的特定的營銷狀況有關的數據和研究結果。最主要的研究活動有:  ?。ㄒ唬?市場特性的確定、潛在市場的開發 、市場占有率分析、銷售分析、競爭。  ?。ǘ┦袌鰻I銷調研技術。定量研究一般是為了對特定研究對象的總體得出統計結果而進行的。定性研究具有探索性、診斷性和預測性等特點。它并不追求精確的結論,而只是了解問題之所在,摸清情況,得出感性認識。THE TOP 50.
            BRANNA, TOM

            Acquisitions Make It a Whole New Ball Game
            PROCTER & GAMBLE has been ranked as the No. 1 company in The Top 50 since Happi began publishing the list back in 1978, and this version of our most popular issue is no exception. Despite its recent spate of troubles, including lower sales and earnings and staff cutbacks, P&G is once again ahead by a large margin in our Top 50 rankings with household and personal product sales that topped $23 billion in fiscal 2000. Coming in at No. 2 is Colgate-Palmolive, which reported sales of $8.23 billion for household and personal care products. Rounding out the top 10 are S.C. Johnson, Estee Lauder, Avon, Clorox, Intimate Brands, Ecolab, Alberto-Culver and Sara Lee. All in all, there wasn't much of a change from a year ago. In fact, just two companies dropped out of the top 10. Bristol-Myers Squibb slid from No. 6 to No. 11, and Alticor (http://www.orient-thai.net/Marketing/Strategic_Marketing_Management/which changed its corporate name from Amway) fell to No. 12. The company was ranked No. 8 in last year's Top 50.
            But even the most seasoned household and personal products veteran might need a scorecard to keep up with all of the changes that have been taking place in the past few months among the companies that make up The Top 50. P&G made the biggest move when it purchased the Clairol division from Bristol-Myers Squibb in May. Several companies that have been long-time members of The Top 50 have been acquired in the past few months as well. Block Drug (No. 22) was purchased by GlaxoSmithKline. USA Detergents (No. 35) and portions of Carter-Wallace (No. 38) were bought by Church & Dwight (No. 23). WD-40 (No. 44) acquired HDP Holdings, better known as Global Household Brands, which makes such products as X-14, 2000 Flushes and Carpet Fresh.
            Even when they're not making acquisitions, Top 50 companies are still making news. Dial, ranked No. 16 on our list, killed its underperforming Nature's Accents personal care line and eliminated 24% of its underperforming SKUs. Now the company is in the process of reviewing all its businesses. Meanwhile, Gillette (No. 21) is hard at work looking for ways to turn its business around after several underperforming quarters, and you can bet that in this difficult economic climate, there are plenty of brand managers at other Top 50 companies scratching their heads and trying to come up with ways to boost sagging sales. #p#分頁標題#e#
            This year's Top 50 no longer contains two well-known companies; Warner-Lambert and Carson Products were acquired by Pfizer and L'Oreal, respectively.
            We hope you enjoy this edition of The Top 50. As always, we welcome your comments on our ranking, as well as anything else that appears in Happi. Be sure to read the August issue of Happi, which will include The International Top 30, our annual look at the largest manufacturers of household and personal products with headquarters outside the U.S.
            Alphabetical Listing(*)

            Alberto-Culver 9
            Alticor 12
            AM Cosmetics 41
            Avon Products 5
            Belae Brands 49
            Block Drug 22
            Blyth 17
            Bonne Bell 46
            Bristol-Myers Squibb 11
            Carter-Wallace 38
            Chattem 34
            Church & Dwight 23
            Colgate-Palmolive 2
            Conair 43
            Coty 13
            Clorox 6
            Del Laboratories 36
            Dial 16
            Ecolab 8
            Elizabeth Arden 27
            Estee Lauder 4
            Gap 29
            Gillette 21
            Herbalife 37
            Inter Parfums 47
            Intimate Brands 7
            Jafra 31
            J.B. Williams 50
            John Paul Mitchell Systems 33
            Johnson & Johnson 14
            Johnson Wax Professional 19
            Liz Claiborne 40
            Mary Kay 17
            National Service Industries 25
            NCH 28
            New Dana Perfumes 45
            Nexxus 39
            Nu Skin 26
            Pfizer 20
            Playtex Products 32
            Procter & Gamble 1
            Revlon 15
            Sara Lee 10
            Schering-Plough 24
            S.C. Johnson 3
            State Industrial 48
            Turtle Wax 42
            USA Detergents 35
            WD-40 44
            Yankee Candle 30

            (*)--see other important companies at the end of The Top 50.
            The Top 50

            1. Procter & Gamble Cincinnati, OH $23.5 billion
            2. Colgate-Palmolive New York, NY $8.23 billion
            3. S.C. Johnson Racine, WI $4.5 billion
            4. Estee Lauder New York, NY $4.36 billion
            5. Avon Products New York, NY $3.53 billion
            6. Clorox Oakland, CA $2.65 billion
            7. Intimate Brands Columbus, OH $2.36 billion
            8. Ecolab St. Paul, MN $2.26 billion
            9. Alberto-Culver Melrose Park, IL $2.2 billion
            10. Sara Lee Chicago, IL $2.15 billion

            11. Bristol-Myers Squibb New York, NY $2.1 billion
            12. Alticor Ada, MI $2.04 billion
            13. Coty New York, NY $1.8 billion
            14. Johnson & Johnson New Brunswick, NJ $1.5 billion
            15. Revlon New York, NY $1.49 billion
            16. Dial Scottsdale, AZ $1.4 billion
            17. (tie) Blyth Industries Greenwich, CT $1.2 billion
            17. Mary Kay Addison, TX $1.2 billion
            19. Johnson Wax Professional Sturtevant, WI $1.1 billion
            20. Pfizer New York, NY $1 billion

            21. Gillette Boston, MA $978 million
            22. Block Drug Jersey City, NJ $690 million
            23. Church & Dwight Princeton, NJ $634 million
            24. Schering-Plough Madison, NJ $547 million
            25. National Service Industries Atlanta, GA $511 million
            26. Nu Skin Provo, UT $449 million#p#分頁標題#e#
            27. Elizabeth Arden Miami Lakes, FL $382 million
            28. NCH Irving, TX $381 million
            29. Gap San Francisco, CA $350 million
            30. Yankee Candle Whately, MA $339 million

            31. Jafra Cosmetics Westlake Village, CA $324 million
            32. Playtex Products Westport, CT $320 million
            33. John Paul Mitchell Systems Beverly Hills, CA $300 million
            34. Chattem Chattanooga, TN $253 million
            35. USA Detergents North Brunswick, NJ $249 million
            36. Del Laboratories Uniondale, NY $229 million
            37. Herbalife International Los Angeles, CA $201 million
            38. Carter-Wallace New York, NY $192 million
            39. Nexxus Products Goleta, CA $180 million
            40. Liz Claiborne New York, NY $175 million

            41. AM Cosmetics North Arlington, NJ $165 million
            42. Turtle Wax Chicago, IL $160 million
            43. Conair Stamford, CT $157 million
            44. WD-40 San Diego, CA $153 million
            45. New Dana Perfumes Boca Raton, FL $150 million
            45. Bonne Bell Cleveland, OH $105 million
            47. Inter Parfums New York, NY $101 million
            40. State Industrial Cleveland, OH $100 million
            49. Belae Brands Phoenix, AZ $75 million
            50. J.B. Williams Glen Rock, NJ $71 million

            The Procter & Gamble Company
            One Procter & Gamble Plaza
            Cincinnati, OH 45202
            Tel: (513) 983-1100
            Website: www.pg.com [http://www.pg.com]
            Sales: $23.5 billion

            SALES: $23.5 billion for laundry, cleaning, personal care and health care products. Corporate sales: $40.1 billion. Net income: $3.5 billion for the year ended June 30, 2000.
            KEY PERSONNEL: John Pepper, chairman; A.G. Lafley, president and chief executive officer; Susan E. Arnold, president, personal beauty care; Antonio Belloni, president, western Europe; Charles V. Bergh, president, ASEAN, Australasia & India; Wolfgang C. Berndt, president, global fabric care; Bruce L. Byrnes, president, global beauty care and global health care; Martin N. Nuechtern, president, global hair care; Paul Polman, president, global fabric care; Jorge S. Mesquita, president, global home care; Dimitri Panayotopoulos, president, central & eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa; Laurent L. Philippe, president, greater China. G. Gilbert Cloyd, chief technology officer; Clayton C. Daley Jr., chief financial officer
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Baby Care--Baby Fresh, Wash-A-Bye Baby and Kid Fresh wipes; Beauty Care--Cosmetics, fragrances, hair care, antiperspirants and skin/beauty care marketing under such brands as Cover Girl, Max Factor, Hugo Boss, Head & Shoulders, Pantene Pro-V, Pert Plus, Physique, Rejoice, Vidal Sassoon, Secret, Olay skin Care, Safeguard, Zest, Olay cosmetics and SK-II; Fabric and Home Care--Bleach and prewash additives, care for special fabrics, dish care, fabric conditioners, fruit and vegetable wash, household cleaner and laundry marketed under such brands as Ace Bleach and Prewash Additives; Dryel, Febreze, Cascade, Dawn, Fairy Dish, Joy, Bounce, Downy, Lenor Fabric Conditioner, Fit, Swifter, Ace Detergent, Ariel, Bold, Cheer, Dash, Gain and Tide. Health Care--Crest toothpaste. #p#分頁標題#e#
            NEW PRODUCTS: Crest White Strips, Olay Daily Facials, Downy Wrinkle Releaser, Swiffer WetJet, Cascade Complete, Febreze Clean Wash, VS Sassoon hair care collection, Hugo Boss Deep Red.
            COMMENTS: The past 12 months at Procter & Gamble have resembled that Clint Eastwood movie, "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." The good, of course, was P&G's $4.9 billion acquisition of Clairol, which gave it instant access to the fast-growing hair colorant segment--the one area in hair care where P&G has not been a major force. The bad was P&G's financial performance last year; A.G. Lafley, president and chief executive officer, admitted fiscal 2000 "was a tough year" as earnings fell short of goal and $300 million below the previous year's results. The ugly part of the equation came on March 22 when P&G announced it would lay off as many as 17,000 employees in an effort to cut costs and shore up profits. For the year ended June 30, 2000, P&G's sales rose 5%, but net earnings declined 6%.
            P&G is hoping that the acquisition of Clairol can improve its fortune. The Clairol acquisition launches P&G into the profitable and growing hair coloring market. Clairol's hair colorant brands include Nice'n Easy, Natural Instincts, Miss Clairol, and Hydrience. Clairol also brings some outstanding hair care brands, including Herbal Essences, Aussie and Infusium.
            "Clairol's brands are known and loved by millions of consumers around the world," said Mr. Lafley. "Clairol brings P&G into the fast-growing business of hair colorants and positions us for further growth in one of our core business categories: hair care. This acquisition has all the right elements--leadership brands, attractive margins and potential for growth. It is a winning combination for our consumers, our customers, our company and our shareholders."
            This acquisition is expected to contribute about $1.6 billion in sales to P&G's beauty care business. Clairol's hair care products will deliver $900 million in incremental sales, and the hair colorants will add another $700 million in sales for P&G, rounding out the company's presence across the total hair care category.
            The global colorant segment alone has generated annual growth in the range of 4-6% during the past five years, about double the growth of shampoos, conditioners and styling aids. In fact, men and women are increasingly using hair coloring as a fashion accessory and usage among younger consumers is on the rise. This growth rate combined with the profitability of the category provides a strong platform for continued growth.
            "Hair care is a highly competitive and dynamic category driven by the latest styles and trends," said Bruce Byrnes, president of global beauty care and global health care at P&G. "Uniting P&G's strengths in hair care and consumer understanding with Clairol's strengths in hair color will position us for strong future growth for many years to come. The combination of P&G and Clairol will also benefit consumers in this rapidly changing market where they are constantly demanding new innovations and new choices." #p#分頁標題#e#
            P&G estimates the savings efficiencies from combining operations to total about $200 million. Moreover, company executives insist that they can expand the Clairol brand internationally. They note that while Clairol has a presence in key global markets, approximately 75% of sales occur in North America (U.S./Canada/Mexico). By contrast, approximately 70% of P&G hair care products are sold outside of North America.
            On paper, the deal certainly looks good. But P&G still has several obstacles to overcome. For example, analyst Bill Steele of Banc of America Securities Inc., said, "While strategically (it) may pay off for investors over the next couple of years, the risk-reward isn't particularly good at this time. The company needs to focus. They are laying off 17,000 people yet they find the wherewithal to buy a hair care company for $5 billion?"
            The latest financial results from P&G don't look very impressive. The company reported net earnings of $893 million or $0.63 per share for the third quarter ended March 31. Results included a $113 million after-tax charge related to the Organization 2005 restructuring program. Core net earnings, excluding Organization 2005 charges, were $1.01 billion for the quarter or $0.71 per share. Core net earnings per share increased 11%.
            But net sales for the quarter were $9.51 billion, equal to year-ago, excluding a 3% unfavorable impact of exchange. Favorable pricing and mix effects offset a unit volume decline of 3% due to major new brand introductions in the base period. Business segment after-tax earnings were up 12% as pricing benefits and tax savings offset the impact of foreign exchange and increased product costs. Divestiture gains also contributed to the company's core net earnings growth.
            "We met expectations and made solid progress this quarter--we are making the strategic choices necessary to accelerate growth," insisted Mr. Lafley. For the first nine months, reported net earnings were $3.24 billion, or $2.29 per share. Results included charges of $318 million after-tax related to the Organization 2005 program. Excluding Organization 2005 charges, core net earnings were $3.56 billion, while core net earnings per share were $2.52, 5% above the prior year. Net sales were up 1% to $29.66 billion, excluding a 3% unfavorable exchange rate effect. Unit volume decreased 1%.
            Beauty care net sales fell 1% to $1.78 billion, excluding the 4% impact of unfavorable currencies and divestitures. Volume fell 2%, excluding divestitures, due to the launch of Physique in the base period. Gross margin improvements and marketing cost efficiency helped deliver $243 million in net earnings, a 5% gain over the prior year.
            Fabric and home care delivered double-digit earnings growth, although net sales fell 3% to $2.77 billion, excluding negative exchange of 3% on a comparable volume decline, due to heavy new brand activity in the base period. Net earnings grew 23% to $348 million, including the benefit of lower taxes, gains from divestitures and pricing in North America laundry. Western Europe laundry continues to face strong competition, although shares have begun to improve indicating progress in restoring price competitiveness. #p#分頁標題#e#
            Colgate-Palmolive Company
            300 Park Avenue
            New York, NY 10022
            Tel: (212) 310-2000
            Website: www.colgatepalmolive.com [http://www.colgatepalmolive.com]
            Sales: $8.23 billion

            SALES: $8.23 billion for oral, personal and household care products. Corporate sales: $9.35 billion. Net income: $1.06 billion.
            MAJOR OFFICERS: Reuben Mark, chairman and chief executive officer; William S. Shanahan, president; Lois D. Juliber, chief operating officer; Javier G. Teruel, chief growth officer; Ian M. Cook, executive vice president and president, Colgate North America and Colgate oral pharmaceuticals; Michael J. Tangney, executive vice president and president, Co]gate Latin America; Stephen C. Patrick, chief financial officer; Andrew D. Hendry, senior vice president, general counsel and secretary; Robert J. Joy, vice president, global human resources; S. Peter Dam, president, Colgate-Asia Pacific; Franck Moison, president, Colgate-Europe; Coloman de Hegedtis, president, Colgate-Africa/Middle East; Tarek Hallaba, president, Colgate-Central Europe/Russia.
            MARKETING DIRECTORS: Seamus McBride, vice president, marketing, Colgate-U.S.; Michael Sload, marketing director, Latin America; Heiko Tietke, executive vice president, marketing, Europe; John Guiney, vice president, marketing, Asia-Pacific; Magda Mularuk, marketing manager, Central Europe and Russia; Stephen Burns, marketing director, Africa-Middle East; Suzan Harrison, vice president, general manager, U.S. oral care; Sheila Hopkins, vice president, general manager, U.S. personal care; Francois de Saint Perier, general manager, U.S. fabric care.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Oral Care--Colgate, Ultra Brite and Kolynos toothpaste; Colgate Total, Actibrush, Navigator, Wave, Plus and Classic toothbrushes. Body Care--Softsoap liquid soap and body washes; Palmolive soaps, shampoos, lotions and bath gels; Cashmere Bouquet; Vel Beauty Bar; Irish Spring deodorant soaps and Palmolive Gold deodorant soap; Colgate shave cream; Mennen Skin Bracer aftershave, Afta skin conditioner; Speed Stick deodorants/antiperspirants and Lady Speed Stick deodorants and antiperspirants; Protex. Fabric Care--Fab, Fresh Start, Dynamo, Ajax, ABC laundry detergents and Suavitel fabric softener.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Lady Speed Stick Aloe Soft Solid, Lady Speed Stick Aloe Invisible Dry, Fab Sun Shower Fresh, Colgate Actibrush Bzzz for Kids, Colgate Total Plus Whitening, Palmolive Spring Blossom Scent Gel machine dishwasher detergent, Colgate Sensitive Plus Whitening, Colgate 2in1 toothpaste and mouthwash, Softsoap 2in1 liquid hand soap, Softsoap Fruit Essentials body wash, Softsoap Fruit Essentials liquid hand soap, Softsoap Active for Men bodywash. To be launched: Softsoap Vitamins body wash and Softsoap Vitamins liquid hand soap.
            COMMENTS: Corporate sales rose 3% last year and net income increased 13%. Unit volume was up 6%. The company noted that every operating division contributed to the volume increase and that new products (those introduced during the past five years) delivered a record 38% of total sales. #p#分頁標題#e#
            By geographic division, Latin America contributed 27% of sales, followed by North America, 25%; Europe, 20% and Asia/Africa, 16%. Hill's Pet Nutrition added 12%. By product category, oral care accounted for 34% of sales, followed by personal care, 24%, household surface care, 16%; fabric care, 14% and pet nutrition, 12%.
            In North America, net sales grew 8% to $2.31 billion as unit volume rose 8%. The gain was attributed to the successful introduction of new products including the battery-powered Colgate Actibrush toothbrush, Colgate 2in1 toothpaste and mouthwash and Colgate Sensitive Maximum Strength and Colgate Sparkling White toothpaste. New personal care product launches such as Softsoap Fruit Essentials body wash and hand soap and Softsoap 2-in-1 with moisturizing lotion also boosted North American results.
            Net sales in Latin America increased 6% to more than $2.5 billion. Volume rose 6% due to strong growth in Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela and Central America. In fact, Mexico became the first $1 billion subsidiary in Colgate's history. The company's Mexican operation has registered a 16% compound annual growth rate since 1995, according to Reuben Mark, chairman and chief executive officer. The regional launch of Colgate Fresh Confidence gel toothpaste helped boost sales in Latin America.
            European net sales declined 7% to $1.89 billion. A weak euro offset unit volume gains of 4%. The best-performing countries in the region included Germany, Italy, the Nordic Group and the Netherlands.
            Net sales in Asia/Africa increased 2% to $1.53 billion as volume rose 7% with the strongest performance in China, India and the Philippines. Colgate's China operation continued to experience strong growth through the introduction of new products such as Softlan fabric softener and Palmolive Naturals shampoo. In addition, Colgate inked a majority-owned joint venture agreement with Sanxiao, the leading domestic toothbrush manufacturer in China, which makes more than one billion toothbrushes a year and holds a 60% market share in the category. "Our Chinese business is extremely healthy," noted Mr. Mark at the company's annual shareholders' meeting in May. "The Chinese government is committed to capitalism."
            The company insists it has a simple, but powerful value creating strategy that is based on three principles:
            * Drive global growth;
            * Fund that growth and
            * Make Colgate-Palmolive the best place to work.
            Mr. Mark gave shareholders an overview of the principles during the annual meeting. Some of the issues driving global growth include creating outstanding advertising throughout the world, powerful consumer promotions and a 360 [degrees] marketing program. "Media is losing its impact with consumers due to diversity," explained Mr. Mark. "So we surround the consumers wherever they may be."
            Other factors contributing to that growth include superior knowledge of the consumer, increasing Colgate's already dominant coverage of traditional (smaller store) trade and building strong partnership with larger retailers including Wal-Mart and Target. #p#分頁標題#e#
            In order to fund that growth, Colgate-Palmolive continues to improve gross margins, a key concern of Mr. Mark and Dill Shanahan, C-P's long-time president. Since Mr. Mark took over as CEO, the gross margin has risen from 39.2% in 1983 to 54.5% in 2000. In the first quarter of this year, the company reached 55% gross margins and has set its sights on 60% in the not-too-distant future. Other ways to fund the growth include streamlining the supply chain, using technology to create new cost savings, capitalizing on its unique SAP partnership and moving to regionalization. Under Colgate's regionalization strategy, several countries are treated as a region to provide cost savings and regional sourcing. Regionalization, according to Mr. Mark, leads to faster, more solid growth.
            Colgate-Palmolive has enjoyed solid growth since 1983 and the company has been rewarded on Wall Street. From 1983 to 2000, the S&P 500's total return has been 1,197%. At the same time, however, Colgate-Palmolive's stock has returned 3,720%, well above its peer group's return of 1,768%.
            "Extreme focus and precise global execution is what Colgate-Palmolive has and our competition doesn't," Mr. Mark boasted to shareholders.
            Colgate's strong growth has continued into 2001. Colgate-Palmolive worldwide top-line unit volume increased 7% while earnings per share grew 16% in the first quarter. Each of Colgate's operating divisions achieved strong volume growth and also increased operating earnings in the period. Net income increased 12% to $267.9 million, and global sales of continuing businesses excluding exchange rose 9%. Including the effect of the strong dollar, continuing sales rose 3.5%.
            "We are delighted that strong market share gains here and abroad have again generated strong top-line growth momentum," said Mr. Mark. "Every division increased volume at a mid-single-digit rate or better.
            "This increased volume, combined with gross profit increases, led to another significant profit gain. The goal we set in 1995 of reaching a gross margin of 55% by the end of 2002 has been achieved almost two years early, in the first quarter of 2001. This gives us confidence in our ability to reach our 2008 gross margin goal of 60% earlier as well."
            By region, Colgate-North America's unit volume grew 7% and sales increased 6% in the first quarter. Consumer takeaway of Colgate-U.S. products grew almost 10% in dollar value, as measured by A.C. Nielsen for food, drug and mass outlets, more than twice as fast as the aggregate category growth rate. Operating profits increased 11%.
            Colgate increased its U.S. national market shares in virtually every category. Specifically, U.S. market share grew in toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorants, bar and liquid soaps, household cleaners, dishwasher detergents and fabric softeners. Colgate's leadership of the U.S. toothpaste market increased to 34.8% for the quarter, up almost 4 share points from a year ago to its highest level since the 1950s. #p#分頁標題#e#
            Latin American unit volume grew 5%, and dollar sales increased 3% excluding divested business. Colgate achieved healthy volume growth in the important markets of Brazil and Mexico, as well as in Central America, Ecuador, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, offsetting an expected volume decrease in Colombia caused by economic conditions. Operating profits for the division increased 13%. Cost-savings projects, SAP, a more profitable product mix and regional sourcing all contributed to higher profitability. Colgate strengthened its oral care leadership in the region from such new products as Colgate Triple Action striped all-family toothpaste, as well as Colgate Herbal and Colgate Fresh Confidence toothpastes. Toothbrush sales benefited from new Colgate Replace and the battery-powered Colgate Actibrush. Strong growth in personal care reflects the success of Lady Speed Stick Ultra Dry Cream, and Palmolive Botanicals soap and shampoo throughout the region. Axion Spring Sensations dishwashing liquid and Ajax antibacterial cleaner were strong performers in household care.
            European unit volume rose 7% as innovative new products drove top-line increases in nearly every country. Germany, France, Greece, the UK, Switzerland, Central Europe and Russia were among the strongest performers. Both sales and operating profits increased 7% in local currency and 1% in dollar terms, reflecting the weak euro.
            The battery-powered Colgate Actibrush has greatly strengthened Colgate's toothbrush leadership in Europe. Colgate now has the No. 1 or No. 2 position in manual and battery-operated toothbrushes in 11 European countries. For example Colgate's share of the French toothbrush market has more than doubled in the past year. The recent regional launch of Colgate Actibrush Bzzz for kids is further driving growth. Other strongly performing multi-country launches include Colgate Herbal and Colgate Fresh Confidence toothpastes, Palmolive Spring Sensations dishwashing liquid and Palmolive Vitamins with vitamin E, which comes as a shower gel, and bath and liquid hand soap.
            In addition, Colgate's fast-growing business in Central Europe and Russia expanded its market shares, particularly from Colgate Herbal and Palmolive Naturals translucent soap.
            New products helped produce 11% volume growth in Asia/Africa, marked by vigorous growth in China, as well as strong gains in Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and Vietnam. Sales for the region increased 4% as a result of exchange while operating profits increased 17%.
            Successful new entries Colgate Fresh Confidence and Colgate Herbal toothpastes and the Colgate Navigator toothbrush drove widespread market share growth in Asia. In China, for example, Colgate's national toothpaste market share as measured by A.C. Nielsen rose to more than 26%. Colgate-China sold over 200 million toothbrushes in the first quarter, including production from its new majority-owned joint venture, Sanxiao.
            Among the standout performers in other core categories were Palmolive Naturals conditioner, Axion Spring Fresh dishwashing liquid and the Colgate Actibrush. #p#分頁標題#e#
            SC Johnson
            1525 Howe Street
            Racine, WI 53403
            Tel: (262) 260-2000
            Website: www.scjohnson.com [http://www.scjohnson.com]
            Sales: $4.5 billion

            SALES: $4.5 billion (estimated) for the year ended June 30, 2000, but that total includes sales of food management products such as Ziploc storage bags.
            MAJOR OFFICERS: H. Fisk Johnson, Ph.D., chairman; William D. Perez, president and chief executive officer; David L. May, president, North America.
            CHIEF SCIENTIFIC OFFICER: Darcy Massey, senior vice president, research, development and engineering.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Pledge furniture polish, Glade air fresheners and candles, Raid and Off! insecticides, Windex glass cleaner.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Pledge Grab-It, Glade Duet, Off! Mosquito Lamps, Edge Active Care and Skintimate Skin Soothing shaving gel.
            COMMENTS: Sales rose 7% last year.
            Earlier this year, SC Johnson joined ideas.com to tap into the ideas of the public. The company is willing to pay $5,000 to the person with the best idea to make home environments cleaner and healthier, in addition to the individual who has the best idea for making home cleaning easier at www.ideas.com [http://www.ideas.com]. More specifically, SC Johnson is looking for a safe and nontraditional approach to reduce, prevent or eliminate germs in the home without the use of quats, phenolics, alcohols or bleach. Also, the company is seeking ways to prevent dirt from attaching to hard or soft surfaces in an aqueous base without fluorine chemicals or organic solvents.
            The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.
            767 Fifth Avenue
            New York, NY 10153
            Tel: (212) 572-4200
            Website: www.elcompanies.com [http://www.elcompanies.com]
            Sales: $4.36 billion

            SALES: $4.36 billion. Net income: $314 million for the year ended June 30, 2000.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Leonard Lauder, chairman; Fred Langhammer, president and chief executive officer; Dan Brestle, worldwide group president, Bobbi Brown, Aveda, Bumble and Bumble, Jane, Stila, Prescriptives, Jo Malone, La Mer and Kate Spade; Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, worldwide group president, Estee Lauder, MAC and the fragrance division; William P. Lauder, worldwide group president, Clinique, Origins and Gloss.com; Philip Shearer, group president, international; Jeanette Wagner, vice chairman.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Cosmetics, fragrances, skin care and hair care products marketed under brands such as Estee Lauder, Aramis, Clinique, Prescriptives, Origins, MAC, La Mer, Bobbi Brown Essentials, Tommy Hilfiger, Jane, Donna Karan, Aveda, Stila, Jo Malone, Bumble and Bumble.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Fragrances--Estee Lauder Intuition, Clinique Happy for Men, DKNY The Fragrance for Women, Tommy Hilfiger Freedom for Him and Freedom for Her; Makeup--Estee Lauder Pure Color lipstick and Go Pout lip-color, Clinique City Stick SPF 15 and Clarifying Makeup Clear Skin Formula, Bobbi Brown Essentials ColorOptions, Tommy Hilfiger Color, Stila Pocket Palette; Skin Care--Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Eye Creme and Spotlight Skin Tone Perfector, Clinique Acne Solutions and Body Clinique, Jane Goodskin, La Mer The Eye Balm, Aveda Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Creme; Hair Care--Donna Karan Cashmere Mist shampoo and conditioner, The Clinique Simple Hair Care System, Aveda Sap Moss shampoo and conditioner. To be launched: T for Him fragrance (October). #p#分頁標題#e#
            COMMENTS: Sales rose more than 10% and net income jumped 15% for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2000. By product category, fragrance sales rose 4% to $1.09 billion, skin care sales rose 11% to $1.55 billion, makeup sales rose 12% to $1.58 billion and hair care sales increased 38% to $114 million.
            Acquisitions continued during fiscal 2000 as Estee Lauder acquired a majority interest in Bumble and Bumble, a prestige hair care company. Estee Lauder now markets 15 brands, a diverse portfolio that, the company insists, energizes the staff and gets them to think about products, marketing and distribution in new ways. These new ways of thinking have helped the company to continue growing right into 2001.
            For the third quarter ended March 31, 2001, the company reported net sales rose 6% to $1.1 billion. Net earnings rose 8% to $65.1 million.
            "We turned in a terrific third quarter, meeting all of our financial targets. This is a notable achievement considering the soft retail climate in the U.S. and the uncertain sentiment surrounding the economy," said Fred Langhammer, president and chief executive officer. "We view challenging environments as an opportunity to gain market share, which is an essential component of our future growth strategy. Our business in Europe and Asia remained strong owing to successful product introductions and the ability to effectively execute our strategies. We will continue to benefit from a combination of global distribution, superior marketing and a promising lineup of new products."
            Net sales of makeup products for the third quarter rose 10% to $464.1 million. The higher sales reflect the initial shipments of Moisture Surge lipstick and the launch of Lash Doubling mascara from Clinique along with recent product introductions such as Equalizer Smart Makeup by Estee Lauder, High Impact eye shadow from Clinique and Luxe Makeup by Prescriptives. Existing Estee Lauder products such as Go Pout lipcolor and, in international markets, Pure Color lipstick, also contributed to the net sales increase, as did strong double-digit growth from MAC and new and existing products from Lauder's other brands.
            Skin care sales increased 4% to $419.1 million, fueled by the introduction of Anti-Gravity firming eye lift cream by Clinique, as well as the recent successful launches of Idealist skin refinisher by Estee Lauder, Anti-Gravity firming lift cream from Clinique and MAC Pro-Preferred Skincare. Skin care sales also benefited from the strong performances of Origins' Ginger Bath and Body Collection and, in international markets, the recent launch of Renutriv Intensive Lift serum and the continued success of White Light Brightening System by Estee Lauder.
            Fragrance sales decreased 4% to $172.9 million. The success of Intuition by Estee Lauder in international markets and the rollout of DKNY for men contributed to the category. These positive contributions were more than offset by the continued weakness of Tommy Hilfiger fragrances and lower sales of Estee Lauder Pleasures, Dazzling Gold and Dazzling Silver. Fragrance sales also faced a difficult comparison with the prior-year quarter due to the domestic rollout of DKNY for women last year. The decline in fragrance sales occurred in the U.S., while fragrance sales increased in Europe due primarily to the success of Intuition. #p#分頁標題#e#
            Sales of hair care products increased 40% to $39.9 million. The increase is primarily attributable to the inclusion of sales from Bumble and Bumble, a majority of which was acquired in June 2000, the current fiscal year introduction of Clinique's Simple Hair Care System, as well as continued excellent growth at Aveda.
            For the nine months ended March 31, 2001, net sales rose 6% to $3.57 billion. Net earnings before the cumulative effect of a change in accounting principle for the nine-month period increased to $287.0 million, up 12% over the $256.9 million reported in the same period last year.
            The company expects the retail environment in the U.S. will continue to be challenging. Nevertheless, management said net sales for the fiscal 2001 full year are expected to grow between 9% and 10% on a constant currency basis versus the prior fiscal year. Geographic region net sales growth in constant currency is anticipated to be led by Europe, the Middle East & Africa and Asia/Pacific, followed by the Americas. On a product category basis, in constant currency, hair care sales, with a smaller base, are expected to be the leading growth category, followed by makeup and skin care, while fragrance is expected to be relatively unchanged versus the prior-year period. The adverse effect of exchange rates in Europe and Asia could temper reported sales growth for the full fiscal year by approximately 3.5%, the company said.
            Avon Products, Inc.
            1345 Avenue of the Americas
            New York, NY 10105
            Tel: (212) 282-5000
            Website: www.avon.com [http://www.avon.com]
            Sales: $3.53 billion

            SALES: $3.53 billion for cosmetics, fragrances and toiletries. Corporate sales: $5.7 billion. Net income: $489.3 million.
            MAJOR OFFICERS: Andrea Jung, chief executive officer; Susan J. Kropf, president and chief operating officer; Fernando Lezama, executive vice president, Asia Pacific; Robert J. Corti, executive vice president and chief financial officer; Walter Biel, senior vice president, Latin America North; Pablo Daly, senior vice president, Latin America South; Joseph Faranda, group vice president, strategy and new business development; Jill Kanin-Lovers, senior vice president, human resources; Gilbert Klemann, senior vice president and general counsel; Brian T. Martin, senior vice president, corporate communications; Steve Bock, senior vice president and president, retail; Brian Connolly, senior vice president and president, Avon U.S.; Harriet Edelman, senior vice president and chief information officer; Bennett R. Gallina, senior vice president, global operations support; Robert Toth, senior vice president, Europe, Middle East and Africa; Dennis Ling, group vice president, finance and treasurer; John Owen, group vice president, finance.
            MARKETING DIRECTORS: U.S.--Bob Briddon, group vice president, U.S. marketing; Joseph Hawley, group vice president, U.S. beauty marketing; Vanessa Reggiardo, vice president, U.S. beauty marketing & regional marketing integration; Sally Haigh-Alex, vice president, marketing & design, Beauty Plus & Beyond. Global--Virginia Pagetti, vice president, global marketing; Leela Grammenidou, executive director, color/skin care; Louise Butler, executive director, fragrance/personal care. #p#分頁標題#e#
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Cosmetics, fragrances and toiletries.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Anew Positively, Anew Retroactive,
            Advance Techniques, Incandessence, Avon Color Haiku, Anew Force Extra, Beyond Color Illuminating Radiance Vitamin C foundation SPF 12, Beyond Color Nutralush Plumping lipstick SPF 12, Avon Lighten Up Plus, Anew Line Elminator, Avon Pore-Fection. To be launched: BeComing.
            COMMENTS: Net sales increased 7% last year to $5.67 billion and net income soared 58% to $478 million.
            By region, North American sales rose 5% to $2.14 billion and operating profit improved 2% to $368 million. The slow growth in operating profit was blamed on significant strategic investment in the U.S and higher expenses in Puerto Rico related to facilities consolidation. In the U.S., beauty sales increased 7% due to double-digit gains in color cosmetics and skin care. Sales of fragrances and personal care products also increased.
            European sales rose 1% to $886 million and operating profit increased 3% to $130 million. The company said the results reflected strong results in Central and Eastern Europe tempered by declines in Western Europe and the UK. Poland, Hungary and the Ukraine also generated double-digit increases. In addition, Avon Russia posted excellent results after a weak 1999. Unit growth improved 60% and the number of active representatives jumped nearly 30%.
            Although unit sales in the UK, Avon's biggest European market, rose 7%, operating profit declined more than 10% due to currency translation and the implementation of a new high-speed shipping line that caused an initial decline in productivity. Still, the company said productivity rose in Europe. Avon Poland expanded and produced 85 million cosmetic, fragrance and toiletry units last year. The company expects that total to jump to 150 million this year. In addition, Avon closed outdated facilities in Ireland and France and French distribution operations were transferred to Germany. The region also introduced a cluster-style marketing management structure for Italy, Germany and France, which should generate future savings to fund investments in advertising and promotions.
            In the Pacific region, sales rose 11% to $799 million and operating profit increased 15% to $118 million. Unit growth improved 18% and the number of active representatives increased 31%. During the year Avon entered South Korea and Singapore. Although a weak economy remained in Japan, Avon's biggest Pacific market, the company reported a 10% increase in orders and units. Japan's operating profit climbed 24%. The company credited the improvement to several successful promotions, including the distribution of 30 million flyers. At the same time, sales in Japan's Avon Lady shops rose 17%.
            Elsewhere in the region, unit growth rose 18% in the Philippines and 8% in Taiwan. Results in China also rebounded, as sales rose 44% and the unit reported a profit in 2000, following three years of losses.
            Sales in Latin America rose 12% to $1.8 billion and operating profit climbed 13% to $416 million. The number of active representatives increased 10%, with growth in every market. Avon Brazil's sales rose 14% and operating profit increased 17%. Avon Mexico's sales increased 18% due to a 10% rise in unit sales and an 8% increase in active representatives. #p#分頁標題#e#
            For the first quarter of 2001, sales increased 3% to $1.35 billion and net income rose 16% to $82 million. Avon said sales growth in the first quarter 2001 was driven by a very healthy 5% increase in sales of cosmetics, fragrance and toiletry products, including a 6% increase in the U.S., reflecting Avon's continued focus on strengthening its beauty business. Key business indicators also were positive in the quarter. Units were up 6% and the number of active representatives rose 13%, with the U.S. and all international regions delivering gains.
            Gross margin in the quarter improved by 40 basis points to 63.1%. Operating margin advanced by 20 basis points to 10.7%, making the first quarter of 2001 the 13th consecutive quarter of year-over-year operating margin improvement.
            Last month, Avon said that it expects to report strong sales and earnings growth in the second quarter of 2001, driven by accelerating momentum in its U.S. business and continuing increases in global beauty sales. Earnings are expected to rise 10% and sales should grow in the mid-single digits. "We're very pleased that the momentum in our business is accelerating," said Andrea Jung, chief executive officer. "We're seeing dynamic growth on top of a very strong second quarter performance last year."
            According to Ms. Jung, beauty sales continue to grow faster than overall company sales, reflecting successful efforts to strengthen Avon's brand image with consumers. Units are growing at a double-digit rate after growing 6% in the first quarter and the number of active representatives is also increasing double-digits, with gains across all geographic regions.
            "Overall, Avon is well-on-track for a successful 2001, on top of a stand-out performance in 2000. We remain comfortable with analysts' consensus estimate of $2.09 for the full-year, versus $1.88 before unusual items in 2000," Ms. Jung added.
            The Clorox Company
            1221 Broadway
            Oakland, CA 94612-1888
            Tel: (510) 271-7000
            Website: www.clorox.com [http://www.clorox.com]
            Sales: $2.65 billion

            SALES: $2.65 billion (includes charcoal products). Corporate sales: $4.08 billion. Net income: $394 million, for the year ended June 30, 2000.
            KEY PERSONNEL: G. Craig Sullivan, chairman and chief executive officer; Gerald E. Johnston, president and chief operating officer; Anthony W. Biebl, senior vice president, product supply; Frank A. Tataseo, senior vice president, sales; Peter D. Bewley, senior vice president, secretary and general counsel; Karen M. Rose, group vice president and chief financial officer; Richard T. Conti, group vice president; Lawrence S. Peiros, group vice president; Charles Schneider, vice president, business development; George C. Roeth, vice president, marketing; Wayne L. Delker, vice president, research and development; Daniel G. Simpson, vice president, strategy and planning; David G. Matz, vice president and general manager, home care products; Scott D. House, vice president and general manager, Latin America; Scott R.Vogel, vice president and general manager, laundry additives; Charles M. Couric, vice president and general manager, seasonal and professional products. #p#分頁標題#e#
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Home care--Clorox toilet bowl cleansers, automatic toilet bowl cleaners, disinfecting sprays and wipes; Clorox Clean-Up all-purpose spray cleaners, glass and surface cleaner, carpet cleaners; Handi-Wipes cleaning cloths; Heavy-Wipes reusable cleaning cloths; Lestoil heavy duty cleaner; Liquid Plumr drain openers, buildup removers, septic-system treatment; Pine-Sol dilutable and spray cleaners; Soft Scrub mild-abrasive liquid and gel cleansers; S.O.S. steel wool soap pads, scrubber sponges; Tilex instant mildew remover, soap scum remover; Tilex Fresh Shower daily shower cleaners; Tuffy mesh scrubbers; Wash `n Dri pre-moistened towelettes. Laundry additives--Clorox and Clorox Advantage bleaches; Clorox FreshCare fabric refresher; Clorox Outdoor cleaner; Clorox 2 bleaches and laundry booster; Stain Out stain and soil removers. Automotive care--Armor All protectants, cleaners, tire and wheel-care products, waxes, washes, odor elminators; Formula 409 cleaners; Rain Dance waxes and washes; STP automotive additives and appearance products; Tanner's Preserve leather cleaner, conditioning cream for leather; Tuff Stuff all-purpose cleaner, spot and stain remover; Insecticides--Black Flag and Combat. The company also markets an array of professional products under the Clorox, Pine-Sol, Formula 409, S.O.S., Tilex, Liquid-Plumr, Combat and Maxforce brand names. Principal international brands--Asia-Pacific: Bluebell cleaners and laundry additives; Clorox Gentle color-safe bleach; Home and Homekeeper insecticides; Jia Liang cleaners; S.O.S. cleaners; Yuhanrox bleaches. Australia and New Zealand--Ant Rid insecticides; Chux cleaning cloths; Gumption hard paste cleaners. Latin America--Arco Iris laundry additives; Arela laundry additives, cleaners, waxes, candles; Atals toilet bowl cleaners; Ayudin bleach, laundry additives, spray and gel cleaners; Blanquita bleaches; Clorex, Clorinda and Clorisol bleaches; Fleur carpet cleaner; Fluss toilet bowl cleaner; Limpido bleaches; Mistolin cleaners and waxes; Pinexo and Pinoluz cleaners; Poett laundry additives, cleaners and air fresheners; Sani cleaners; SBP and Selton insecticides; Super Globo bleaches, cleaners and insecticides; Trenet laundry additives and fabric refreshers.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, Liquid-Plumr Foaming Pipe Snake drain opener, Clorox disinfecting spray and Meadow Fresh Pine-Sol.
            COMMENTS: Sales rose 2% last year, but net income rose 60%.
            One of the brightest growth areas for Clorox has been international operations. In eight years, Clorox's business outside the U.S. has jumped from 7% to 19% in fiscal 2000. The company is building on that success with the recently announced deal with Bombril (see box).
            The U.S. household products and Canada division reported volume and sales rose 5%. The company attributed the gain to the launch of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes as well as the introduction of Liquid-Plumr Foaming Pipe Snake drain opener, Clorox Disinfecting Spray and Meadow Fresh Pine-Sol cleaner.
            The company said its U.S. specialty products division recorded a 3% decline in volume and 2% decline in net customer sales. Auto care volume fell due to the elimination of about 50% of the recently acquired STP product line. The Armor All production was brought in-house and the company said it will save $4 million a year in third-party manufacturing costs. #p#分頁標題#e#
            International volume increased 8% and net customer sales jumped 4% as Clorox launched 72 products into international markets.
            At the close of fiscal 2000, the company said it wants annual sales to reach $6.5 billion by 2005 and $10 billion by 2010. To achieve those figures, Clorox must maintain a compound annual growth rate of 9%--the company expects 6% to come from base business growth and new product introductions and the remaining 3% from acquisitions.
            For the third quarter ended March 31, the company said sales fell 4% to $989 million, primarily due to currency fluctuations. The U.S. household products and Canada business unit reported a 5% decline in volume and sales and a 2% decline in pre-tax earnings before special charges. Category softness in color-safe bleaches and home dry-cleaning products as well as competitive activity and category declines in disinfecting sprays contributed to volume declines in this segment. On the positive side, the U.S. conversion to Ultra Clorox liquid bleach, which was recently completed with the East Coast rollout, contributed to four consecutive quarters of market share gains.
            The U.S. specialty products division reported a 1% gain in volume that was more than offset by 4% decline in sales. The company said modest overall volume growth in this segment reflected healthy gains in the cat litter and auto care businesses, which were offset by softness in dressings and sauces and, to a lesser extent, bags and wraps. In the auto appearance business, strong initial results from Armor All protectant and cleaning wipes, launched in December 2000, more than offset continuing declines in the auto performance category.
            The international business unit reported a 5% growth in volume that was tempered by a 4% decline in sales. In Latin America, Bon Bril cleaning utensils and the recent launch of Poett and other fragranced cleaners in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Panama and Venezuela contributed to third-quarter volume gains. The company said sales in this segment would have posted a 4% gain had it not been for the impact of foreign currency weakness in Australia, Korea, New Zealand and several Latin America countries. International segment profitability reflects the company's continuing efforts to improve operating margins.
            Intimate Brands, Inc.
            Three Limited Parkway
            Columbus, Ohio 43230
            Tel: (614) 415-8000
            Website: www.intimatebrands.com [http://www.intimatebrands.com]
            Sales: $2.36 billion

            SALES: $2.36 billion (retail) for Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret personal care products and White Barn Candle Co. stores. Corporate sales: $5.1 billion. Net income: $432.4 million.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Leslie H. Wexner, chairman and chief executive officer; Robin R. Burns, president and chief executive officer, Intimate Beauty Corporation; Grace A. Nichols, president and chief executive officer, Victoria's Secret Stores; Beth M. Pritchard, president and chief executive officer, Bath & Body Works; Sharen J. Turney, president and chief executive officer, Victoria's Secret Direct; Edward G. Razek, chief marketing officer and president, brand and creative services. #p#分頁標題#e#
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Victoria's Secret Beauty--Dream Angels, Pink and Garden Collection fragrances; Body by Victoria skin care; Bath & Body Works--Body care shower gels and moisturizers, antibacterial gels, soaps and wipes, aromatherapy products; White Barn Candle Co.--candle collections, home and seasonal decor/accessory collection and home fragrance.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Victoria's Secret Beauty--Pink fragrance; Bath & Body Works--Bid face and hair care products; Imagine fragrances.
            COMMENTS: After several years of dynamic growth, things have cooled down a bit at once-hot Intimate Brands. The company said its fourth quarter 2000 results were the worst ever and for the first quarter of 2001, things didn't improve. Chairman Leslie Wexner blamed the fourth quarter slowdown on lower consumer confidence and, more importantly, failure to execute the holiday selling season properly.
            Overall, sales were up slightly in 2000, but nowhere near the growth levels posted in previous years. By segment, Victoria's Secret Beauty registered sales of $377 million, Bath & Body Works' sales totaled $1.785 billion and sales of White Barn Candle Co. were $237 million.
            The company's line of prestige beauty products accounted for 16% of total Victoria's Secret sales in 2000. The products are available in 480 beauty stores, 450 niche locations in lingerie stores and through Victoria's Secret Direct. The company said it intends to make Victoria's Secret Beauty a $1 billion business by focusing on four major categories: prestige fragrance, color cosmetics, skin and hair care and lifestyle products. Among the winning developments in 2000 was the success of Dream Angels fragrances. The scents debuted in late 1999 and became a $150 million business by the end of 2000. In the future, the company expects to quadruple volume in color cosmetics to account for nearly 10% of its total beauty business. At the close of 2000, the color line was available in 210 beauty stores and the company expects distribution to reach 410 stores by the end of this year.
            For the first quarter ended March 31, 2001, sales and net income declined at Intimate Brands, Inc. Net income fell from $67.9 million to $35.1 million from a year ago and sales were relatively flat, dropping to $1.03 billion from $1.04 billion a year ago. The company said same-store sales for Victoria's Secret fell 7% from the first quarter of last year, and total sales of $480 million were off 3% from 12 months earlier. Total sales at Bath & Body Works climbed 6% to $320 million for the quarter ended May 5, though same-store sales dropped 8%. Moreover, Intimate Brands also cautioned investors that its second-quarter share earnings likely will be off"significantly" from a year earlier and down "slightly" for the full year.
            Ecolab Inc.
            370 Wabasha Street North
            St. Paul, MN 55102-1390
            Tel: (651) 293-2233
            Website: www.ecolab.com [http://www.ecolab.com]
            Sales: $2.26 billion

            SALES: $2.26 billion. Net income: $206 million.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Allan L. Schuman, chairman and chief executive officer; Bruno Deschamps, president and chief operating officer; Douglas M. Baker Jr., senior vice president, institutional sector; Arthur E. Henningsen Jr., senior vice president and chief planning officer; Richard L. Marcantonio, executive vice president, industrial and service sector; William A. Mathison, senior vice president, global industrial accounts; Douglas A. Milroy, vice president and general manager, food and beverage, North America; Maurizio Nisita, senior vice president, global operations; Mary J. Schumacher, senior vice president and chief technical officer; C. William Snedeker, vice president and general manager, pest elimination.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Institutional--warewashing, laundry, housekeeping, water filtration and conditioning and pool and spa management products; Food and beverage--cleaning and sanitizing products, equipment, systems and services; Pest elimination--commercial pest elimination and prevention services and grease elimination programs; Kay--cleaning and sanitizing products and services for restaurant and food industries; Professional products--floor care, carpet care and personal care products for the commercial, industrial and health care markets.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Institutional--Outback Exterior cleaning program, Ecotemp warewashing program; Pest Elimination--GroundForce ant program; Professional Products--QC cleaning system, Endure 300; Textile Care--Liquid Exec 120 [degrees]; Food and Beverage--Exxelerate, PureGuard; Vehicle Care--Powershift Overdrive.
            COMMENTS: Corporate sales increased 9%. The gains were attributed to double-digit increases in Kay's and Pest Elimination's operations and in sales in the Latin America region, as well as strong sales within the company's core institutional business.
            By product category in the U.S., institutional accounted for 59% of sales, followed by food and beverage, 18%; Kay, 8%; professional products, 6%; textile care, 4%; vehicle care, 3% and water care services, 2%. Sales of the company's U.S. cleaning and sanitizing business rose 8% to $1.5 billion. Acquisitions accounted for approximately 25% of the sales growth. Sales also reflected double-digit growth in sales of Kay's operations and solid growth in the core institutional operations. Ecolab also credited the gain to sales of new products and services, a larger and better trained sales-and-service force, aggressive sales efforts and programs and good overall conditions in the hospitality and lodging industry.
            Water care services sales increased 6% due to good growth in sales to the hospitality and food and beverage markets. Sales of company's vehicle care operations were up 5% as well. At the same time, however, textile care sales fell 5% and sales of professional products declined 4%.
            International sales increased 10% last year to reach $500 million, but that does not include Ecolab's joint venture with Henkel. Asia-Pacific accounted for 52% of sales, followed by Latin America, 19%; Canada, 17% and Africa, export and other, 12%. Last year the company agreed to acquire the remaining 50% of the Henkel-Ecolab joint venture that Ecolab does not own. The acquisition is scheduled to take place on Jan. 2, 2002. #p#分頁標題#e#
            Asia-Pacific sales increased 3%, due to double-digit growth in East Asia, good growth in New Zealand and Japan and lower sales in Australia. Sales in Latin America jumped 36% due to acquisitions and continued strong growth in Mexico. Sales in Canada rose 7% with solid growth in sales to institutional markets and improved sales to the food, beverage, textile care and professional markets.
            In its annual report, Ecolab outlined each product division's goals for 2001:
            * Institutional. Growth in 2001 is expected to be especially strong due to several innovative products introduced in 2000 and the successful integration of Facilitec and the expansion of FresH20.
            * Kay. The division will leverage its newly strengthened service and technology offerings to fully circle its QSR customers. Kay will continue to expand rapidly into the food retail market.
            * GCS Service. The unit continues to expand its geographic coverage through acquisitions and branch offerings. GCS is also strengthening its information technology platform to help streamline processes, optimize technician scheduling, improve productivity and enhance customer tracking and reporting.
            * Pest Elimination. Several new products are expected to boost sales this year.
            * Textile Care. Although market conditions remain difficult, the company plans to launch a new product line that is technologically unprecedented in the commercial and shirt laundry markets.
            * Food & Beverage. Improved growth is expected in the food, meat and poultry markets. Growth is also expected to continue in the pharmaceutical, beverage and other core markets.
            * Water Care Services. As it accelerates cross-selling initiatives with other Ecolab divisions, the water care services division expects continued growth in the hospitality and food and beverage segments.
            * Vehicle Care. The division expects growth to accelerate following the formation of a national accounts team and entry into the truck, fleet and transit cleaning market.
            For the first quarter of 2001, Ecolab's consolidated sales increased 10% to a record $581 million and net income rose 4% to a record $44 million, reflecting the higher sales volume. "We are pleased with the first quarter's results," said Allan L. Schuman, chairman and chief executive officer. "Despite the increasing effects of the economic slowdown on many of our markets and the impact of weakening foreign currencies, we posted good growth in nearly all of our businesses."
            RELATED ARTICLE: Ecolab Has a New Partner
            IN APRIL, ECOLAB INC. announced that its professional products division had entered a long-term supply arrangement with Unisource Worldwide, Inc., which is the leading distributor of printing and imaging papers, packaging systems and facility supplies in North America.
            Under the agreement, Unisource, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Georgia-Pacific Corporation and headquartered in Norcross, GA, will distribute Ecolab's branded janitorial supplies. #p#分頁標題#e#
            "We are very excited about this partnership, which brings two leaders in the industry together to further enhance the offerings to maintenance supply buyers," said Ecolab chairman and chief executive officer Allan L. Schuman. "We are able to significantly broaden our national distribution network, as well as provide Unisource and their customers with a superior and full line of quality products."
            "This alliance will allow us to offer our customers even greater technical and innovative strength and security," said Unisource president Chuck Tufano. "As part of our commitment to customers, we constantly strive to find new ways to enhance value with the right products and services in facility supplies."
            Ecolab's professional products division offers a variety of premium floor cleaners and polishes, hard surface cleaners such as glass and toilet bowl products, odor control systems, disinfectants, hand soaps and carpet care to the industrial, commercial and healthcare markets. Unisource provides its cleaning, disinfecting and facility supplies to industrial customers. Its product line features cleaning systems for facility, warehouse and manufacturing applications, including floors, carpets and washrooms.
            "This alliance with Unisource is a natural fit since both companies are committed to offering the customer unmatched quality products and service," said Timothy P. Mulhere, vice president and general manager of Ecolab's professional products division. "We look forward to working with Unisource and believe that this new relationship will result in tremendous opportunities for long-term growth."
            Alberto-Culver Company
            2525 Armitage Avenue
            Melrose Park, IL 60160-1163
            Tel: (708) 450-3000
            Website: www.alberto.com [http://www.alberto.com]
            Sales: $2.2 billion

            SALES: $2.2 billion for personal care products. Corporate sales: $2.24 billion. Net income: $97 million for the year ended September 30, 2000.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Leonard H. Lavin, chairman; Howard B. Bernick, president and chief executive officer; Carol L. Bernick, vice chairman and president, Alberto-Culver North America.
            CHIEF SCIENTIFIC OFFICER: John Berschied Jr., group vice president, worldwide, research and development.
            MARKETING DIRECTORS: James Gonzalez, vice president, North America, skin care; James Marino, group vice president, hair care.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Sally Beauty Company, Alberto VO5, St. Ives, Tresemme and Consort.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Tresemme Hydrology.
            COMMENTS: Fiscal 2000 marked the company's ninth consecutive year of record sales and operating earnings. Sales for the year rose 13.7% and net earnings before non-recurring gains rose 12.6%.
            Sales of Alberto-Culver North America consumer products increased 18% to nearly $540 million. The gain was attributed to higher sales of the Alberto VO5 Herbals line of shampoos and conditioners, St. Ives Swiss Formula facial and body wash product lines, the Motions line of hair care products, Tresemme hair care products and higher sales for custom label filling operations. #p#分頁標題#e#
            Alberto-Culver International consumer product sales increased 2% to $450.2 million. Currency rates hurt results, but the company noted that sales increased for Advanced Alberto VO5 hair care products and acquisitions in Latin America and Poland.
            Most impressive, however, where the gains posted by the Sally business segment. Sales jumped 16.8% last year to $1.28 billion. The number of Sally stores increased 26.8% during the past three fiscal years to total 2,325 on Sept. 30, 2000.
            For the second quarter ended April 30, the company said sales rose 12.4% to $622.6 million. The Sally Beauty and Beauty Systems Group had sales and profit growth rates above 15% for the quarter. Sales in the consumer products unit were helped by the launch of the TRESemme Hydrology line, which was somewhat ahead of target.
            "We're seeing a lot of promotion and low pricing on haircare brands we compete with," said Howard Bernick, president and chief executive officer. Whether the company can continue posting high single-digit gains in consumer products depends somewhat on competitive factors, he said. In the long term, the company is targeting sales growth of 510% in packaged goods, and growth of 10-15% for Sally Beauty. In the fourth quarter, the blended sales growth may fall below 10%, depending on whether certain acquisitions for Sally occur, but annual growth is still expected to be at least 10%. Mr. Bernick recently said that the company is on track to double its 1999 sales of $2 billion by 2006.
            Sara Lee Corporation
            Three First National Plaza
            Chicago, IL 60602-4260
            Tel: (312) 726-2600
            Website: www.saralee.com [http://www.saralee.com]
            Sales: $2.15 billion

            SALES: $2.15 billion for household and personal care products. Net income: $355 million. Corporate sales: $17.5 billion. Net income: $1.2 billion for the year ended July 1, 2000.
            KEY PERSONNEL: John H. Bryan, chairman; C. Steven McMillan, president and chief executive officer.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Shoe Care--Kiwi; Body Care--Sanex, Duschdas, Badedas and Monsavon; Baby Care--Zwitsal, Fissan and Proderm; Insecticides--Catch, Bloom, Vapona and Ridsect; Air fresheners--Ambi-Pur; Oral care--Zendium and Prodent; Detergents--Biotex and Neutral. Sara Lee direct selling operations distributes a wide range of products (cosmetics, fragrances, jewelry, toiletries, apparel and nutritional supplements) through a network of independent sales representatives.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Kiwi Instant Wax Shine, Sanex Facial Care, Ambi-Pur Car and Ambi-Pur Perfume Electrical air freshener, Sanex Dermoprotector High Tolerance bath and shower gel.
            COMMENTS: Sales of household and personal care products rose 5% last year to $2.15 billion. Operating income increased 9.8% to $355 million. The company's operations are primarily in Western and Central Europe, which accounts for 57% of sales. Asia-Pacific and Latin America account for 27% of sales. In contrast, the U.S. represents just 7% of sales. Sara Lee maintains it is the No. 1 shoe care marketer in the world, the leading player in the $5 billion European bath and shower market and one of the world's prominent producers of branded air fresheners and insecticides. Sara Lee's direct selling business, which is part of household products, is the seventh-largest direct seller in the world. The business distributes products such as cosmetics, jewelry, fragrances, toiletries and nutritional supplements to consumers in 17 countries. #p#分頁標題#e#
            The company is committed to international expansion for each of its four core categories (shoe care, body care, air care and insecticides). Sanex is building on its share by sponsoring international women's tennis. In fact, last year Sara Lee signed Martina Hingis who, at the time, was the No. i player in the world, as a Sanex spokesperson. This year Sanex was launched in Australia. In the household cleaning category, Sara Lee introduced Ambi-Pur LiquiFresh toilet bowl cleaner in the U.S.
            For the nine months ended March 31, the company reported net sales rose 4% to $13.5 billion. For the nine months, sales within the household products division fell 3.7% to $1.5 billion and operating income fell 4.6% to $232 million. Through the nine months, unit volume increased 5%.
            On July 1, C. Steven McMillan was promoted to president and chief executive officer. Mr. McMillan succeeded chairman and chief executive officer John H. Bryan, who has served as the company's chief executive officer for 25 years. Mr. Bryan will continue to serve as chairman of the board until he retires in October.
            Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
            345 Park Avenue
            New York, NY 10154-0037
            Tel: (212) 546-4000
            Website: www.bms.com [http://www.bms.com]
            Sales: $2.1 billion

            SALES: $2.1 billion for beauty care products. Corporate sales: $18.1 billion. Net earnings: $4.7 billion.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Stephen I. Sadove, president, worldwide beauty care.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Hair colorants including Nice `N Easy, Natural Instincts, Miss Clairol and Hydrience. Hair care brands including Herbal Essences, Aussie and Infusium.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Xtreme FX hair colorants for 13-to-24 year olds.
            COMMENTS: The big news at Bristol-Myers Squibb is, of course, the sale of Clairol, a leading hair care franchise. In May, the New York-based pharmaceutical manufacturer announced it would sell its Clairol division to Procter & Gamble for $4.95 billion. That's nearly twice as much as analysts speculated Clairol would fetch when BMS announced it would sell it.
            Clairol's hair care products had sales of about $900 million and hair colorant sales totalling $700 million. According to some statistics, the global colorant segment alone has generated annual growth in the range of 4-6% during the past five years, about double the growth of shampoo, conditioners and styling aids. In fact, men and women are increasingly using hair coloring as a fashion accessory and usage among younger consumers is on the rise. This growth rate combined with the profitability of the category provides a strong platform for continued growth.
            Last year, BMS sold its Matrix Essentials professional hair care division to L'Oreal.
            How committed is Bristol-Myers Squibb to the pharmaceutical industry? Just last month the company announced it was buying the drug business of DuPont in a $7.8 billion cash deal that will give BMS a larger inventory of important AIDS drugs.
            Miss Clairol Turns 50 #p#分頁標題#e#
            MISS CLAIROL IS CELEBRATING its 50th anniversary this summer by launching MC MAX, a complete hair color collection with a full palette of vibrant colors. MC MAX spotlights a unique formulation combining patented red dye technology, an iridescent base technology, light reflective color and an exclusive high retention color complex to give intense hair color, according to the company.
            "Color should frame the face," said Andre Viveiros, colorist at Garren New York salon and spokesperson for Clairol Professional. "Women should be excited by color rather than afraid of it. MC MAX offers women the ability to wear high impact colors and still look naturally beautiful." The collection includes five tonal families (Exotic red, Naked blonde, Primal brown, Bravado bronze and Seductive black) with 17 shades in all.
            Alticor Inc.
            7575 Fulton East
            Ada, MI 49355-0001
            Tel: (616) 787-1000
            Website: www.alticor.com [http://www.alticor.com]
            Sales: $2.04 billion

            SALES: $2.04 billion (retail) for household and personal care products. Corporate sales: $5.1 billion for the year ended Aug. 31, 2000.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Steve Van Andel, chairman and Dick DeVos, president.
            CHIEF SCIENTIFIC OFFICER: Greg Evans, vice president, product development.
            MARKETING DIRECTOR: Michael Norris, vice president, central marketing and sales.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS and BRAND MANAGERS: Home Care--Jim Wood, brand manager; Home Business--Andrew Clews, business unit manager; Artistry Skin Care and Cosmetics, Satinique Hair and Body Care and Glister Oral Care Lisa Hunter, business unit manager; Nutrition and wellness--Chris Horvath, business unit manager.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Artistry Matte Finish Gel, Artistry Blemish Control Acne Treatment, Cytomax Brand Hair Grower (Japan), SA 8 Premium (Europe), Dish Drops liquid hand washing formula revision, Pursue toilet bowl cleaner reformulation, Pursue Disinfectant Deodorizer Aerosol (new fragrance). To be launched: August--Artistry Pure White Spot Treatment and Dish Drops Automatic; September--Dish Drops Automatic, phosphate free (Japan, Korea) and Satinique Defining Pomade (North America).
            COMMENTS: Alticor Inc. is the parent company of Access Business Group Inc., Amway Corp., Quixtar Inc. and Pyxis Innovations Inc. Access is a business services company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of quality products worldwide. Amway is one of the world's leading direct selling brands and distributes some of the products made by Access. Quixtar is a leading e-business in North America and also distributes some of the products made by Access.
            The company has introduced several new products in recent months. In Europe, Alticor launched SA8 Premium, a new product formulated especially for use in high efficient European front loading machines. It is more concentrated to provide a greater number of wash loads compared to the current SA8 Premium. The improved concentration also means that the company has been able to reduce the size of the packaging, therefore keeping in step with market trends and addressing environmental issues relating to waste. The new SA8 Premium is said to immediately attack difficult soils and stains due to its superior dissolvability. The new formula has been both dermatological and allergist-tested, proven not to leave irritating residue that can irritate the skin, according to a company spokesperson. #p#分頁標題#e#
            The new Dish Drops Automatic dishwashing formula contains a new enzyme package that provides unsurpassed starch removal, and outstanding prevention from hard water filming and spots, according to the company. Packaged in a new, more convenient package, the new fresh citrus scented, patented formula will delight consumers worldwide, according to Alticor.
            To shore up its household cleaning product offerings the company has revamped its product lineup, selecting three brands to represent the quality products offered worldwide. "LOC and LOC plus will represent our household cleaners, SA8 and SA8 Solutions will represent our laundry care line and Dish Drops and Dish Drops Automatic will represent our kitchen care line of products," explained a company spokesperson. "We are aggressively discontinuing brands and products that do not meet the brand promise of our key brands in order to focus on building sales and global brand equity in our key brands. Many products are also being reformulated and adopting one of our three brands."
            In other product development news, Pursue Toilet Bowl Cleaner was re-formulated with hydrochloric acid. This acid-based formula, developed for North America, is said to be effective against iron, rust, hard water mineral stains, limescale and soil build-up. According to the company, Pursue penetrates the water line and starts the cleaning process even before you begin to scrub. Pursue Toilet Bowl Cleaner with HCL leaves toilet bowls sanitary and is safe for septic tanks and plumbing. The product debuted in North America in May.
            Dish Drops liquid hand dish washing formula now features a new (lime- green) and fresh citrus fragrance. It was developed especially for Europe and North America. In Japan and Korea, the company introduced Dish Drops Automatic, a phosphate-free auto dish formula. According to the company, the Japanese automatic dishwashing market has been growing with penetration numbers currently over 7% and projected to grow to 10% by 2003. In response to consumer demand, Amway has developed a phosphate free automatic dishwashing formula that has unsurpassed performance in the market place.
            "We are also investigating opportunities in Scandinavia which also has strict phosphate restrictions," noted a company spokesperson.

            Coty, Inc.
            1325 Avenue of the Americas
            New York, NY 10019
            Tel: (212) 479-4300
            Website: www.coty.com [http://www.coty.com]
            Sales: $1.8 billon

            SALES: $1.8 billion for the year ended June 30, 2000.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Peter Harf, chairman; Bernard Beetz, chief executive officer; John DeLucca, executive vice president, finance and administration and chief financial officer; Keshi Renjen, executive vice president, Coty supply chain; Douglas Toews, executive vice president, ideas and image; Deborah Smith, executive vice president, human resources.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Lancaster Group--Davidoff, Lancaster, Joop!, Chopard, Jil Sander, Isabella Rossellini/Manifesto, Vivienne Westwood, Yue-Sai Kan, Nikos. Coty Beauty--Stetson, Exclamation, Adidas and Aspen fragrances; Healing Garden and Calgon specialty bath and body products; Margaret Astor and Rimmel color cosmetics. #p#分頁標題#e#
            NEW PRODUCTS: 001Coty, American Original and Libertine fragrances. Adidas toiletries.. To be launched: Chupa Chups fragrances (fall, 2002).
            COMMENTS: Sales rose 6% last year. By product category, fragrance accounted for 45% of sales, followed by prestige, 35% and color, 20%. Coty Inc.'s mass market unit, Coty Beauty, is the largest marketer of mass market fragrances in the world based on sales. The company maintains that in the U.S. it accounts for four of the top 10 best-selling men's fragrances and has a 35% retail market share in mass distribution channels.
            On June 1, Coty launched 001Coty, a new limited edition, unisex fragrance to be sold exclusively on the internet at www.001Coty.com [http://www.001Coty.com]. 001Coty is the first fragrance created by Coty Inc.'s Ideas+Image department, led by executive vice president Douglas Toews, who also serves as the company's head creative director. The launch of 001Coty marks the first time Coty Inc. has marketed a fragrance exclusively on the internet. The fragrance will be produced in a limited edition of 5000 bottles and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
            Proceeds from the sale of 001Coty will help fund a new education and awards program initiated by Coty Inc. last fall with the Parsons School of Design in New York City. Coty collaborated with Parsons' instructors on a product design class. Two students received monetary prizes for their ingenious fragrance ideas. Coty Inc.'s ongoing commitment to the rich heritage of the fragrance industry was a starting point for the education and awards program.
            Mr. Toews developed 001Coty as the first in a planned series of limited edition concept fragrances designed to test the boundaries of what consumers expect from "the idea of a bottle of perfume." Noted Mr. Toews, "We want to challenge the perception of what a fragrance can and should be. When we created 001Coty we wanted every aspect of the product to provoke thought--from its design to its marketing." He said the company's goal is to "find the next generation of product designers who share the company's vision that consumer products should be entertaining and dynamic on all levels."
            The 001Coty fragrance was developed in association with Fragrance Resources. The fragrance, described as unique and highly conceptual, opens with a top note of almond blossom and marigold. The heart of the fragrance is Tuscan Magnolia with a "fresh electrostatic" accord. Tonka, warm woods, licorice and praline complete the fragrance. 001Coty is available in one size, a 1.4-oz. cologne bottle priced at $100. The 001Coty fragrance bottle was inspired by an early machine age Coty bottle, produced by Coty's own Glassworks in 1917. Coty Inc.'s Ideas+Image group studied the original design and in collaboration with the well-known perfume bottle maker Pochet, reinvented it for the future, creating the sleek 001Coty bottle and its soft rubber casing. The 001Coty bottle is the first limited edition ever to receive the endorsement of the International Perfume Bottle Association. #p#分頁標題#e#
            In December, Coty introduced American Original a women's fragrance, created under the Stetson brand. The fragrance became available in more than 10,000 North American retail outlets in March.
            "Stetson's impressive endurance as a brand is evidenced by its ranking as the leading men's fragrance sold in mass retail, and the development of American Original further underscores Coty's commitment to building power brands that consumers trust for quality and value," said Peter Harf, the company's chairman. "Stetson has proven to be one of the company's strongest brand equities in North America."
            The American Original fragrance, developed by Takasago, is categorized as a "free-spirited floral," and is available in a .5-oz. cologne spray ($16.50); a 1-oz. cologne spray ($21.50); a 1-oz. eau de parfum spray, ($25.00) and a 6.7-oz. body lotion ($6.95).
            In a major personnel move, the company announced on March 29 that Bernd Beetz would be its new chief executive officer, succeeding Mr. Harf. Mr. Harf continues at Coty in his role as the company's chairman. Mr. Beetz took over his responsibilities on May 1.
            Mr. Beetz previously served as president and chief executive officer of Parfums Christian Dior France for more than two years and relaunched the business and organization under a new strategy which increased turnover by more than 40%. Before Dior, Mr. Beetz spent more than 20 years at Procter & Gamble.
            As part of a non-compete agreement, Mr. Beetz will not immediately assume responsibility for Coty's prestige division. It will report directly to Mr. Harf until February 2, 2002.

            Johnson & Johnson
            One Johnson & Johnson Plaza
            New Brunswick, NJ 08933
            Tel: (732) 524-0400
            Website: www.jnj.com [http://www.jnj.com]
            Sales: $1.5 billion

            SALES: $1.5 billion for personal care products. Corporate sales: $29.1 billion. Net earnings: $4.8 billion.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Ralph S. Larsen, chairman and chief executive officer; Robert N. Wilson, senior vice chairman; Christian Koffmann, worldwide chairman, consumer and personal care group; Michael McNamara, chief executive officer, Neutrogena.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Aveeno skin care products, Clean & Clear teen skin care products, Johnson's baby care products, Johnson's pH5.5 skin and hair care products, Neutrogena skin and hair care products, Penaten and Natusan baby care products, Piz Buin and Sundown sun care products, Reach toothbrushes, RoC skin care products, Shower to Shower personal care products.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Neutrogena Therapeutic T/Gel Intensive anti-flake treatment, Skin-clearing moisturizer, On-the-Spot acne patch, Aveeno Baby Care products, Evian Affinity (JV with Danone).
            COMMENTS: Corporate sales rose 6.1%. Consumer product sales accounted for 23.7% of sales last year. Sales within the consumer products division (which includes BandAids and several OTC brands) rose less than 1% last year. However, the company noted that several personal care lines, including Neutrogena, RoC, Aveeno, Clean & Clear and Johnson's, all recorded strong performances. These brands all helped J&J's skin care sales to climb more than 6% to top $1.5 billion for the first time. The company said U.S. skin care sales rose nearly 13% to $740 million, but international sales increased just 1% to $760 million. #p#分頁標題#e#
            For the first quarter of 2001, corporate sales rose 6.5% to $7.8 billion and net earnings increased 14.2% to $1.5 billion. Worldwide consumer sales increased 5.5% to $1.8 billion, led by continued strength in the skin care franchise, which includes Neutrogena, Aveeno and Clean & Clear.
            In April, J&J teamed up with Danone to launch Evian Affinity a nine SKU skin care line featuring facial cleansers, moisturizers and body care products. The line debuted in France, where Danone is strongest, with an international rollout planned for the future.

            Revlon, Inc.
            625 Madison Ave.
            New York, NY 10022
            Tel: (212) 527-4000
            Website: www.revlon.com [http://www.revlon.com]
            Sales: $1.49 billion

            SALES: $1.49 billion. Net loss: $130 million.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Ronald O. Perelman, chairman; Jeffrey M. Nugent, president and chief executive officer; Douglas H. Greef, executive vice president and chief financial officer; Cheryl T. Vitali, executive vice president and general manager, global Revlon brand equity group; Vanessa Solomon, executive vice president and global general manager, Almay and portfolio brands; Larry Aronson, president, North America sales, customer marketing and business development.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Cosmetics, skin care, hair care and fragrances sold under such brand names as Revlon, Colorstay, Revlon Age Defying, Almay, Ultima II and African Pride.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Revlon Skinlights, Absolutely Fabulous lipcream, Almay Kinetin Skincare Advanced anti-aging series. To be launched: Revlon High Dimension Haircolor (August), High Dimension mascara and High Dimension eyeliner (September).
            COMMENTS: Sales fell nearly 20% last year due primarily to the sale of the worldwide professional products line and Plusbelle brand in Argentina, the effect on sales of the reduction of overall U.S. customer inventories, reduced consumer demand and increased competitiveness.
            U.S. sales declined 16.2% to $877.1 million. International sales fell 24.6% to $614.5 million. The company divides international sales into three geographic regions. In Europe, which comprises Europe, the Middle East and Africa, net sales fell 9.2% to $175 million. In the Western Hemisphere (Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America and Puerto Rico), sales increased 2.8% to $253.3 million. Brazil represented the largest market in the region, with sales of $76 million in 2000. In the Far East, sales fell 12% to about $125 million.
            Despite the decline in sales last year, Jeffrey M. Nugent, the company's president and chief executive officer, insisted that the company is building a new Revlon, one that's based on three guiding principals:
            * Bring more innovation to everything it does, particularly in delivering exciting new products to market quickly;
            * Build a stronger financial base by focusing on cash flow, operating at improved competitive margins and balancing market share and profitability; and
            * Improve communication with the consumer through better advertising, packaging and point-of-sale presentation. #p#分頁標題#e#
            The company has been busy trying to achieve these goals. In the area of product innovation, Revlon has introduced several new lines including Skinlights, a new category of skin brighteners; Absolutely Fabulous lipcream, a premium line of emollient rich lip color and Almay Kinetin Skincare Advanced anti-aging series, a skin care line that features a plant growth factor found in green leafy plants.
            In an effort to improve the supply chain in the U.S., Revlon redefined its partnership with the retail trade to focus on increased consumption. The company shelved its push strategy which led to retail inventory buildup, increased returns and eroding profitability. As volume fell, manufacturing utilization dropped to unacceptable levels at several manufacturing sites.
            The company also reduced the overhead component of selling, general and administrative expenses by $66 million or 16% in 2000. Finally, in November, the company announced consolidation of its North America cosmetics manufacturing to its Oxford, NC facility and planned the shutdown of facilities in Phoenix, AZ; Auckland, New Zealand and Mississuaga, Ontario. This manufacturing consolidation is expected to result in annual savings of $25-30 million.
            Despite its financial woes, company executives remain upbeat. "The strength of the Revlon core properties provides an extremely stable and viable platform from which to execute a turnaround plan," said Mr. Nugent at a presentation during the JPMorgan High Yield 2001 Conference.
            At that meeting, Mr. Nugent highlighted Revlon's core strengths:
            * Strong brand equities;
            * Extremely stable category;
            * New product pipeline;
            * U.S. retail customer wants a healthy Revlon and
            * Manufacturing and distribution excellence.
            Although Revlon has a turnaround plan in place, Mr. Nugent cautioned attendees at the JPMorgan conference that the 2001 initiatives will not be fully realized until 2002 and beyond. Yet, by leveraging its strengths, correcting its internally-generated weaknesses and prioritizing its objectives, Revlon will better balance its market share and profitability, grow consumption, create a better balance between color cosmetics and skin care categories and globalize its business more intelligently. For the first quarter ended March 31, sales slid nearly 28% to $323 million. Net loss widened nearly 60% to $47 million.
            The Dial Corporation
            15501 North Dial Boulevard
            Scottsdale, AZ 85260-1619
            Tel: (480) 754-3425
            Website: www.dialcorp.com [http://www.dialcorp.com]
            Sales: $1.4 billion

            SALES: $1.4 billion for household and personal care products. Corporate sales: $1.63 billion. Net income: $47 million.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Herbert M. Baum, chairman, president and chief executive officer; Conrad A. Conrad, executive vice president and chief financial officer; Mark R. Shook, executive vice president, international and business development; Bernard J. Welle, executive vice president, shared services; Arthur E. Hanke Jr., senior vice president, sales; Christopher J. Littlefield, senior vice president, general counsel and secretary; John F. Tierney, senior vice president and controller; Mark L. Whitehouse, senior vice president and general manager, specialty personal care; Mark J. Preston, vice president and general manager, air fresheners; Greg A. Tipsord, vice president and general manager, personal cleansing; Stephen L. Tooker, vice president and general manager, laundry care. #p#分頁標題#e#
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Dial soaps, Purex detergents, Renuzit air fresheners and Freeman and Sarah Michaels specialty persona] care products.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Dial Complete antibacterial foaming hand wash, Plus Bella specialty skin and bath products, Purex Tabs, Renuzit OneTouch scented oil, Renuzit Designs pillar candles and Renuzit fresh gels, Zout laundry aids (acquisition).
            COMMENTS: Last year, sales fell nearly 5% to $1.63 billion and the company reported a net loss of $11 million compared to a net income of $116 million 1999. Despite the poor results last year, chairman Herbert Baum remains optimistic.
            "Today's Dial is getting stronger, more efficient, and better positioned to thrive in the future than the Dial of 10 months ago," said Mr. Baum, in an address to the company's shareholders.
            "We find ourselves today with more efficient production capability, improving profit margins and a portfolio of value brands that more and more consumers want to buy in times of economic uncertainty," Mr. Baum added.
            To improve its balance sheet, the company discontinued its unprofitable Nature's Accents personal care line and started a review of all businesses to fix or jettison any that do not perform to expectations. Dial also eliminated 24%, more than 300, of its underperforming SKUs, primarily in the specialty personal care business unit. Debt was reduced by $60 million, part of which was accomplished by reducing dividend and overall capital spending was curbed and low return capital projects were abandoned.
            Despite the cutbacks, Dial insists it remains dedicated to developing cutting edge products. In that vein, the company recently introduced Dial Complete antibacterial foaming hand wash. According to Mr. Baum, Dial Complete kills 10 times as many disease-causing germs as other liquid soaps and represents the greatest advancement in liquid soap since the production of Liquid Dial in 1988.
            The company also announced two key research and development appointments. Mark Cushman was promoted to senior vice president, research & development and Terrell Partee was elected vice president, product development.
            Mr. Cushman, 44, has served as vice president-research & development since 1998. He joined Dial in 1991 as manager, R&D, laundry detergents and has held increasingly responsible positions since that time. Before joining Dial, he worked for Procter & Gamble for 10 years, serving as a staff engineer, group leader and section head in R&D.
            Mr. Partee, 43, has served as a manager and director of various R&D programs since joining Dial in 1994. Before coming to Dial, he was a staff engineer and group leader in R&D at Procter & Gamble from 1979 to 1994. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, he will oversee new product development for all Dial brands.
            Mr. Baum said the promotions are a part of Dial's emphasis on innovation in 2001. In January, Dial renamed its research and development building the Dial Center for Innovation and created a special award for innovation in honor of Robert Casely, who invented Dial soap in 1948. "Innovation is the engine that drives our success," Mr. Baum said. "Mark and Terrell are experienced R&D leaders and they understand that for Dial to grow, we must deliver innovative new products to the market, and we must do it in a timely manner. Mark and Terrell are the right people to make that happen." #p#分頁標題#e#
            Last month, Dial announced the creation of a new innovation group designed to identify and meet consumer needs for innovative new products.
            "Innovation is the engine that drives new product development and gets those new products to market quickly," Mr. Baum said. "Our new innovation group will allow us to focus on innovations from the market and consumer perspective, identifying bigger and better opportunities and getting them to market quickly."
            Creation of the group signals a change in Dial's approach away from being a fast follower in the marketplace and toward becoming a leader in new product development, Mr. Baum said. "It is no longer enough to be a fast follower," he said. "We are committed to growing our core brands and businesses and establishing Dial as a leader in the categories in which we compete. We must quickly identify and move forward on those opportunities that will provide us with critical mass in the marketplace. We remain committed to a strategy of focusing on innovation to strengthen our core brands, which in turn will strengthen our company."
            The innovation group will be led by Mark Whitehouse, 44, senior vice president, innovation and general manager for Dial's specialty personal care business unit. It will comprise a number of Dial's leading scientists, including the group that played an important role in the creation of new Dial Complete.
            For the first quarter, the company said sales rose 7.6% to $401.5 million. The increase in sales includes $30.4 million of sales from acquisitions made in the second quarter of 2000, as well as strong sales in the laundry care and personal cleansing businesses, coupled with new product introductions in the air fresheners business. However, increased sales were partially offset by a decline in sales in the specialty personal care and food products businesses.
            Personal cleansing sales grew 14.4% (4.1% without Coast, which was acquired in the second quarter of last year) primarily due to strong performance of the base business and the national launch of Dial Complete. Laundry care sales increased 9.3% in the first quarter (7.4% without Zout, which was acquired in the second quarter of last year) primarily driven by strong performance in the mass merchandising channel.
            First quarter sales of air fresheners business were up primarily due to new product introductions, including the national launch of One Touch Electric Scented Oil air freshener. Specialty personal care sales were down vs. the prior year mainly due to the discontinuation of both the Nature's Accents product line and other unprofitable SKUs associated with a special charge taken in the second half of 2000.
            SEVENTEEN (tie)
            Blyth Industries, Inc.
            1 E. Weaver St.
            Greenwich, CT 06830-6451
            Tel: (203) 661-1926
            Website: www.blythindustries.com [http://www.blythindustries.com]
            Sales: $1.2 billion

            SALES: $1.2 billion. Net income: $79.5 million for the year ended Jan. 31, 2001. #p#分頁標題#e#
            KEY PERSONNEL: Robert B. Boergen, chairman, chief executive officer and president; Howard E. Rose, vice chairman; James Kopp, president, Blyth's Candle Corporation of America; Richard T. Browning, president, Candle Corporation Worldwide; Bruce G. Crain, president, global services.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Colonial Candle of Cape Cod, Carolina Designs, PartyLite, Candle Corporation of America, Sterno and Handy Fuel candles, pot pourris and other scented products.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Colonial at Home--Frosted Line and Simmer Snaps; Kate's Simple Pleasures, Being and Ambria Natural Elements.
            COMMENTS: Sales rose 4% but net income declined 14% for the year ended Jan. 31, 2001. The gain was attributed to sales growth both in the candles and home fragrance products and the non-fragranced products segment as well as the inclusion of sales from businesses acquired. Last year, the company exited several low-margin businesses, including the religious and citronella candle product lines.
            International sales account for 26% of sales. The company has operations in Austria, England, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Northern Ireland, Switzerland and Canada. This year, the company will enter Mexico via its direct-selling operations.
            Although acquisitions have played an important role in Blyth's growth, the company said that during fiscal 2002, it plans to grow the candles and home fragrance segment of its business for the most part organically, both domestically and internationally, with the possibility of some smaller acquisition-related growth.
            Blyth, Inc. reported first quarter net sales of $261.2 million compared $291.4 million the previous year. Operating profit was $27.3 million compared to $37.3 in the prior year period. Net earnings for the quarter were $15.7 million compared to $19.7 million a year earlier.
            A decline in the company's direct selling operations, which management believes is temporary, was cited as the primary factor for lower sales versus the first quarter of last year. In addition, the challenging retail environment resulted in lower than expected growth in the consumer wholesale business. Blyth's acquisition of Midwest of Canon Falls, Inc. had a negligible effect on the parent company's first quarter results.
            Commenting on the first quarter sales and earnings results, Robert B. Goergen, chairman of the board and chief executive officer, said, "We achieved our earnings per share goals as outlined last quarter, despite the level of caution among our customers. We believe that PartyLite is getting back on track, following the formation of an enhanced new product development team late last year. The impact of their effects will be evident in the holiday 2001 product line, which is in the production pipeline and will be introduced to consultants later this summer."
            Mr. Goergen continued, "The ongoing effect of rising energy costs on discretionary spending, coupled with economic uncertainty and depressed European currencies, has had a significant effect on Blyth's results and is expected to continue to impact sales and earnings over the near term." #p#分頁標題#e#
            SEVENTEEN (tie)
            Mary Kay Inc.
            16251 Dallas Parkway
            Addison, TX 75001
            Tel: (972) 687-6300
            Website: www.marykay.com [http://www.marykay.com]
            Sales: $1.2 billion

            SALES: $1.2 billion.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Mary Kay Ash, chairman emeritus; John P. Ronchon, chairman and chief executive officer; David Holl, chief financial officer; Tom Whatley, president, U.S. sales; Kregg Jodie, senior vice president and chief information officer; Lisa Cohorn, director, product development; Rhonda Shasteen, vice president, core business marketing; Myra Barker, executive vice president, chief scientific officer.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Skin care, color cosmetics and personal care products sold under the Mary Kay brand name. Fragrances include Journey, Elige and Belara.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Velocity personal care collection.
            COMMENTS: Sales reached $1.2 billion last year, according to industry sources. Retail sales approached $2.5 billion at privately-held Mary Kay.
            Eighty percent of sales come from the U.S., although Mary Kay products are available in nearly 40 countries. All Mary Kay products are sold exclusively through consultants, which totaled nearly 800,000, according to company sources. Mary Kay began developing an internet program six years ago and today, 50% of its business is conducted online, generating 65% of revenue. At the In Touch portion of the Mary Kay website ( www.marykayintouch.com [http://www.marykayintouch.com]), beauty consultants can place orders directly to the company.
            In an effort to reach younger consumers, this month, Mary Kay is introducing a personal care collection centered around Velocity, a fruity floral fragrance. In addition, the line includes a facial cleanser and lightweight moisturizer and two color collections dubbed High Octane and Super Octane. The facial cleanser will retail for $10 and the fragrance costs $28.
            Next year, the company plans to revamp its cosmetics line with new packaging, new formulations and new product forms.
            Johnson Wax Professional
            8310 16th Street
            P.O. Box 902
            Sturtevant, WI 53177-0902
            Tel: (262) 631-4001
            Website: www.jwp.com [http://www.jwp.com]
            Sales: $1.1 billion

            SALES: $1.1 billion (estimated) for the year ended June 30, 2000.
            MAJOR OFFICERS: Greg Lawton, president and chief executive officer; JoAnne Brandes, senior vice president, general counsel and secretary; Mike Bailey, senior vice president and chief financial officer.
            CHIEF SCIENTIFIC OFFICER: Ramon Llendo. MARKETING DIRECTOR: Brigitte Brozenek.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Floor care, restroom care, food safety and laundry care products for the industrial and institutional markets.
            COMMENTS: Split off from the well-known private company, SC Johnson, in 1999, Johnson Wax Professional provides commercial hygiene, appearance, pest control and food sanitation products and services to retailers, building service contractors, hospitality firms, and food service operators. #p#分頁標題#e#
            Johnson Wax Professional, along with Johnson Polymer (a producer of acrylic polymers and resins used in printing, packaging, coatings, and adhesives), are divisions of SC Johnson Commercial Markets, which has operations throughout the U.S. and in more than 50 countries. The Johnson family controls the company. The company was ranked No. 161 in the Forbes 500 list of private companies. SC Johnson is ranked No. 33 on the same list.
            Pfizer, Inc.
            235 East 42nd Street
            New York, NY 10017-5755
            Tel: (212) 573-2323
            Website: www.pfizer.com [http://www.pfizer.com]
            Sales: $1 billion

            SALES: $1 billion (estimated) for oral care and personal care products. Corporate sales: $29.5 billion. Net income: $3.7 billion.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Henry A. McKinnell, chairman, president, chief executive officer and John F. Niblack, vice chairman and president, Pfizer global research and development.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Listerine mouthwash and toothpaste, Lubriderm moisturizing lotion.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Listerine Essential Care toothpaste, Listerine Pocket Packs, Visine eye care, Desitin baby care, Plax oral care, Nix lice treatment and BenGay ointment.
            COMMENTS: While corporate sales rose 8% last year, consumer product sales declined 3% despite the acquisition of Warner-Lambert, a company that markets such brands as Listerine and Lubriderm, which Pfizer acquired in June of last year. Last year, Pfizer sold the Rid line of lice-control products to Bayer for approximately $89 million in cash.
            On Jan. 1, William Steere retired as chief executive officer. Hank McKinnell is now chief executive officer and chairman. Prior to this appointment he was president and chief operating officer.
            TWENTY ONE
            The Gillette Company
            Prudential Tower Building
            Boston, MA 02199
            Tel: (617) 421-7000
            Website: www.gillette.com [http://www.gillette.com]
            Sales: $978 million

            SALES: $978 million for personal care products. Corporate sales: $9.3 billion.
            KEY PERSONNEL: James M. Kilts, chairman and chief executive officer; Edward F. DeGraan, president and chief operating officer; Jorgen Wedel, executive vice president, commercial operations, Europe and AMEE; Allan G. Boath, vice president, global business management; Michael T. Cowhig, vice president, global supply chain and business development; A. Wallace Hayes, vice president, corporate product integrity; John C. Terry, vice president, advanced technologies; Michelle E. Viotty, vice president, new business development.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Series line of men's toiletries; Right Guard, Dry Idea and Soft & Dri antiperspirants and deodorants; Silkience shampoo, conditioner and hair spray; Tame cream rinse; Mink Difference hair spray and styling products; Adorn hair spray; The Dry Look hair spray, mousse and gel; Foamy shave creams; Aapri facial scrub; Brush Plus shaving system; Lustrasilk ethnic hair care products; Oral-B oral care products.
            COMMENTS: Corporate sales rose 2% to nearly $9.3 billion. #p#分頁標題#e#
            Toiletries sales fell 8% from a year ago, primarily due to the divesture of the White Rain brand in April, 2000. Sales of pre- and post-shave products, however, rose 6%. Profits from toiletries fell 11% to $76 million.
            James M. Kilts replaced Michael Hawley as chairman earlier this year. Mr. Hawley had been with Gillette for 37 years. In a Gillette-sponsored event held June 6 in New York City, Mr. Kilts told the audience that the company's short-term focus is to stabilize market share, aggressively reduce costs and improve organizational effectiveness.
            "2001 is a transition year. You won't see every issue solved, but there will be progress," he insisted. Most of the focus will be on solving problems such as excess trade inventories of blades and a decline in the company's Duracell battery business.
            The company plans to cut an additional 600 jobs and has reduced its forecast for annual sales growth, as the largest maker of razors deals with falling currencies and stiffer competition vying against its Duracell batteries.
            Sales will rise 3-5% a year, down from the previous forecast of 10%, according to Mr. Kilts. "Unrealistic objectives always lead to bad decisions and bad business practices. [This creates] a circle of doom," Mr. Kilts said. "Gillette has been caught in that circle. We are going to escape."
            Mr. Kilts' cost-cutting plan includes reducing corporate overhead and spending less on new plants and equipment. In recent years, Gillette has reduced its exposure in the personal care industry. Two years ago, the company sold its Jafra direct sales operations and last year, it sold White Rain. As a result of these moves, sales of toiletries have fallen from a high of $1.3 billion in 1996 to the current level.
            Last month, the company announced it had signed an exclusive licensing agreement with The Walt Disney Co. to market a portfolio of new and innovative children's oral care products featuring Disney characters. The products, including manual, battery and rechargeable power toothbrushes, will be launched under Gillette's Oral-B and Braun Oral-B trademarks and will showcase Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Buzz Lightyear and Disney Princesses.
            The unique line is designed to meet the special dental needs of children, while the characters are on hand to inspire children to develop healthy oral care habits at an early age. Specific product details will be made available this fall.
            "Our brand is rooted in 75 years of Disney magic and is already known for making children smile," said Andy Mooney, president of Disney Consumer Products Worldwide. "Now, along with the most trusted name in oral care, we will make parents smile as well with breakthrough, high-quality oral care products they can trust."
            "Gillette is excited to combine its powerful oral care brands with the familiarity and fun of Disney characters to create a portfolio of new, innovative products that introduce children to healthy oral care habits that will last a lifetime," said Bruce Cleverly, president of Gillette Oral Care. #p#分頁標題#e#
            TWENTY TWO
            Block Drug, Inc.
            257 Cornelison Avenue
            Jersey City, NJ 07302-9988
            Tel: (201) 434-3000
            Website: www.blockdrug.com [http://www.blockdrug.com]
            Sales: $690 million

            SALES: $690 million (estimated) for personal care products. Corporate sales: $864 million. Net income: $56 million for the year ended March 31, 2001.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Leonard Block, senior chairman; James A. Block, chairman; Thomas R. Block, president and chief executive officer.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Polident and Poli-Grip denture cleaner and gel; Sensodyne toothpaste, Targon Smoker's mouthwash, Balmex diaper rash ointment and Tegrin dandruff shampoo.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Polident Whitening mouthwash.
            COMMENTS: Healthcare products maker GlaxoSmithKline bought Block Drug for about $1.24 billion in January 2001.
            "This acquisition will significantly enhance our consumer healthcare business, putting GSK among the top three consumer healthcare companies in the world, and No. 2 in oral healthcare," said Jean-Pierre Garnier, chief executive officer, GlaxoSmithKline.
            The Block Drug portfolio of oral healthcare and over-the-counter (OTC) products is expected to add approximately $900 million in annual sales to GSK's global oral healthcare and OTC businesses, increasing GSK's consumer healthcare sales to nearly $5 billion.
            Block Drug has geographic sales well-balanced across North America, Europe and international markets, including Japan. With operations in more than 100 countries, the company employs approximately 3000 people in R&D, sales and marketing, manufacturing and distribution.
            TWENTY THREE
            Church & Dwight, Inc.
            469 North Harrison Street
            Princeton, NJ 08543
            Tel: (609) 683-5900
            Website: www.churchdwight.com [http://www.churchdwight.com]
            Sales: $634 million

            SALES: $634 million for consumer products. Corporate sales: $796 million. Net income: $33.6 million.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Robert A. Davies III, chairman and chief executive officer; Jon L. Finley, president and chief operating officer; Raymond L. Bendure, vice president, research and development; Mark G. Conish, vice president, operations; Zvi Eiref, vice president, finance and chief financial officer.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Oral and personal care products--Arm & Hammer Dental Care, Peroxicare, Advance White, P.M. toothpastes and Dental Care gum; Arm & Hammer Advanced Deodorancy antiperspirant; Deodorizing products--Arm & Hammer pure baking soda, carpet and room deodorizer, Pet Fresh carpet & room deodorizer, Vacuum Free foam carpet deodorizer, Deodorizing air freshener; Laundry and household products--Arm & Hammer, Fabricare and Xtra liquid and powder laundry detergents, Arm & Hammer washing soda, Fresh 'n Soft fabric softener sheets, Nice'N Fluffy liquid fabric softener, Delicare fine fabric wash, Brillo soap pads, Sno Bol toilet cleaner, Parsons ammonia, Scrub Free bathroom cleaner, Clean Shower daily shower cleaner, Cameo aluminum and stainless steel cleaner. #p#分頁標題#e#
            NEW PRODUCTS: Arm & Hammer Fabricare, Arm & Hammer P.M.
            COMMENTS: Who says mid-sized companies can't thrive in today's global household and personal products industry? In order to compete with the big multinationals, however, Church & Dwight realized the company had to bulk up through acquisitions. To gain some heft, in 1999 the company acquired several older, established household cleaning brands.
            Most recently, however, the company took a bigger bite by acquiring 100% of USA Detergents and the antiperspirant and pet care businesss of Carter-Wallace for $128 million and formed a joint venture with Kelso & Co. to purchase the consumer products business of C-W (see p. 160).
            USA is no stranger to Church & Dwight. A year ago, the two formed the ARMUS joint venture to combine their laundry products businesses. "As we proceeded with the joint venture, it became clear that the best way to achieve our objectives was to merge the two companies rather than wait to exercise our call option in five years," explained Robert A. Davies III, chairman and chief executive officer. "This step reduces systems over]ap and complexity and secures the full synergies from the combination of our two businesses immediately."
            The USA Detergent acquisition will increase Church & Dwight's laundry products sales to more than $400 million a year, making it the third largest company in the $6 billion (retail) U.S. laundry detergents business. The acquisition, including the assumption of debt, will cost $120 million, according to Church & Dwight.
            The acquisition could contribute 5-6% to earnings in 2002, over and above the contribution previously expected from the ARMUS joint venture. Church & Dwight intends to divest USA Detergent's non-laundry businesses, such as home fragrace candles, which accounted for less than 20% of USA's sales in 2000. The acquisition is expected to push Church & Dwight's sales past $1 billion this year.
            In personnel moves, earlier this year chief executive officer Robert A. Davies III was elected chairman. He succeeded Dwight C. Minton who was named chairman emeritus. In addition, the company appointed Jon L. Finley as president and chief operating officer. Prior to joining Church & Dwight, Mr. Finley was senior vice president, General Mills, Minneapolis. There, he was in charge of its global convenience foods group, which had sales of $2 billion.
            Last year, Church & Dwight's sales rose 7% to $796 million. Net income, however, fell 26% to $33.6 million.
            Consumer product sales rose 8% last year led by growth in toothpaste and laundry as well as the addition of several bathroom cleaner brands which were acquired late in 1999.
            In the oral and personal care business segment, the company launched Arm & Hammer Sensation toothpaste in the third quarter. The product is aimed at 15-34 year olds with promotional support that included college sampling and website promotion. Also in the third quarter, the company introduced Dental Care Kids gum, a sugar-free bubble gum that's targeted to 6-12 year olds. Finally, in the antiperspirant and deodorant segment, the company restaged the entire Arm & Hammer line featuring a new baking soda formula as well as a new SKU, an invisible solid. #p#分頁標題#e#
            TWENTY FOUR
            Schering-Plough Corp.
            One Giralda Farms
            Madison, NJ 07940
            Tel: (973) 822-7000
            Website: www.schering-plough.com [http://www.schering-plough.com]
            Sales: $547 million

            SALES: $547 million for foot and sun care products. Corporate sales: $9.8 billion. Net income: $2.4 million.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Richard Jay Kogan, chairman and chief executive officer; Raul E. Cesan, president and chief operating officer; Jack L. Wyszomierski, executive vice president and chief financial officer.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Sun care--Coppertone, Water Babies, Coppertone Kids, Bain de Soleil; Foot care--Dr. Scholl's, Lotrimin and Tinactin.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Coppertone Kids Wacky Foam products and Coppertone Kids Sport sunblock lotion in SPF 30; Coppertone Endless Summer sunless tanning lotion.
            COMMENTS: Corporate sales rose 8% and net income improved 15%. Foot care product sales rose 5% to $348 million. Lotrimin AF and Tinactin antifungal products maintained their No. 1 and No. 2 positions, respectively, in unit sales.
            Sales of sun care products jumped 8% to $199 million, driven by strong sales of the Bain de Soleil line, which was acquired from Pfizer in 1999. Schering-Plough is the biggest player in the U.S. sun care category, accounting for more than 29% of mass market sun care sales in 2000, according to Information Resources, Inc., Chicago.
            Also contributing to the sales growth were four new Coppertone Kids Wacky Foam products and line of Water Babies sprays, which was the No. 1 selling new sun care product in 2000, according to Schering-Plough.
            This year, Schering-Plough's sun care sales should get a boost from the introduction of Endless Summer sunless tanning lotion, which promises to produce visible color in just 30 minutes, compared to two or three hours for traditional sunless tanning products. Endless Summer features a unique, dual-chamber pump that separates the two key ingredients--Hydrosil, a color activator and dihydroxyacetone (DHA). The product also contains alpha hydroxy acids and special moisturizers to help soften, smooth and hydrate skin.
            TWENTY FIVE
            National Service Industries, Inc.
            NSI Center
            1420 Peachtree Street, NE
            Atlanta, GA 30309-3002
            Tel: (404) 853-1000
            Website: www.nationalservice.com [http://www.nationalservice.com]
            Sales: $511 million

            SALES: $511 million for specialty chemicals. Corporate sales: $2.6 billion. Net income: $99.9 million, for the year ended August 31, 2000.
            KEY PERSONNEL: James S. Balloun, chairman, president and chief executive officer; George H. Gilmore Jr., executive vice president and group president; James H. Heagle, president, NSI chemicals group; Richard Manning, chief operating officer, NSI Chemicals Group; Sam Daniels, executive vice president, Zep Manufacturing.
            CHIEF SCIENTIFIC OFFICER: Dr. Stan Weller.
            MARKETING DIRECTOR: Val Mathis, vice president, marketing.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Hand care products, car wash products, solvents, lubricants, penetrants, general purpose cleaners, sanitizers, disinfectants, polishes, floor finishes, degreasers, pesticides, insecticides and herbicides marketed under Zep Manufacturing Company, Enforcer Products and Selig Industries. #p#分頁標題#e#
            NEW PRODUCTS: Zep Citrus Cleaner.
            COMMENTS: Corporate sales rose more than 15%, but net income fell more than 19%. Chemical segment sales rose 5% and profits rose nearly 9% to $49 million.
            Last year Jim Heagle joined the company as president of the chemicals group. NSI is committed to improving margins in the chemical segment by expanding the Enforcer product line's volume in the retail channel, starting new e-business ventures and automating its sales force, according to the company.
            Last year, NSI established a common manufacturing and support platform for Zep Manufacturing Company and Selig Industries. Manufacturing of both brands now takes place at a single facility and distribution centers are being consolidated in key markets. As a result, the company expects to:
            * Achieve critical mass and accelerate growth in targeted segments which include aviation, food processing and vehicle wash;
            * Raise the productivity of field sales forces and create a seamless interface with customers through a common information technology platform;
            * Develop more new products and provide more technical support and
            * Develop best-in-class manufacturing and world-class distribution and customer service.
            A year ago, Zep/Enforcer, the retail segment of the Chemicals Group of National Service Industries, was named vendor of the year by The Home Depot for the third consecutive year. The award recognizes Zep/Enforcer for superior quality products, customer responsiveness and exceptional store level support. Zep/Enforcer supplies The Home Depot with cleaners, maintenance supplies and pest control products.
            For the six months ended Feb. 28, corporate sales rose 8% to $1.3 billion. Chemical sales rose 4% to nearly $250 million. The increase was due to sales volume growth in North America primarily in the retail channel. However, operating profit declined 16% to $16.9 million, primarily because of costs incurred to integrate the chemical operations, increased energy costs, and up-front costs associated with developing new sales representatives.
            Last month, the company said that its NSI Chemicals Group had entered into a five-year licensing and sales agreement with the Armor All Products Corporation, a subsidiary of The Clorox Company. Under the terms of this agreement, the NSI Chemicals Group will manufacture a host of car wash products under the Armor All Professional brand name, and Armor All will supply its Armor All Professional Protectant for exclusive sale by NSI's chemical sales representatives to car washes. In addition, the NSI Chemicals Group will create a dedicated sales force to sell only Armor All branded products.
            "We are very excited about the potential mutual benefits of this business partnership," said Mr. Heagle. "Our first-class sales force and Armor All's brand equity are a formula for success. We believe we can increase revenue with our sales reps selling a product line as well known as the Armor All product line." Market studies indicate that Armor All has 98% brand recognition among consumers between the ages of 16 and 54 who maintain their own cars. #p#分頁標題#e#
            "Through this agreement, the Armor All brand will expand into the $800 million professional car wash market," said Oren Lewin, Armor All's marketing director. "This market is growing at a rate of 10% a year, and the NSI sales force has the knowledge, the experience, and the expertise to succeed in this important channel."
            NSI's Armor All Professional products will begin reaching car washes around the country as early as August.
            TWENTY SIX
            Nu Skin
            75 W. Center Street
            Prove, UT 84601
            Tel: (801) 345-1000
            Website: www.nuskin.com [http://www.nuskin.com]
            Sales: $449 million

            SALES: $449 million for personal care products. Corporate sales: $880 million. Net income: $90.4 million.
            MAJOR OFFICERS: Grant Pace, president; Sidney R. Henderson, chief operating officer; Lori Bush, vice president, product marketing.
            CHIEF SCIENTIFIC OFFICERS: Jan Lephart, senior director of research and development; Scott Whittier, senior director of technical affairs.
            MARKETING DIRECTORS: Kara Schneck, director of global marketing communications; Elizabeth Thibaudeau, director of brand management.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS and MARKETING DIRECTORS: Treatment--Paul Haacke; Face, body and sun--Melissa Smith; Epoch--Mario Wilcock; Color, hair and specialty products--Ann Poole.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Galvanic Spa System, Epoch Rare Earths Mineral Infusions, Tru Face line corrector, Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid, Epoch Ice Dancer invigorating leg gel, Moisture Restore day protective lotion SPF 15, StylinGel, FreeFall detangling conditioner, StrongHold hairspray, StylinFoam, Holding Pattern Pomade, DailyKind mild shampoo and conditioner, HydraKind moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, 4-in-1 shampoo, VolumeKind volumizing shampoo and GingerSun fragrance.
            COMMENTS: Corporate sales fell less than 2% and net income dropped more than 28%. Sales of personal care products declined nearly 11% from $503 million. Despite the declines, there were some bright spots for Nu Skin. For example, Nu Skin 180 [degrees] Anti-Aging Skin Therapy system, which debuted in the U.S. in 1999, was launched globally in 2000. It quickly became Nu Skin's top-selling product with global sales of $40 million.
            Successful new product launches have continued into 2001. One of the latest is Nu Skin's Tru Face Line Corrector, the company's first product to utilize peptide technology that is targeted at improving deep lines and wrinkles.
            In order to get the company growing again, Nu Skin executives have set several goals for 2001:
            * Increase the size of U.S. business;
            * Focus on programs and initiatives designed to increase the productivity of distributors and
            * Keep product offerings fresh.
            Although U.S. revenue rose 20% last year to $149 million, sales waned toward the end of 2000. The company hopes to correct this by making its Big Planet subsidiary profitable.
            To improve the productivity of distributors, Nu Skin is leveraging the success of its automatic purchase programs. Finally, to keep product offerings fresh, the company has set a goal to have 40% of revenue come from new and reformulated products launched during 2001. #p#分頁標題#e#
            In May, Lori Hermelin Bush was appointed president of Nu Skin. In her new position, Ms. Bush will oversee all aspects of the division including product management, marketing, manufacturing operations, research and development and quality control. She joined Nu Skin as vice president of marketing in 2000. Prior to that, she was with Johnson & Johnson where she served as worldwide executive director of skin care ventures and for its subsidiary, Neutrogena Corp., as vice president of professional marketing.
            TWENTY SEVEN
            Elizabeth Arden
            14100 NW 60th Avenue
            Miami Lakes, Florida 33014
            Tel: (305) 818-8000
            Website: www.elizabetharden.com [http://www.elizabetharden.com]
            Sales: $382 million

            SALES: $382 million for the year ended Jan. 31, 2001.
            KEY PERSONNEL: E. Scott Beattie, chairman, president and chief executive officer; J.W. Nevil Thomas, vice chairman; Stephen J. Smith, executive vice president and chief financial officer; Paul West, chief operating officer; Gretchen Goslin, executive vice president marketing.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Fragrances including Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds and Passion, Red Door, Green Tea, 5th Avenue, White Shoulders, Geoffrey Beene's Grey Flannel, Halston, Halston Z-14, PS Fine Cologne for Men, Design and Wings by Giorgio Beverly Hills; the Elizabeth Arden skin care brands (Visible Difference, Ceramides and Millenium and the Elizabeth Arden cosmetics line).
            COMMENTS: Elizabeth Arden is a headliner once again. French Fragrances changed its name to Elizabeth Arden after it acquired the brand from Unilever on Jan. 23, 2001. Since the company's fiscal year ends Jan. 31, results include eight days of financial results from the Elizabeth Arden business. For the year ended January 31, 2001, net sales rose 5.8%. Net income, after integration charges, for fiscal 2001 was $13.4 million.
            "Fiscal 2001 was an exciting year for our company as we successfully completed the acquisition of Elizabeth Arden," noted E. Scott Beattie, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Elizabeth Arden Inc. "While we experienced record sell-through of our promotional programs during the 2000 holiday selling season, general weakness among retailers and concern over first quarter sales led to lower basic stock replenishment orders in the fourth quarter and that trend has continued into the first quarter. Despite a relatively challenging retail environment, we are encouraged by preliminary commitments from retailers for 2001 holiday season promotions."
            Added Paul West, chief operating officer, "We are poised to capitalize on the many opportunities that the Elizabeth Arden transaction brings us over the long-term. We have an excellent management team now in place and we are making good progress on integrating the business. Importantly, the Arden acquisition provides us with a strong platform in which to expand, including international distribution, a broader brand portfolio, and greater penetration into the various channels of distribution in the United States." #p#分頁標題#e#
            On a pro forma basis, which includes the results of the combined company as if the acquisition had been consummated on the first day of the fiscal year, net sales for the year were $869.8 million, compared to $856.8 million in the prior year. Gross margin was 56.4%, compared to 58.6%. EBITDA was $137.3 million, compared to $116.1 million. Net income was $35.4 million, or $1.79 per diluted share, compared to net income of $31.3 million or $1.48 per diluted share.
            "In looking ahead, we remain very encouraged about our overall prospects for fiscal 2002 and beyond. It is important to note that fiscal 2002 will be a transition year for our company as we move forward with the integration of the two businesses," noted Mr. Beattie. "While we have made good progress in the integration, we do not expect to realize the full financial benefits from the integration until next year. We believe the addition of the Elizabeth Arden business will greatly enhance our financial performance, and our primary goal is to maximize the long-term growth and profitability of the business. Over the next several years we expect to achieve organic revenue growth modestly in excess of industry growth coupled with double-digit earnings growth. The combination of operating efficiencies, reductions in working capital and a decrease in leverage from the cash flows generated should drive very strong earnings growth."
            For fiscal 2002, the company expects to achieve net sales in the range of $840 million to $870 million, a planned reduction from fiscal 2001 pro forma results, as it seeks to improve brand performance by limiting distribution. Gross margin is expected to remain relatively flat at 56%.
            TWENTY EIGHT
            NCH Corporation
            2727 Chemsearch Blvd.
            Irving, TX 75062
            Tel: (972) 438-0211
            Website: www.nch.com [http://www.nch.com]
            Sales: $381 million

            SALES: $381 million for chemicals sold to industrial and institutional markets. Corporate sales: $680 million. Net income: $27.5 million for the year ended April 30, 2001.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Irvin L. Levy, chairman and president; John I. Levy, executive vice president; Lester A. Levy Jr., executive vice president; Robert M. Levy, executive vice president; Walter M. Levy, executive vice president.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Maintenance products sold principally to industrial and institutional markets and to the government. NCH's product line includes cleaning and water treatment chemicals, insecticides and deodorizers.
            COMMENTS: Corporate sales fell 6.7%, but net income rose 61.8%. Chemicals accounted for 56% of sales. NCH has 19 manufacturing facilities in Asia, the Americas and Europe, and 17 office and warehouse facilities in Europe and the Americas, according to industry sources. The U.S. accounts for 59% of corporate sales, followed by Europe, 31%; Latin America & Canada, 6% and Asia/Pacific, 4%.
            TWENTY NINE
            Gap, Inc.
            One Harrison Street
            San Francisco, CA 94105#p#分頁標題#e#
            Tel: (415) 427-2000
            Website: www.gapinc.com [http://www.gapinc.com]
            Sales: $350 million

            SALES: $350 million (estimated, retail) for cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances. Corporate sales: $13.6 billion. Net income: $878 million for the year ended Feb. 3, 2001.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Donald G. Fisher, chairman; John M. Lillie, vice chairman; Millard S. Drexler, president and chief executive officer; Heidi Kunz, executive vice president and chief financial officer; Ron Beegle, chief operating officer; Gary McNatton, senior vice president, personal care.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances marketed under such brand names as Gapscents, Old Navy color cosmetics, Old Navy bath products and Banana Republic. Fragrance brands include Close, So Pink, Blue 655, Dream and Heaven.
            NEW PRODUCTS: So Pink and Close fragrances.
            COMMENTS: Corporate sales rose nearly 18%, but net income fell 22%. In March, Gap introduced its newest scent, So Pink. The fragrance is available at all GapBody as well as select Gap stores throughout the U.S. So Pink is a bright citrus floral with instant and lingering appeal. It's a clean, vivid scent that infuses pink grapefruit, orange, lily, and sweet pea with cool notes of jasmine and musk.
            "There's a bit of magic to So Pink," said Gary McNatton, senior vice president of Gap personal care. "It goes on as a fresh, energetic citrus and evolves into a soft, delicate flower on the skin."
            So Pink retails for $19.50 for a 3.4-oz. (100ml) bottle and $4.50 for a .5-ounce (15ml) bottle. In addition to the fragrance, Gap has developed a full line of So Pink body products including body lotion, retailing for $8.50; body mist, $12.50; shower gel $8.50; shimmer lotion, $8.50 and a solid scent stick, $4.50. And, to infuse any room with the energy of So Pink, Gap introduces a So Pink candle which retails for $12.50.
            The company introduced the Close fragrance collection in October.
            For the first quarter ended May 5, 2001, corporate sales rose 16% to nearly $3.2 billion. However, net earnings fell 51% to $115 million.
            Last month, the company appointed Ron Beegle, who had been head of the company's online division, to a new post of chief operating officer for the Gap division. Mr. Beegle, who joined the company in 1996, will report to Ken Pilot, president of Gap, and be responsible for Gap operations worldwide, including store operations, distribution, real estate and finance. Merchandising, marketing and planning functions will continue to report to Mr. Pilot.
            As of June 2, Gap Inc. operated 3,881 stores in the U.S., the UK, Canada, France, Japan and Germany. In the U.S., customers also may shop the company's online stores at gap.com, BananaRepublic.com and oldnavy.com
            The Yankee Candle Company Inc.
            102 Christian Lane
            Whately, MA 01093
            Tel: (413) 665-8306
            Website: www.yankeecandle.com [http://www.yankeecandle.com]
            Sales: $339 million#p#分頁標題#e#

            SALES: $339 million. Net income: $43.6 million
            KEY PERSONNEL: Michael J. Kittredge, chairman; Craig W. Rydin, chief executive officer; Robert R. Spellman, senior vice president, finance and chief financial officer; Gail M. Flood, senior vice president, retail operations; Harlan M, Kent, senior vice president, wholesale operations
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: scented candles.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Housewarmer line--Green Grass and Seaside Holiday; Country Classics--Sage & Citrus and Fruit Basket.
            COMMENTS: Sales rose 32% and net income jumped 42% last year. Yankee Candle products are sold primarily through its retail store network and through wholesale customers who operate more than 12,900 gift store locations nationwide. The company also sells its products through direct mail catalogs, its internet website, www.yankeecandle.com [http://www.yankeecandle.com], international distributors and its distribution center in the UK.
            Yankee Candle opened 45 new retail stores in 2000 and plans to continue its retail expansion by opening at least 45 more stores throughout the U.S. each year for the next several years, while also continuing to grow its wholesale operations.
            Earlier this year, the company elected Craig W. Rydin as chairman and chief executive officer. He replaced Michael D. Parry, who retired. Mr. Rydin, 49, has nearly 30 years of management and consumer products marketing experience. He served as president of the Away From Home food services and Godiva Chocolatier divisions of Campbell Soup Company, where he had been since 1978.
            This year, first quarter sales rose 19% to $75.3 million. Wholesale sales including European operations were $40.6 million, a 5% increase over the year ago quarter. Retail sales were $34.8 million, a 41% increase over the fiscal 2000 first quarter. Yankee opened seven new retail stores during the first three months of the year, one store ahead of plan, and ended the quarter with 154 stores in 36 states. After a one-time restructuring charge, the company reported a net loss of $179,000.
            "We are very pleased with the 19% increase in total sales, which was above Wall Street expectations and on top of 33% sales growth in the first quarter of 2000," said Mr. Rydin. "Retail sales were particularly strong, increasing 41% on top of 45% growth in the first quarter of 2000. This included a 14% increase in retail comparable store and mail-order hub sales, which is particularly impressive given the difficult retail environment."
            THIRTY ONE
            Jafra Cosmetics International
            2451 Townslake Road
            Westlake Village, CA 91361
            Tel: (805) 449-3000
            Website: www.jafra.com [http://www.jafra.com]
            Sales: $324 million

            SALES: $324 million. Net income: $6.3 million.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Ronald Clark, chairman and chief executive officer; Gonzalo Rubio, president and chief operating officer.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Skin and body care products, color cosmetics, fragrances and other personal care products. #p#分頁標題#e#
            NEW PRODUCTS: Intensive Retinol Treatment, Tender Moments baby massage.
            COMMENTS: Sales rose an estimated 9% last year on the strength of Jafra Mexico and South America, which are the company's two fastest-growing regional markets. The Mexican operations received a big boost in the fiscal third quarter when the company launched its Skin Care 2000 Line. It was a major upgrade of the company's basic skin care line, which uses a unique, free matrix skin care system that is totally customizable to the individual needs of the customer.
            By product category, fragrances accounted for 33% of 2000 sales; followed by color cosmetics, 26.2%; skin care, 21% and personal care, 9.4%. The remaining sales came from party hostess gifts, demonstration products, etc.
            Jafra has several new products in the pipeline. This year, the company will launch a new skin care product featuring retinol in capsule form. A major redesign of the color cosmetics line is scheduled to launch at the end of the year. Two new fragrances are scheduled to launch on a global basis this year and new body care products geared at fitness and well-being are also in the works.
            At the end of 2000, the company had 310,000 consultants worldwide. Mexico had 185,000 consultants, followed by the U.S., 65,000 and 60,000 in Europe and other markets.
            THIRTY TWO
            Playtex Products, Inc.
            300 Nyala Farms Road
            Westport, CT 06880
            Tel: (203) 341-4600
            Website: www.playtexproducts.com [http://www.playtexproducts.com]
            Sales: $320 million

            SALES: $320 million (estimated) for personal care and household products. Corporate sales: $831 million for the year ended Dec. 30, 2000.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Michael R. Gallagher, chief executive officer; Glenn A. Forbes, executive vice president and chief financial officer; Richard G. Powers, president, personal products division; Paul A. Siracusa, senior vice president, research and development.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Infant care--Wet Ones and Chubbs Wipes, Mr. Bubble bubble bath, Baby Magic lotion, shampoo, oil and powder products; Sun care--Banana Boat; Household products--Woolite rug and upholstery cleaning products; Personal grooming--Better Off depilatories, Binaca breath freshener products, Dentax oral care products, Dorothy Gray skin care products, Ogilvie home permanent products and Tussy deodorants.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Woolite spot and stain wipe.
            COMMENTS: Corporate sales rose 6% to $831 million. By business segment, infant care accounted for 39% of sales, followed by feminine care (33%), sun care (15%), household products (7%) and personal grooming (6%).
            Sun care sales rose 11% last year to $126 million. The company noted that consumption of Banana Boat was up 9.4% vs. a gain of just 2.5% for the category overall. Last year, approximately 95% of sales came from products in which Playtex held the No. I or No. 2 market share position. Brands that held the No. I position and their market share included: Wet Ones pre-moistened towelettes (75.7%), Ogilvie home permanent products (66.2%) and Binaca breath freshener (46.7%). Playtex brands ranked No. 2 in their categories included: Baby Magic toiletries (12.6%), Mr. Bubble children's bath products (19.8%), Banana Boat sun care products (21.6%) and Woolite rug and upholstery cleaning products (19%). #p#分頁標題#e#
            First quarter 2001 net sales of $220.8 million compared favorably with the $223.5 million in the week longer first quarter of 2000. On an adjusted basis to reflect the extra week in last year's period, average net sales per week were higher by 6% in 2001.
            Playtex's sun care net sales were even with prior year while feminine care and infant care net sales were each lower by 3%. Household products net sales increased 4% and personal grooming net sales increased 6%. On a per week basis, all segments experienced sales gains.
            "On the whole, we are quite pleased with our results this quarter. Our business appears to be performing right in line with our expectations," said Michael Gallagher, chief executive officer. "The retail consumption of a number of our key brands remained solid, the sun care season is off to a strong start, and we continue to work through a period where the sluggish economy and on-going competitive activities have tempered our rate of sales growth. As we have discussed previously, we expect these conditions to continue through the first half of this year before improving for the second half."
            THIRTY THREE
            John Paul Mitchell Systems
            9701 Wilshire Boulevard
            Beverly Hills, CA 90212
            Tel: (310) 248-3888
            Website: www.paulmitchell.com [http://www.paulmitchell.com]
            Sales: $300 million

            SALES: $300 million (estimated).
            KEY PERSONNEL: John Paul DeJoria, chairman and chief executive officer; Luke Jacobellis, chief operating officer.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Paul Mitchell, Modern Elixirs, and JPMS the color hair care products.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Modern Elixirs styling creme and defining pomade.
            COMMENTS: John Paul Mitchell Systems is the No. 1 privately-owned hair care firm in the U.S. The company makes over 90 different hair care products that sell in more than 100,000 hair salons worldwide. John Paul Mitchell was founded in Hawaii in 1980 by John Paul "J. P." DeJoria and the late Paul Mitchell.
            THIRTY FOUR
            Chattem, Inc.
            1715 W. 38th Street
            Chattanooga, TN 37409
            Tel: (423) 821-4571
            Website: www.chattem.com [http://www.chattem.com]
            Sales: $253 million

            SALES: $253 million. Net loss: $1.6 million for the year ended Nov. 30, 2000.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Zan Guerry, chairman and chief executive officer; A. Alexander Taylor II, president and chief operating officer; Andrea M. Crouch, vice president, toiletries marketing; Ron Galante, vice president, new business development; Richard W. Kornhauser, vice president, OTC and Sunsource marketing; Robert S. Marshall, vice president, marketing; Elaine M. Morefield, vice president, research and development.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Toiletries--Phisoderm and Mudd Masque skin care products, Bullfrog, Sun-In and Ultra Swim sun care products. Healthcare--Gold Bond, Flexall, Icy Hot.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Gold Bond Sensitive Skin fragrance-free lotion, Phisoderm blemish patch, Bullfrog Quik Gel sport spray, Bullfrog AgeProof, Bullfrog Sparkle Block. #p#分頁標題#e#
            COMMENTS: Sales fell more than 15%. The decrease was primarily due to the sale of Ban, which the company sold in the fourth quarter. By product category, sales of OTC health care products fell about 11% to $153 million, while sales of skin care products and toiletries declined 21% to $99 million. The company said 2000 sales rose for Mudd and Phisoderm, but that sales declined for Ban, Sun-In and Bullfrog. First quarter sales were a bit better than initially expected. Net sales rose 5% to $47.4 million, with the gain primarily attributed to improved sales of Dexatrim, a weight-loss aid. Also, sales of the company's toiletry and skin care brands were up approximately 13% from the first quarter of 2000, led by the performances of BullFrog and pHisoderm. Sales of the Gold Bondfamily of products improved approximately 3% from the first quarter of 2000, led by Gold Bond Lotion, which benefited from the launch of Gold Bond Fragrance Free Lotion, a colder winter and an enhanced marketing program.
            THIRTY FIVE
            USA Detergents, Inc.
            1735 Jersey Ave.
            North Brunswick, NJ 08902
            Tel: (732) 828-1800
            Sales: $249 million

            SALES: $249 million. Net loss: $800,000.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Charles E. LaRosa, president and chief operating officer; Richard D. Coslow, executive vice president, chief financial officer and treasurer; Keith Spero, executive vice president, general manager and assistant secretary.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Laundry--Xtra detergent and stain remover; Nice'n fluffy fabric softener and dryer sheets; Household--Touch of Glass and Power Scrub cleaners; Air Fresheners--Country Air scented candles.
            COMMENTS: This is the last year USA Detergents will appear in The Top 50. Earlier this year, the company agreed to be acquired by Church & Dwight. In April, Church & Dwight said it agreed to acquire the rest of the shares of USA Detergents, its partner in a laundry products joint venture, for $120 million. Church & Dwight will sell USA Detergent's non-laundry business and other non-core assets as soon as possible after the merger.
            THIRTY SIX
            Del Laboratories, Inc.
            178 EAB Plaza
            Uniondale, NY 11556
            Tel: (516) 844-2020
            Website: www.dellabs.com [http://www.dellabs.com]
            Sales: $229 million

            SALES: $229 million for cosmetics. Corporate sales: $295 million. Net income: $4.7 million.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Dan K. Wassong, chairman, president and chief executive officer; Enzo J. Vialardi, executive vice president and chief financial officer; William H. McMenemy, executive vice president, marketing, cosmetics division; Harvey P. Alstodt, executive vice president, sales, cosmetics division, North America.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Sally Hansen nail care and nail color, Corn Silk makeup, Naturistics color cosmetics and bath and body care products, N.Y.C. New York Color color cosmetics.
            COMMENTS: Corporate sales rose 11.3% and cosmetics sales increased nearly 14%. The company credited the gain in cosmetics sales to volume growth in the Sally Hansen family of brands and in N.Y.C. New York Color, as well as reduced product returns of the Naturistics cosmetics and bath and body care line. #p#分頁標題#e#
            For the first quarter ended March 31, 2001, corporate sales rose 7.8% to $72.7 million. Sales of cosmetics increased 6.3% to $55.6 million. The gain was attributed to volume growth in the Sally Hansen family of brands and in N.Y.C. New York Color.
            At its annual meeting, Del Laboratories' Dan K. Wassong, chairman, president and chief executive officer told shareholders "the momentum from 2000 has carried into the present year."
            Net sales for the first quarter were $72.7 million, an increase of 8%. Net earnings for the first quarter were $1.2 million, compared to net earnings last year of $500,000. According to Mr. Wassong, the increase in sales and income came from the company's cosmetics and OTC pharmaceutical business.
            "It is also noteworthy that in the first quarter our Sally Hansen brand increased its market share in the nail category to 19.5% with retail sales increasing by over 16%. Most of this retail sales growth came from the nail enamel, nail treatment and implement categories with growth rates of 11.9%, 12.3% and 23.5%, respectively. Sally Hansen now has 16% share of the nail enamel category and a commanding 49.5% share of nail treatment," he added.
            He concluded, "Although 2000 was marked by increases in our revenue and profit growth, I want to emphasize that we continue to place the building of shareholder value as our foremost priority. Toward this end, we are focused on further improving the servicing of our customers and enhancing the equity of our strong brands. We also continue to invest in our human resources base and technological infrastructure in order to ensure that our company is equipped with the proper critical assets for further growth."
            THIRTY SEVEN
            Herbalife International
            1800 Century Park East
            Los Angeles, CA 90067
            Tel: (310) 410-9600
            Website: www.herbalife.com [http://www.herbalife.com]
            Sales: $201 million

            SALES: $201 million (retail) for personal care products: Corporate sales: $1.7 billion. Net income: $37 million.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Christopher Pair, president and chief executive officer; Timothy Gerrity, executive vice president and chief financial officer; Carol Hannah, executive vice president, worldwide sales; Brian Kane, executive vice president, chief operating officer.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Personal care (skin care, sun care, hair care, fine fragrance and color cosmetics). The bulk of the company's sales are derived from weight management and nutritional supplements.
            COMMENTS: Personal care sales increased 1.3% last year. The company credited the increase to new product introductions in the Asia/Pacific Rim region. Herbalife's products are sold by more than one million distributors located in 50 countries around the world.
            THIRTY EIGHT
            Carter-Wallace, Inc.
            1345 Avenue of the Americas
            New York, NY 10105
            Tel: (212) 339-5000
            Website: www.carterwallace.com [http://www.carterwallace.com]
            Sales: $192 million#p#分頁標題#e#

            SALES: $192 million (estimated) for personal care products. Corporate sales: $781 million for the year ended March 31, 2001.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Arrid and Lady's Choice antiperspirants and deodorants; Nair depilatories; Pearl Drops tooth polish. The company also markets a wide range of personal care products outside the U.S. under such brand names as Anne French (facial cleansing products), Cossack (men's grooming products) and Poupina (skin care products).
            COMMENTS: Carter-Wallace Inc. announced in May that it will be split in two and sold for a total of about $1.1 billion, ending more than a year-long process to sell the maker of Arrid antiperspirant, Trojan condoms and a host of other toiletries and pharmaceuticals.
            ArmKel LLC, a partnership of consumer packaged goods maker Church & Dwight Co. Inc. and private equity group Kelso & Co. LP, will buy the consumer products business for a total of $739 million, including minor assumption of debt, Carter-Wallace and Church & Dwight said.
            Church & Dwight, trying to add bulk through acquisitions, will buy Carter-Wallace's U.S. antiperspirant and pet-care businesses for about $128 million, the company said. ArmKel, a 50-50 joint venture between Church & Dwight and Kelso, will acquire the rest of the domestic and international consumer businesses for $611 million, the companies announced.
            Church & Dwight, which sells Arm & Hammer products and other brands, has an option to purchase Kelso's interest in ArmKel in three to five years.
            Meanwhile, a private equity group comprising MedPointe Capital Partners, the Carlyle Group and the Cypress Group will buy the healthcare business for $408 million, MedPointe said in a separate news release. That business makes allergy, cold and other medications.
            The sale is expected to close in late summer, but both parts of the transaction must be consummated for either to happen, Carter-Wallace said.
            THIRTY NINE
            Nexxus Products Company
            82 Coromar Drive
            Goleta, CA 93177
            Tel: (805) 968-6900
            Website: www.nexxusproducts.com [http://www.nexxusproducts.com]
            Sales: $180 million

            Sales: $180 million (estimated).
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Professional hair care and skin care products marketed under such names as Aloe Rid, Headdress, Maximum Super Hold, Reju-A-Perm and VitaTress.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Phyto-Organics.
            COMMENTS: Nexxus is the second-largest privately-held salon hair care company in the U.S., behind John Paul Mitchell Systems.
            Liz Claiborne, Inc.
            1441 Broadway
            New York, NY 10018
            Tel: (212) 354-4900
            Website: www.lizclaiborne.com [http://www.lizclaiborne.com]
            Sales: $175 million

            SALES: $175 million (estimated) for fragrances, bath and body care products. Corporate sales: $3.1 billion. Net income: $184 million.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Paul R. Charron, chairman and chief executive officer; Neil J. Katz, president, Liz Claiborne Cosmetics. #p#分頁標題#e#
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Fragrances, bath and body products marketed under Candie's, Liz Claiborne, Curve, Realities, Claiborne for Men, Vivid, Liz Sport and Claiborne Sport.
            NEW PRODUCT: Mambo
            COMMENTS: Earlier this year Liz Claiborne Cosmetics relaunched Curve, a Gen-X fragrance initially launched in 1996 and the industry's first master brand, according to company executives. Other master brands in the Claiborne stable include Sport, Candie's and Lucky You.
            "Curve represents Liz Claiborne Cosmetics' first effort to target Gen-X and the young male consumer," said Neil Katz, president, Liz Claiborne Cosmetics at the time of the Curve relaunch. "The success of Curve paved the way for additional master brands that have also proven remarkably successful. We invented our our own formula for marketing to young people and made it work, not once, but four times in five years."
            Most recently, the company introduced Mambo, a Latin-influenced scent for men and women. "Latin culture has become mainstream," insisted Mr. Katz. "It is a powerful new trend that we believe is a natural way to connect with a diverse audience of 18 to 34-year-olds. Liz Claiborne is the first to acknowledge this trend in the fragrance category."
            FORTY ONE
            AM Cosmetics Company, Inc.
            100 Porete Avenue
            North Arlington, NJ 07031
            Tel: (201) 998-8890
            Website: www.amcosmetics.com [http://www.amcosmetics.com]
            Sales: $165 million

            SALES: $165 million (estimated).
            KEY PERSONNEL: Arne Zimmerman, president and chief executive officer.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Color cosmetics sold under such brand names as Wet `n' Wild, Fantasy makers, Sweet Georgia Brown, Black Radiance, Tropez, Artmatic and Lord & Berry.
            COMMENTS: AM markets a wide array of mass market cosmetics for women of all ages.
            FORTY TWO
            Turtle Wax, Inc.
            5655 W. 73rd St.
            Chicago, IL 60638
            Tel: (708) 563-3600
            Website: www.turtlewax.com [http://www.turtlewax.com]
            Sales: $160 million

            SALES: $160 million (estimated), for the year ended Oct. 31, 2000.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Sondra A. Healy, chairman; Denis John Healy, president, chief executive officer and chief operating officer; Will Martens, chief financial officer.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Automotive appearance products including waxes,engine treatments and cleaners marketed under brand names such as Turtle Wax, Formula 2001
            NEW PRODUCTS: Brake Dust Cleaner Kit, Bug & Tar Remover, Extreme Cleaner Wax. Color Cure Car Polish with ChipStick, Formula 2001 Fresh Shine Protectant, Formula 2001 Clear Protectant; Turtle Wax Metal & Chrome Polish, Turtle Wax Leather Cleaner & Conditioner; Turtle Wax ClearVue glass cleaner.
            COMMENTS: With fewer consumers taking care of their car exteriors, Turtle Wax continues to expand its product offerings to include under-the-hood products such as engine treatments, brake cleaners and lubricants. #p#分頁標題#e#
            FORTY THREE
            Conair Corporation
            I Cummings Point Road
            Stamford, CT 06904
            Tel: (203) 351-9000
            Website: www.conair.com [http://www.conair.com]
            Sales: $157 million

            SALES: $157 million for personal care products. Corporate sales: $928 million.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Ronald T. Diamond, chief executive officer and co-president; Barry Haber, chief executive officer and co-president; Maurice Lucas, executive vice president; Denis Rizzuto, senior vice president, private label liquids and waring operations; Leandro P. Rizzuto Jr., senior vice president, professional, Rusk, Babyliss Pro; Ken Russo, vice president, sales and marketing, professional products.
            CHIEF SCIENTIFIC OFFICERS: Dr. Jules Nachtigal, vice president, research and development; Dr. Lou Salce, vice president, chemical product development.
            MARKETING DIRECTORS: Tony D'Ascenzo, director, business development, liquids sales and operations; Joni Bologna, manager, marketing, professional division; Jaime Morozowski, vice president, marketing, retail toiletries division.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS and PRODUCT MANAGERS: Beyond the Zone, Beyond Belief and Just Wonderful--Tony D'Ascenzo; Conair Shine and Jheri Redding Styling--Jaime Morozowski; Professional Prescription, Grande Finale, Extra and Jheri Redding Volumizer--Joni Bologna.
            COMMENTS: Personal care sales were up less than 2% last year. Corporate sales rose 3%.
            FORTY FOUR
            WD-40 Company
            1061 Cudahy Place
            San Diego, CA 92110
            Tel: (619) 275-1400
            Website: www.wd40.com [http://www.wd40.com]
            Sales: $153 million

            SALES: $153 million. Net income: $21 million for the year ended Aug. 31, 2000.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Garry O. Ridge, president and chief executive officer; Thomas J. Tranchina, vice president-finance, chief financial officer and treasurer; Graham P. Milner, senior vice president, sales and marketing; Geoffrey J. Holdsworth, managing director, Australia; William B. Noble, managing director, UK; Michael J. Irwin, vice president-marketing, The Americas.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: WD-40 lubricant, Lava heavy duty hand cleaner and 3-in-One oil.
            COMMENTS: On April 30, WD-40 Company completed its acquisition of HDP Holdings Corp. (Global Household Brands), makers of the well known X-14, 2000 Flushes and Carpet Fresh household brands.
            "The acquisition solidifies our new business model and allows us to take advantage of the infrastructure changes we have made over the past several years," said Garry Ridge, WD-40 Company president and chief executive officer. "Not only do we add three great brands to our lineup, this acquisition gives us the opportunity to defend and build our current brands across new distribution channels and launch new products across these new channels."
            Global Household Brands distributes primarily through grocers, mass merchandisers, retail pharmacies, military distributors and home improvement retailers. Export sales for the new brands extend to Canada and Mexico and currently represent less than 10% of sales. #p#分頁標題#e#
            "The acquisition will also create a diversified brand portfolio reducing concentration risk in any single brand or distribution channel," Mr. Ridge said.
            Global Household Brands, based in Edison, N.J., competes in four primary product categories: mildew removers, bathroom cleaners, automatic toilet bowl cleaners and rug and room deodorizers.
            According to Global Household Brands, the U.S. market for bathroom cleaners is $380 million. For automatic toilet bowl cleaners, the U.S. market is $185 million and for rug and room deodorizers, it is $130 million. The three brands being acquired each enjoy powerful positions in their respective markets, and WD-40 Company expects to see growth in each of these brands.
            The combined company will have two marketing groups, the do-it-yourself group handling WD-40, 3-In-One Oil, Lava and Solvol and the household products group, which will handle X-14, Carpet Fresh and 2000 Flushes. In addition, the U.S. sales team will be realigned into three groups to focus on grocery, strategic customers and regional customers for all of the brands.
            Manufacturing will follow the third party contract manufacturer model WD-40 Company has been using successfully for many years. The manufacturing of X-14 and 2000 flushes will be done in the Memphis facility that was owned by Global Household Brands.
            As part of the acquisition, WD-40 acquired the manufacturing facility, and formed a joint venture with Valley Products Company called VML who then acquired the manufacturing facility. WD-40 Company will be a 30% equity partner in that venture. Malco will continue to make Carpet Fresh powders.
            FORTY FIVE
            New Dana Perfumes Corporation
            6353 W. Rogers Circle
            Suite 1A
            Boca Raton, FL 33487
            Tel: (561) 999-9918
            Sales: $150 million

            SALES: $150 million (estimated).
            KEY PERSONNEL: Isaac F. Cohen, chief executive officer; Anthony Wesley, chief operating officer.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Fragrances--Heaven Sent, Tabu, Canoe, Navy, Chantilly, Love's Baby Soft and English Leather; Cosmetics--Fetish and Tinkerbell; Artificial nails--Cosmar, Press & Go.
            COMMENTS: New Dana was created when it purchased the fragrance brands portfolio of bankrupt Renaissance Cosmetics by Fragrance Express in 1999.
            What's New at Kao?
            To find out what's new at companies such as Chanel, Unilever, Kao and other firms with world headquarters outside the U.S., be sure to read The International Top 30 in the August issue of Happi.
            FORTY SIX
            Bonne Bell, Inc.
            18519 Detroit Avenue
            Cleveland, OH
            Tel: (216) 221-0800
            Website: www.bonnebell.com [http://www.bonnebell.com]
            Sales: $105 million

            SALES: $105 million (estimated).
            KEY PERSONNEL: Jess A. Bell Jr., chairman and chief executive officer; Jess A. Bell, vice chairman; Ronald W. Dees, president and chief operating officer; James G. Bell, senior vice president, international.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Face, lip, eye and nail color for preteens and teens. Brands include: Bonne Bell, Lipsmackers and Bottled Emotion. #p#分頁標題#e#
            COMMENTS: Privately-held Bonne Bell calls itself the biggest manufacturer of cosmetics for girls. According to sources, 80% of sales are derived from the U.S., Canada accounts for 15% with the remaining 5% coming from Europe, South Africa, Australia and the Pacific Rim.
            FORTY SEVEN
            Inter Parfums
            551 Fifth Avenue
            New York, NY 10176
            Tel: (212) 983-2640
            Website: www.interparfumsinc.com [http://www.interparfumsinc.com]
            Sales: $101.6 million

            SALES: $101.6 million. Net income: $6.6 million.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Jean Madar, chairman and chief executive officer; Philippe Benacin, vice chairman and president; Russell Greenberg, executive vice president and chief financial officer; Bruce Elbilia, executive vice president, international sales and marketing; Wayne C. Hamerling, executive vice president, sales.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Fragrances and cosmetics sold under such brand names as Aziza, Burberrys, Chaz, Intimate, Jordache, Ombre Rose, Parfums Weil, Regine's and S.T. Dupont. Also, the Alternative Designer Fragrances group offers products such as 2 Elite, C Elite, Dakota, Departure, Flight, JP Do, Memphis and Uno.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Paul Smith Women and Paul Smith Men fragrances; Intimate health and beauty aids. To be launched: Celine and Fubu fragrances.
            COMMENTS: Sales rose nearly 17% last year and net income soared more than 37%. "We closed the year with a very strong fourth quarter, representing our fifth consecutive quarter of sales and earnings growth and our best ever quarter in terms of sales," said Jean Madar, chairman and chief executive officer. "Just as important, profits are increasing at a faster rate than sales. Our net margin for the fourth quarter of 2000 was 6.9% as compared to 5.8% in the fourth quarter of 1999, reflecting an improving gross margin as sales of prestige products continue to represent a greater portion of total sales."
            Sales received a boost from the launch of Burberry Touch and the Paul Smith fragrances. In fact, Inter Parfums Inc. received three FiFi Awards at the 29th Annual Fragrance Foundation Gala held June 5th at Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY. Burberry Touch for Men took home two honors, Men's Fragrance Star of the Year in the Specialty/Department Stores (under 500 stores) category. Burberry Touch also received the FiFi for Men's Fragrance Packaging. The company's Paul Smith Men was named the Best European Fragrance Introduction for 2000, beating out 11 other European prestige finalists.
            This year, the company is expanding the distribution of products launched in 2000 as well as having new products and brand extensions in the pipeline. Mr. Madar said Inter Parfums is leveraging the popularity of Burberry Touch by bringing to market a new bath line for men and women, scheduled for introduction later this year.
            The company recently unveiled Christian Lacroix Eau Florale in the U.S. with an exclusive at Saks Fifth Avenue's 63 stores, to be followed by European distribution later this spring. Mr. Madar said the company plans to launch two new Celine fragrances in the fourth quarter of 2001. #p#分頁標題#e#
            All of these activities have helped first quarter sales in 2001. Inter Parfums reported record results for the three months ended March 31, 2001 and its sixth consecutive quarter of sales and earnings growth. Net sales rose 40% to $31 million, gross margin rose to 50% versus 45% net income increased 43% to $2 million.
            "2001 started off on a very strong note with excellent top and bottom line growth which was well ahead of our earlier expectations," said Mr. Madar. He credited the increase in first quarter sales to the prestige fragrance business, which continued the broader geographic roll-out of Paul Smith and Burberry Touch.
            He predicted that mass market sales, which were flat in the first quarter, will show strong gains in the second quarter as Inter Parfums begins to ship a new line of health and beauty aids under its Intimate brand.
            As a result of these successful new product launches and those scheduled for the remainder of 2001, Inter Parfums has increased its 2001 sales estimate to $116 million and net income for the year should approximate $7.9 million.
            FORTY EIGHT
            State Industrial Products
            3100 Hamilton Ave.
            Cleveland, OH 44114
            Tel: (216) 861-7114
            Website: www.stateindustrial.com [http://www.stateindustrial.com]
            Sales: $100 million

            SALES: $100 million.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Hal Uhrman, chief executive officer; Alan Kitchen, vice president, sales worldwide; Scott Boyle, chief financial officer.
            CHIEF SCIENTIFIC OFFICER: Tammy Westerman, vice president, research and development.
            MARKETING DIRECTOR: Dennis Streen, director of marketing.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: industrial and institutional cleaners.
            NEW PRODUCTS: 24/7 Drain Maintenance Program, SSD3 Aerosol Degreaser.
            COMMENTS: Sales were flat compared to a year ago.
            FORTY NINE
            Belae Brands Inc.
            15458 N. 28th Ave.
            Phoenix, AZ 85053
            Tel: (602) 889-4800
            Website: www.belae.com [http://www.belae.com]
            Sales: $75 million

            SALES: $75 million. Net income: $1.2 million for the year ended March 31, 2001.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Andrew S. Patti, president and chief executive officer; Paul Hansen, vice president, finance; Mark Grodsky, senior vice president, marketing.
            MARKETING DIRECTOR: Tracy Olson, director of women's personal care.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Vitabath Classic and Vitabath Essentials.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Vitabath Fresh Citrus Twist, Vitabath Dry Oil Spray, Vitabath travel set (gelee, lotion, creme, bar and pouf). To be launched: Vitabath Spa Skin Therapy (August).
            COMMENTS: Sales were flat last year at Belae Brands. In August, the company will add Spa Skin Therapy to its Vitabath collection. The ocean-fresh fragrance blends subtle florals and citrus with sandalwood undertones.
            J.B. Williams Company, Inc.
            65 Harristown Road
            Glen Rock, NJ 07452
            Tel: (201) 251-8100
            Website: www.jbwilliams.com [http://www.jbwilliams.com]#p#分頁標題#e#
            Sales: $71.2 million

            SALES: $71.2 million. Operating income: $13.8 million.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Dario U. Margve, president and chief executive officer; John Dowers, vice president, sales and marketing, health and personal group; Robert Sheasby, president, San Francisco Soap Co.; Kevin Hartnett, vice president, finance and administration; Jeff Bower, vice president, operations.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS and PRODUCT MANAGERS: Cepacol, Veractin--Christopher Maynard; Aqua Velva, Lectric Shave and Brylcreem--Victoria Noble; San Francisco Soap Co. and Simply Be Well--Kerry McFadden.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Lectric Shave Ultra electric razor pre-shave lotion; Aqua Velva Musk aftershave/cologne, Cepacol Honey Lemon Maximum Strength sore throat spray and Simply Be Well specialty bath products. To be launched: Brylcreem Power Hold men's styling line (July), Cepacol anti-bacterial mouthwash (August).
            COMMENTS: Sales slipped 2% last year.
            Other Important Companies
            Parlux Fragrances
            3725 SW 30th Avenue
            Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
            Tel: (954) 316-9008
            Website: www.parlux.com [http://www.parlux.com]
            Sales: $68.8 million

            SALES: $68.8 million. Net income: $3.9 million, for the year ended March 31, 2001.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Ilia Lekach, chairman and chief executive officer.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Fragrances, cosmetics and beauty products marketed under such names as Perry Ellis, Fred Hayman Beverly Hills, Ocean Pacific (OP), and Jockey. The company also owns, manufactures and distributes its own fragrance brand, Animale Parfums.
            COMMENTS: Sales rose 4%. Net income increased slightly more than 1%. In recent years the company has come under fire for its practice of selling products through its own retail chain. But during the recently completed fiscal year, Parlux managed to reduce its sales to Perfumania, the specialty outlet chain that is controlled by Parlux chairman and chief executive officer Ilia Lekach. Sales to unrelated customers increased 29% to $46.5 million while sales to related parties decreased 27% to $22.3 million.
            "The increase in our sales to unrelated customers confirms the acceptance of our products in both domestic and international markets," said Mr. Lekach. "Sales to related companies were reduced as planned and the increase in operating income is tangible evidence of the effectiveness of our strategy."
            CPAC, Inc.
            2364 Leicester Road
            Leicester, NY 14481-0175
            Tel: (716) 382-3223
            Website: www.cpac-fuller.com [http://www.cpac-fuller.com]
            Sales: $60.7 million

            SALES: $60.7 million for cleaning and personal care products. Corporate sales: $104.5 million for the year ended March 31, 2001.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Wendy F. Clay, chief operating officer, Stanley Home Products; Javier Paredes, president, Stanley Home Products; Read D. McNamara, president, Fuller Brush.
            CHIEF SCIENTIFIC OFFICERS: Lewis Gray, vice president, operations; Edward Schiller, vice president, research and development. #p#分頁標題#e#
            MARKETING DIRECTORS: Larry Gray, vice president, consumer sales and marketing; Dolores McConnaughy, vice president, national accounts; Jay Hickson, vice president, promotions; Kate Kreger, vice president, market development.
            PRODUCT MANAGERS: Home Care--Jay Hickson, Larry Gray; Personal Care--Kate Kreger.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Luminosa beauty line and Lactessens skin care line. To be launched: bath and body line (August) and cleaning products (August).
            COMMENTS: Sales of household and personal care products fell 8.1%. The company blamed weak fourth quarter sales which was the result of the faltering U.S. economy. "We anticipate further challenges through 2001 as the U.S. economy struggles to achieve stability," said Thomas N. Hendrickson, president and chief executive officer, CPAC. "In light of these expectations, we are aggressively undertaking multiple strategic initiatives to stimulate our fundamental businesses."
            For example, the company recently added a new e-commerce website, www.stanleyhomeproducts.com [http://www.stanleyhomeproducts.com]. The site features the complete line of Stanley products for home care, personal care, and wellness, and offers information about joining the Stanley organization as a customer representative.
            According to Read D. McNamara, president of Fuller Brands, "The beauty of the internet is that it enables us to increase awareness of our company and our products without compromising the hallmark and backbone of the Stanley business-our direct sales force. All our efforts are driven by one thing--an unwavering desire to help our customer representatives build their own business through enhanced recruiting, retention and sales management tools."
            This year Stanley Home Products is celebrating its 70th anniversary. The company was founded in 1913 by Frank Stanley Beveridge and Catherine L. O'Brien. At the time, Frank was vice president in charge of sales for Fuller Brush and Catherine was an associate. Ms. O'Brien went on to become chairperson of Stanley Home Products and the SHP party plan program provided the training ground for many well-known company leaders including Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics; Brownie Wise of Tupperware and Jan and Frank Day, founders of Jafra Cosmetics.
            Blistex, Inc.
            1800 Swift Drive
            Oak Brook, IL 60523
            Tel: (630) 571-2870
            Website: www.blistex.com [http://www.blistex.com]
            Sales: $59 million

            SALES: $59 million for the year ended June 30, 2000.
            KEY PERSONNEL: David C. Arch, chairman and chief executive officer; Richard K. Green, president; Michael Donnantuono, vice president, marketing.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Blistex lip care, ointments, balms and medicated items, Stri-Dex acne treatments.
            COMMENTS: Privately-held Blistex is the second-largest lip care brand in the U.S., behind American Home Products' Chap Stick brand. However, Blistex has also expanded its product offerings into skin care with the acquisition of Stri-Dex. The Arch family has owned and operated Blistex since founding it in 1947. #p#分頁標題#e#
            BeautiControl Cosmetics
            2121 Midway Road
            Carrollton, TX 75006
            Tel: (972) 458-0601
            Website: www.beauticontrol.com [http://www.beauticontrol.com]
            Sales: $53 million

            SALES: $53 million (estimated).
            KEY PERSONNEL: Jinger Heath, chairman and Dick Heath, chief executive officer.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Skin care--All Clear, Cell Block-C, Corticure Comfort lotion, Hand and Nail therapy creme, Herbal Hydrating Mist, Microderm Moisturizer, Regeneration alpha hydroxy acid, Sculptique body contouring cream, Skin Hydrator anti-ash creme, Skin Strategies, Skinlogics, Tone Corrector; Fragrances--Positively You, Sheer Rain, Torch. Also, nail care products, nutritional supplements and weight loss management products.
            COMMENTS: In October, the Tupperware Corporation, Orlando, FL, acquired Beauticontrol. Company co-founders Jinger and Dick Heath remain chairman and chief executive officer, respectively. Most recently, Mr. Heath has been named to the additional position of senior vice president, beauty and nutritional products of Tupperware. Beauticontrol has about 50,000 consultants in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.
            Tupperware is a $1.1 billion multinational direct seller. The company supplies premium food storage, preparation and serving items, to consumers in more than 100 countries through its Tupperware brand.
            Tupperware intends to introduce the Beauticontrol line-up in Latin America this year.
            Tanning Research Laboratories, Inc.
            P.O. Box 26511
            Daytona Beach, FL 32125-5111
            Tel: (386) 677-9559
            Website: www.htropic.com [http://www.htropic.com]
            Sales: $50 million

            SALES: $50 million (estimated).
            KEY PERSONNEL: Ron Rice, owner and founder; Jack Surrette, executive vice president, market and product development; Bill Jennings, executive vice president, finance; Larry Adams, executive vice president, legal counsel.
            市場營銷調研報告范文VICE PRESIDENT OF MARKETING: Shelly Coluccio.
            SENIOR PRODUCT MANAGER and MAJOR PRODUCTS: Stephanie Mellenberndt, Classic Tanning (Dark Tanning Oil, Dark Tanning Lotions, Royal Tanning Blend); Moderate Protection (Protective tanning dry oil, Golden Tanning Lotion, Protective Tanning Lotion) Tan Amplifiers (Tan Amp Spray Oil, Tan Amp Spray Lotion, Tan Amp Carrot Oil Spray, Tan Amp Carrot Gel), Protection Plus (15+ Sunblock, 30+ Sunblock, 45+ Sunblock, Ozone Sunblock, 15 Plus Broad Spectrum Sunblock, 30 Plus Broad Spectrum Sunblock), Children (Splash Sunblock, Color Splash Orange, Color Splash Lime, Baby Faces Sunblock), Sport (Super Waterproof), Lip Care (Original Tropical Flavor, Herbal Aloe Flavor and Citrus Flavor), Sunless (Medium Dark Self Tanning Foam, Medium Dark Self Tanning Lotion, Deep Dark Self Tanning Lotion, Deep Dark Self Tanning Spray), Indoor (Tan2 Max Spray, Tan2 Max Lotion), Aftersun/Burn Relief (Aloe After Sun Moisturizer, Herbal After Sun Moisturizer, Soothing Aloe Vera Gel, Cool Aloe with Vitamins A & E). #p#分頁標題#e#
            NEW PRODUCTS: Splash 30 SPF Sunblock for Kids, Hawaiian Tropic Sport Sunblock lotion and spray, Hawaiian Tropic Ozone 70 SPF.
            COMMENTS: Tanning Research Labs' sales rose 7.9% last year in U.S. food, drug and mass merchandisers, according to Information Resources, Inc. In addition, Hawaiian Tropic products are available in more than 90 countries around the world.
            CCA Industries
            200 Murray Hill Pkwy.
            East Rutherford, NJ 07073
            Tel: (201) 330-1400
            Website: www.ccaindustries.com [http://www.ccaindustries.com]
            Sales: $38.5 million

            SALES: $38.5 million. Net loss: $700,000 for the year ended Nov. 30, 2000.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Ira W. Berman, chairman, executive vice president and secretary; David Edell, president and chief executive officer; Dunnan Edell, executive vice president, sales; Drew Edell, vice president, manufacturing and new product development; John Bingman, treasurer.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Plus+White oral care products, Sudden Change skin treatments, Hair Off depilatories, Nutra Nail nail treatments, Bikini Zone medicated creme and gel, Wash `N Curl and Wash `N Straight shampoos, IPR 3 foot products, Cherry Vanilla, Cloud Dance and Vision fragrances, Solar Sense sun care products.
            COMMENTS: Sales rose more than 4% last year, but net losses widened from $291,000 a year ago.
            Scott's Liquid Gold-Inc.
            4880 Havana Street
            Denver, CO 80239
            Tel: (303) 373-4860
            Website: www.scottsliquidgold.com [http://www.scottsliquidgold.com]
            Sales: $31.5 million

            SALES: $31.5 million.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Mark Goldstein, president and chief executive officer; Jeff Johnson, treasurer and chief financial officer; Jeff Hinkle, vice president, marketing.
            CHIEF SCIENTIFIC OFFICER: Eileen Koop, technical director.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Scott's Liquid Gold wood cleaner, Touch of Scent air freshener, Alpha Hydrox skin care and Diabetic Skin Therapy.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Neoteric Rubout topical analgesic, Alpha Radiance Skin Care for Maturing Skin, Montagne Jeunesse facial, foot, leg and shower products, Chantelle beauty treatments.
            COMMENTS: Sales fell more than 10% last year.
            The Stephan Co.
            1850 McNab Rd.
            Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
            Tel: (954) 971-0600
            Website: www.thestephanco.com [http://www.thestephanco.com]
            Sales: $31.1 million

            SALES: $31.1 million. Net income: $600,000.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Frank F. Ferola, chairman, president and chief executive officer.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS: Personal care brands including Balm Barr, Cashmere Bouquet, Frances Denney, Magic Wave, Protein 29, Image, Stephan's, Stiff Stuff and Wild Root.
            COMMENTS: Sales slipped more than 10% last year and net income dropped more than 70%.
            The Lamaur Corporation
            5601 East River Road
            Fridley, MN 55432
            Tel: (763) 572-2999
            Website: www.lamaur.com [http://www.lamaur.com]
            Sales: $25 million

            SALES: $25 million. Net loss: $3 million. #p#分頁標題#e#
            KEY PERSONNEL: Lawrence Pesin, chief executive officer; Jay T. Olson, vice president, finance.
            CHIEF SCIENTIFIC OFFICER: Alvin Hujanen, director of research and development.
            MARKETING DIRECTOR: Bruce Desonne, vice president, marketing and operations.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS and PRODUCT MANAGER: Willow Lake, Style, Salon Style Design Elements and B in10se--Lori Grupa.
            COMMENTS: Sales fell 50% last year, but the company cut net losses from $10 million in fiscal 1999. In recent years the company has sold its contract manufacturing operations and salon hair care business.
            Minnetonka Brands, Inc.
            7665 Commerce Way
            Eden Prairie, MN 55344
            Tel: (952) 949-6400
            Website: www.byminnetonka.com [http://www.byminnetonka.com]
            Sales: $23 million

            SALES: $23 million for the year ended Aug. 31, 2000.
            KEY PERSONNEL: Ron Williams, president and chief executive officer; Michael Piff, executive vice president, sales and marketing; Steve Storebo, director of operations; Tim Kraus, chief financial officer.
            CHIEF SCIENTIFIC OFFICER: Dan Kotecki.
            MARKETING DIRECTOR: Julie Beno.
            MAJOR PRODUCTS and PRODUCT MANAGERS: Village Naturals--Lauren LaRosa; Foamy Friends, Sesame Street, Looney Tunes and Powerpuff Girls--Julie Beno.
            NEW PRODUCTS: Village Naturals After-Bath Whipped Body Creme, Village Naturals Bath Beads, Village Naturals Bath & Shower Gel, Village Naturals Country Breeze fragrance, Foamy Friends foam soap. To be launched: Sesame Street foam soap, Looney Tunes foam soap and Foamy Friends liquid line (August).
            Who Makes That?
            The following are some of the leading brands marketed by companies in The Top 50.

            Abel Auto (Sara Lee)
            Accrue Detergent (National Sanitary)
            Acne Solutions (Clinique)
            Act (Johnson & Johnson)
            AdvaCare (Ecolab)
            Adidas (Coty)
            Adidas Moves (Coty)
            AdvaCare (Ecolab)
            Advance Techniques (Avon)
            Adorn (Gillette)
            Afta (Colgate-Palmolive)
            Air-O-Sol (Aveda)
            A Garden of Pleasures
            (Estee Lauder)
            Age Defying (Revlon)
            Airkem (Ecolab)
            Airwick (Block Drug)
            Ajax (Colgate-Palmolive)
            All About Eyes (Clinique)
            All Over Gel (Alberto-Culver)
            All-Sensitive (Aveda)
            All You Need (Estee Lauder)
            Almay (Revlon)
            Alpha Hydrox (Scott's Liquid Gold)
            Alpha Hydroxy Facial Renewal
            Alternative Designer Fragrances
            (Inter Parfums)
            Alternative Designer Lipsticks
            (AM Cosmetics)
            Ambi-Pur (Sara Lee)
            Anew (Avon)
            Animale (Parlux)
            Answer (CPAC)
            Anti-Smudge Mascara (Cover Girl)
            AP-24 (Nu Skin)
            AquaSure (Ecolab)
            Aqua Velva (J.B. Williams)
            Aramis (Estee Lauder)
            Ariel (Procter & Gamble)
            Arm & Hammer (Church & Dwight)
            Arm & Hammer DentalCare
            (Church & Dwight)
            Armor All (Clorox)#p#分頁標題#e#
            Armstrong (S.C. Johnson)
            Arrid (Carter-Wallace)
            Artistry (Alticor)
            Artmatic (AM Cosmetics)
            Aspen (Coty)
            Aveeno (Johnson & Johnson)
            Awapuhi (John Paul Mitchell)


            Baby Don't Cry (John Paul Mitchell)
            Baby Fresh (Procter & Gamble)
            Baby Magic (Playtex)
            Badedas (Sara Lee)
            Bain de Soleil (Schering-Plough)
            Bama (Sara Lee)
            Banana Boat (Playtex)
            Banana Republic (Gap)
            Bathroom Duck (S.C. Johnson)
            Bathtime Buddies
            (Johnson & Johnson)
            Beautiflor (S.C. Johnson)
            Beautiful (Estee Lauder)
            Beautiful Bath (Dial)
            Beautiful Collection
            (Clairol Professional)
            Beautiful Skin (Dial)
            beComing (Avon)
            Behold (Sara Lee)
            Belara (Mary Kay)
            Believe (Nu Skin)
            Benetton (Elizabeth Arden)
            Ben-Gay (Pfizer)
            Betrix (Procter & Gamble)
            Big Thick Hair (Freeman)
            Bikini Zone (CCA)
            Binaca (Playtex)
            Bio Advance (Avon)
            Bio Brite (National Sanitary)
            Bio Face (Intimate Brands)
            Biomolecular Recovery (Aveda)
            Bio Shield (Kay Chemical)
            BioSun (Playtex)
            Biotex (Sara Lee)
            Biz (Procter & Gamble)
            Black Chrome (Turtle Wax)
            Black Radiance (AM Cosmetics)
            Black & White (Turtle Wax)
            Blemish Control (Prescriptives)
            Blistex (Blistex)
            Block Whitener (Kay Chemical)
            Bloo (Sara Lee)
            Bloom (Sara Lee)
            Blue No. 655 for Him (Gap)
            Blush All Day (Estee Lauder)
            Bobbi (Bobbi Brown Essentials)
            Body Glue (BeautiControl)
            Body Paint (AM Cosmetics)
            Body Series (Alticor)
            Body Shimmers (AM Cosmetics)
            Bold (Procter & Gamble)
            Bold Hold (Alberto-Culver)
            Bo Peep (Church & Dwight)
            Borateem (Dial)
            Boraxo (Dial)
            Bottle Emotion (Bonne Bell)
            Bounce (Procter & Gamble)
            Breathless (Avon)
            Breck (Dial)
            Brillo (Church & Dwight)
            Brite (S.C. Johnson)
            Bruce (Church & Dwight)
            Brush Plus (Gillette)
            Brylcreem (J.B. Williams)
            Brylcreem (Sara Lee-outside U.S.)
            Bullfrog (Chattem)
            Burberry's (Inter Parfums)
            Busy Bee (National Sanitary)


            Calyx (Estee Lauder)
            Camay (Procter & Gamble)
            Cameo (Church & Dwight)
            Camouflage Cream (Prescriptives)
            Candies (Liz Claiborne)
            Canoe (New Dana)
            Captain Shine (USA)
            Care for Kids (Revlon)
            Carpet Fresh (HPD Laboratories)
            Casbah (Avon)
            Cascade (Procter & Gamble)
            Cashmere Bouquet
            Catch (Sara Lee)
            Catalyst (Elizabeth Arden)
            Celine (Inter Parfums)
            Celltrex (Nu Skin)
            Cepacol (J.B. Williams)
            C'est Moi! (Avon)
            CG Smoothers (Procter & Gamble)
            Chantilly (New Dana)
            Charlie (Revlon)
            Chaz (Revlon)
            Cheer (Procter & Gamble)
            Cherish (Revlon)#p#分頁標題#e#
            Cheetah (National Sanitary)
            Chemistry (Clinique)
            Chemtrol (National Sanitary)
            CHR-Double Action Firmers (Almay)
            Ciara Femme Fatale (Revlon)
            Citrus Plus (Turtle Wax)
            City Block (Estee Lauder)
            Claiborne (Liz Claiborne)
            Claiborne for Men (Liz Claiborne)
            Claiborne Sport (Liz Claiborne)
            Clairol (Bristol-Myers Squibb)
            Clean & Clear (Johnson & Johnson)
            Clean `n Clear (S.C. Johnson)
            Clean and Gleam (Sara Lee)
            Clean Shower (Church & Dwight)
            Clearasil (Procter & Gamble)
            Clear Guard (Turtle Wax)
            Clear Head (Origins)
            Clear Pore (Neutrogena)
            Clinique (Estee Lauder)
            Closan (Sara Lee)
            Close (Gap)
            Club Med (Coty)
            Coast (Dial)
            Cold by Benetton (Elizabeth Arden)
            Cold Comfort Therapy (Coty)
            Colgate (Colgate-Palmolive)
            Colgate Total (Colgate-Palmolive)
            Collagen Booster (Avon)
            Color Back (Turtle Wax)
            Color Fast (Sally Hansen)
            Color Freeze (BeautiControl)
            Color Logic (Mary Kay)
            Color Magic (Turtle Wax)
            ColorOptions (Bobbi Brown)
            Color Soft (Lamaur)
            Colorstay (Revlon)
            Color Trend (Avon)
            Color Wand (Schering-Plough)
            Combat (Clorox)
            Comet (Procter & Gamble)
            Complete (S.C. Johnson)
            Consort (Alberto-Culver)
            Contrast (Avon)
            Cool Mint (Warner-Lambert)
            Coppertone (Schering-Plough)
            Corn Silk (Del Laboratories)
            Correctives (Coty)
            Cortexx (Alberto-Culver)
            Cosmar (New Dana)
            Country Air (USA)
            Country Pottery (S.C. Johnson)
            Cover Girl (Procter & Gamble)
            Creatives (John Paul Mitchell)
            Crew Grout Seal
            (Johnson Wax Professional)
            Crest (Procter & Gamble)
            Crystal Bright (Alticor)
            Crystal Clean (Colgate-Palmolive)
            CrystalMate (Ecolab)
            Crystal Shine (USA)
            Curad (Colgate-Palmolive)
            Cura Forte (Revlon)
            Curity (Colgate-Palmolive)
            Current Issue (State)
            Curve (Liz Claiborne)
            Custom Cleaner (Dial)
            Cuticle Defense (Sally Hansen)


            Daily Light Guard (Aveda)
            Daily Defense (Clairol)
            Dandarest (Nexxus)
            Dark Vanilla (Coty)
            Dash (Procter & Gamble)
            Davidoff (Lancaster Group)
            Dawn (Procter & Gamble)
            Day Wear (Estee Lauder)
            Dazzling Gold (Estee Lauder)
            Dazzling Silver (Estee Lauder)
            Deccapinol (Warner-Lambert)
            Delial (Sara Lee)
            Delicare (Church & Dwight)
            Denquel (Procter & Gamble)
            Dental Care (Church & Dwight)
            Dentu-Cream (Block Drug)
            DermaCleanse (National Sanitary)
            Dermajetics (Herbalife)
            Dermassage (Colgate-Palmolive)
            Dermasoft (National Sanitary)
            Dermatic Effects (Nu Skin)
            Desitin (Pfizer)
            Dentangler (John Paul Mitchell)
            Dentax (Playtex)
            Dentsure (Pfizer)
            Detoxifier (Aveda)#p#分頁標題#e#
            Dial (Dial)
            Diametress (Nexxus)
            DifRinse (Procter & Gamble)
            Digits (Ecolab)
            Diminish (Estee Lauder)
            Dolce Aura (Avon)
            Domain (Mary Kay)
            Don't Get Stiffed (Origins)
            Double Matte (Estee Lauder)
            Double Performance (Estee Lauder)
            Dow Bathroom Cleaner (S.C. Johnson)
            Downy (Procter & Gamble)
            Dr. Scholl's (Schering-Plough)
            Drain Demon (State)
            Drano (S.C. Johnson)
            Dream Angels Heavenly
            (Intimate Brands)
            Dreft (Procter & Gamble)
            Dryel (Procter & Gamble)
            Dry Idea (Gillette)
            Dry Look (Gillette)
            Duschdas (Sara Lee)
            Duster Plus (S. C. Johnson)
            Dutch (Dial)
            Dynamo (Colgate-Palmolive)


            Earthwise (Block Drug)
            EcoCare (Ecolab)
            Ecoshine (Ecolab)
            Eco2000 (Ecolab)
            Edge (S.C. Johnson)
            Efferdent (Warner-Lambert)
            Electrasol (Ecolab)
            Elige (Mary Kay)
            Eliminator III (Ecolab)
            Endure (Ecolab)
            Endust (Sara Lee)
            Energie Firmante (Revlon)
            Enforcer (National Service)
            English Leather (New Dana)
            Enigma (Revlon)
            Enjoli (Revlon)
            Enlightening and Smoothing
            (Estee Lauder)
            Ensure (Nexxus)
            Epic Waves (Gillette)
            Epitome Botanical (Nexxus)
            Epoch (Nu Skin)
            Era (Procter & Gamble)
            Erase (Block Drug)
            Eri (Sara Lee)
            EveryLash (Revlon)
            Exacta (Kay Chemical)
            Excalibur (Turtle Wax)
            Exceptionally Soothing (Clinique)
            Exoil (Nexxus)
            Extreme Cleaner (Turtle Wax)
            Eye Doctor (Origins)
            Eye Perfector (Avon)
            Eye-X-Cel (BeautiControl)


            Fab (Colgate-Palmolive)
            Fabulous (USA)
            Falsies (Revlon)
            Famar (Sara Lee)
            Fantastik (S.C. Johnson)
            Fantastik S'wipes (S.C. Johnson)
            Far Away (Avon)
            Fast Bait (Ecolab)
            Favor (S.C. Johnson)
            FDS (Alberto-Culver)
            Febreze (Procter & Gamble)
            Fels Naptha (Dial)
            Fetish (New Dana)
            Fifth Avenue (Avon)
            Finish 2001 (Turtle Wax)
            Fire & Ice (Revlon)
            Firmist (Nexxus)
            Fissan (Sara Lee)
            Flare (BeautiControl)
            Flawless 10 (Revlon)
            Flex (Revlon)
            Flexall (Chattem)
            Flex Pak (Turtle Wax)
            Flight Cream (Prescriptives)
            Fling (National Sanitary)
            Flirt (Prescriptives)
            Floor Foam (National Sanitary)
            Foam `n Shine (Turtle Wax)
            Foamy (Gillette)
            Foltene (Conair)
            Forest Lily (Avon)
            Forever Vanilla (CPAC)
            Formula 2 (Revlon)
            Formula 409 (Clorox)
            Formula 2001 (Turtle Wax)
            Foxy Products (Stephan)
            Fragrance Factory (State)
            Fred Hayman Beverly Hills (Parlux)
            FreshCare (Clorox)
            Fresh & Bright (Church & Dwight)
            Fresh `n Brite (Warner-Lambert)
            Fresh Start (Colgate-Palmolive)
            Fruition (Estee Lauder)
            Full Future (S.C. Johnson)#p#分頁標題#e#
            Futurist (Estee Lauder)
            FX-3 (Ecolab)


            Gain (Procter & Gamble)
            GaGa Glare (AM Cosmetics)
            Galaxy (Colgate-Palmolive)
            Galvanic Spa (Nu Skin)
            Gapscents (Gap)
            Gear (Bonne Bell)
            Gem (Dial)
            Gemstar (Ecolab)
            Geoffrey Beene (Elizabeth Arden)
            Geo System (Ecolab)
            Gingham (Bath & Body Works)
            Glade (S.C. Johnson)
            Gleem (Procter & Gamble)
            Glo-Coat (S.C. Johnson)
            Glory (S.C. Johnson)
            Glowtion (Revlon)
            Gold Bond (Chattem)
            Good Hair Day (Herbalife)
            Grand Finale (Conair)
            Grease B Gone (State)
            Grey Flannel (Elizabeth Arden)
            Grooming Gear (Alticor)


            Hair Fitness (Nu Skin)
            Hair Management for Men (Conair)
            Hair Off (CCA)
            Hair Repair (John Paul Mitchell)
            Halston (Elizabeth Arden)
            HandiWipes (Colgate-Palmolive)
            Hand Perfecting Treatment
            (Estee Lauder)
            Hair Repair (Alberto-Culver)
            Hanes (Sara Lee)
            Happy (Clinique)
            Happy Endings (Origins)
            Happy for Men (Clinique)
            Harmonex (Chattem)
            Hawaiian Tropic
            (Tanning Research Labs)
            Headress (Nexxus)
            Head & Shoulders
            (Procter & Gamble)
            Health & Beauty Farm
            (Bath & Body Works)
            Heat Safe (Neutrogena)
            Herbal Essences (Bristol-Myers Squibb)
            Herbal Serenity (BeautiControl)
            Hilfiger Athletics (Aramis)
            Hour Guard (Alticor)
            Humectress (Nexxus)
            Hydrience (Bristol-Myers Squibb)
            Hydra Finish (Avon)
            Hydrofirming (Avon)


            Icy Hot (Chattem)
            Ideal Eyes (Nu Skin)
            Imagine (Intimate Brands)
            In a Different Light (Aveda)
            Incandessence (Avon)
            Infusium 23 (Bristol-Myers Squibb)
            Inspire (Avon)
            Insulation (Prescriptives)
            Intellibrush (State)
            Intensified (Neutrogena)
            Intimate (Inter Parfums)
            Irish Spring (Colgate-Palmolive)
            Ivory (Procter & Gamble)


            Jane (Estee Lauder)
            Jean Nate (Revlon)
            Jeanne Gatineau (Revlon)
            Jettacin (National Sanitary)
            Jheri Redding (Conair)
            Jil Sander (Lancaster Group)
            Johnson Baby Shampoo
            (Johnson & Johnson)
            Johnson's Head to Toe body wash
            (Johnson & Johnson)
            Johnson Ultra Sensitive
            (Johnson & Johnson)
            Johnson Wax (S.C. Johnson)
            Jonel (AM Cosmetics)
            Jontue (Revlon)
            Joop! (Lancaster Group)
            Jordache (Inter Parfums)
            Josie (Avon)
            Journey (Mary Kay)
            Jovan (Coty)
            Joy (Procter & Gamble)
            Jubilee (S.C. Johnson)
            Just Wonderful (Conair)


            KerapHix (Nexxus)
            Kid Fresh (Procter & Gamble)
            Kitten (Sara Lee)
            Kiwi (Sara Lee)
            Klean `n Shine (S.C. Johnson)
            Klear (S.C. Johnson)
            Kleen Guard (Alberto-Culver)
            Klenzade (Ecolab)
            Knot Free (Origins)
            Knowing (Estee Lauder)#p#分頁標題#e#


            La Coupe (Playtex)
            LaCross (Del)
            Lady Stetson (Coty)
            LaFrance (Dial)
            Lady Speed Stick
            LaLa Land (AM Cosmetics)
            Lash Repair (Revlon)
            Lasting (Revlon)
            Laura Biagiotti Roma (Eurocos)
            Lava (WD-40)
            Lectric Shave (J.B. Williams)
            UEnvie (S.C. Johnson)
            Lime-Away (Ecolab)
            Limited Edition (Mary Kay)
            Lip Definer (Cover Girl)
            Lip Saver (Carter-Wallace)
            Lip Treats (Del)
            Liquid-Plumr (Clorox)
            Listerine (Warner-Lambert)
            Listermint (Warner-Lambert)
            Liz Claiborne (Liz Claiborne)
            Lizsport (Liz Claiborne)
            Long Lasting lipstick (Mary Kay)
            Lord & Berry (AM Cosmetics)
            Lotrimin (Schering-Plough)
            Lubricator 2001 (Turtle Wax)
            Lubriderm (Warner-Lambert)
            LubriKlenz (Ecolab)
            Lucidity (Estee Lauder)
            Lucky You (Liz Claiborne)
            Lumina (Revlon)
            Luminex (Revlon)
            Lustrasilk (Gillettte)


            Mach3 (Gillette)
            Made-To-Order (Revlon)
            Madison NY (AM Cosmetics)
            Magical Mane (Conair)
            Max Factor (Procter & Gamble)
            Maxi (Procter & Gamble)
            Maximum Coverage (Estee Lauder)
            Maxximum (Nexxus)
            Maxxistyler (Nexxus)
            Medallion (Ecolab)
            Mega-16 (CCA Industries)
            MegaWear (AM Cosmetics)
            Meltonian (Sara Lee)
            Menswear (BeautiControl)
            Mentor (Alticor)
            Mesmerize (Avon)
            Microgems (Revlon)
            MHA (Nu Skin)
            Millennia (Avon)
            Mink Difference (Gillette)
            Mint Condition (Alticor)
            Minute Wax (Turtle Wax)
            Miss Clairol (Bristol-Myers Squibb)
            Miss Clairol Professional
            (Bristol-Myers Squibb)
            Mitchum (Revlon)
            Modern (Gap)
            Moist `N Rich (Dial)
            MoistureStay (Revlon)
            Moon Drops (Revlon)
            Morris Flamingo (Stephan)
            Mountain Fresh (Dial)
            Mr. Clean Top Job
            (Procter & Gamble)
            Mudd (Chattem)
            Multi-Hydroxy Acid (Nu Skin)
            Murphy's Oil Soap


            Nailogics (BeautiControl)
            NailSlicks (Cover Girl)
            Nair (Carter-Wallace)
            Natori (Avon)
            Natural Care (Conair)
            Natural Instincts (Clairol)
            Natural Resources (Origins)
            Natural Wonder (Revlon)
            Nature's Collection (S.C. Johnson)
            Nature's Mirror (Herbalife)
            Naturistics (Del)
            Natusan (Johnson & Johnson)
            NeutraAir (Block Drug)
            Neutral (Sara Lee)
            Neutrogena Healthy Skin
            Neutrogena Shampoo (Neutrogena)
            New Dawn (Alberto-Culver)
            Nice `n Easy (Clairol)
            Nice `n Fluffy (USA)
            Night Magic (Avon)
            Nisoral (Johnson & Johnson)
            Norell (Revlon)
            Norwegian Formula (Neutrogena)
            Nova X (CPAC)
            Noxzema (Procter & Gamble)
            NuClear (Sara Lee)
            NuColour (Nu Skin)
            Nutra Nail (CCA)
            Nutrasome (Revlon)#p#分頁標題#e#
            Nutrilite (Alticor)


            Oasis (Ecolab)
            Obre Rose (Inter Parfums)
            Ocean Breeze (Cover Girl)
            Ocean Currents (Herbalife)
            Off! (S.C. Johnson)
            Oil of Olay (Procter & Gamble)
            Old Navy (Gap)
            Old 97 (Stephan)
            Old Spice (Procter & Gamble)
            Om (Gap)
            180 [degrees] Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System
            One Step Wash `n Wax
            (Turtle Wax)
            Opulents (Revlon)
            Oragel (Del)
            Origine Suisse (Neutrogena)
            Out of Trouble (Origins)
            Outrageous (Revlon)
            Oxydol (Procter & Gamble)


            P3 Oxonia (Ecolab)
            Pacific Light (Gillette)
            Palmolive (Colgate-Palmolive)
            Pantastic (Ecolab)
            Pantene (Procter & Gamble)
            Papaya (Dial)
            Papaya Plus (Alberto-Culver)
            Paradigm (Ecolab)
            Parfums Molyneux (Inter Parfums)
            Parfums Weil (Inter Parfums)
            Party's (Sara Lee)
            Parsons (Church & Dwight)
            Paul Mitchell Sun
            (John Paul Mitchell)
            Peaches and Cream (Alberto-Culver)
            Pearl Drops (Carter-Wallace)
            Penaten (Johnson & Johnson)
            Pep `R' Mint (Nexxus)
            Perceive (Avon)
            Perfect Point (Cover Girl)
            Perfect Harmony (Del)
            Performance 10 (Schering-Plough)
            Peridex (Procter & Gamble)
            PermaSoff (Lamaur)
            Peroxicare (Church & Dwight)
            Perry Ellis (Parlux)
            Personal Blends (Aveda)
            Petit Cheri (Sara Lee)
            Pez (Parlux)
            pH5.5 (Johnson & Johnson)
            pHisoderm (Chattem)
            Physique (Procter & Gamble)
            Pine-Sol (Clorox)
            Pink (Intimate Brands)
            Piz Buin (Johnson & Johnson)
            Plax (Pfizer)
            Pleasures (Estee Lauder)
            Pleasures for Men (Estee Lauder)
            Pledge (S.C. Johnson)
            Pledge Grab It (S.C. Johnson)
            Plug Ins (S.C. Johnson)
            Plumber's Aid (USA)
            Plus+ White (CCA)
            Polident (Block Drug)
            Poly-Grip (Block Drug)
            Positively Him (BeautiControl)
            Powder Dam (State)
            Power Off (Alticor)
            Premonition (Mary Kay)
            Prescriptives (Estee Lauder)
            Press-n-Go (New Dana)
            Private Spa (Mary Kay)
            Procollagen Anti-Aging (Revlon)
            Prodent (Sara Lee)
            Professional Prescription (Conair)
            Pro Fitness (Avon)
            Promise (Block Drug)
            Pro Perm (CCA)
            Punch (Colgate-Palmolive)
            Pure and Natural (Dial)
            Pure-Fumes (Aveda)
            Purescriptions (Aveda)
            Purex (Dial)
            Purpose (Johnson & Johnson)
            Pursue (Alticor)
            Px as Needed (Preseriptives)


            QC (Ecolab)
            Quenty (Sara Lee)
            Quick Silver (Clorox)
            Quik Fix (Ecolab)
            Quik Magic (Turtle Wax)
            Quorum (Ecolab)


            Radox (Sara Lee)
            Raid (S.C. Johnson)
            Rain Barrel (S.C. Johnson)
            Rain Bath (Neutrogena)
            Rain Dance (Clorox)
            Rain Drops (Church & Dwight)
            Rain Tree (Procter & Gamble)#p#分頁標題#e#
            Raje (Conair)
            Rally (Clorox)
            Rare Gold (Avon)
            Reach (Johnson & Johnson)
            Ready-Rubs (National Sanitary)
            Realities (Liz Claiborne)
            Regard (S.C. Johnson)
            Regeneration (BeautiControl)
            Regine's (Inter Parfums)
            Rejuv-A-Perm (Nexxus)
            Renova (Johnson & Johnson)
            Renuzit (Dial)
            Results (Revlon)
            Ridsect (Sara Lee)
            Right Guard (Gillette)
            Rise (Carter-Wallace)
            RoC (Johnson & Johnson)


            Safeguard (Procter & Gamble)
            Sally Beauty (Alberto-Culver)
            Sally Hansen (Del)
            Salon Style (Lamaur)
            Salon Textures (Freeman)
            Sand & Sable (Pfizer)
            Sanex (Sara Lee)
            San Francisco Soap Factory
            (J.B. Williams)
            Satina (Sara Lee)
            Satin Care (Gillette)
            Satinique (Alticor)
            Satin Sheer (Procter & Gamble)
            Savane (Sara Lee)
            Schick (Warner-Lambert)
            Scientific Research (Stephan)
            Scope (Procter & Gamble)
            Scott's Liquid Gold
            (Scott's Liquid Gold)
            Scoundrel (Revlon)
            Scrub Brite (Alticor)
            Scrub Free (Church & Dwight)
            Scrubby Buddies
            (Bath & Body Works)
            Scrub Free (Ecolab)
            Scrunch (Alberto-Culver)
            Scrunge (Church & Dwight)
            Scuff Zapper (Kiwi)
            Sculptique (BeautiControl)
            Seal and Shine (John Paul Mitchell)
            Sea Mist (Dial)
            Seazone (Avon)
            2nd Nail Saver (Procter & Gamble)
            Second Skin Satin (Victoria's Secret)
            Secret (Procter & Gamble)
            Sensitive Skin (Colgate-Palmolive)
            Sensodyne (Block Drug)
            Sensor (Gillette)
            Serenade (Avon)
            Series (Gillette)
            Shade (Schering-Plough)
            Shampoo One (John Paul Mitchell)
            Shampoo Three (John Paul Mitchell)
            Shampoo Two (John Paul Mitchell)
            She fragrance (Revlon)
            She body care (Sara Lee)
            Sheer Breeze (BeautiControl)
            Shield Flea & Tick Control
            Shine (Conair)
            Shine Extender (Block Drug)
            Shining Shield (Revlon)
            Shout (S.C. Johnson)
            (Johnson & Johnson)
            Sh-Sh Shockers (AM Cosmetics)
            Signature (National Sanitary)
            Silkience (Gillette)
            Silksticks (Pfizer)
            Silver Power (Ecolab)
            Simplex (Ecolab)
            Simple Hair Care (Clinique)
            Simple Solution (NCH)
            Simply Be Well (J.B. Williams)
            Simply Silver (Nexxus)
            Skin Bracer (Colgate-Palmolive)
            Skin Revival System (Mary Kay)
            Skin Strategies (BeautiControl)
            Skintimate (S.C. Johnson)
            Slush Buster (Kiwi)
            Smackers (Bonne Bell)
            SmartScrub (S.C. Johnson)
            Smash (Conair)
            Smile Lip moisturizer (Neutrogena)
            Smooth Touch (Schering-Plough)
            Sno Bol (Church & Dwight)
            Soap Factory (State)
            Soft & Dri (Gillette)
            Soft Scrub (Clorox)
            Softsoap (Colgate-Palmolive)
            Soft Sculpting (John Paul Mitchell)#p#分頁標題#e#
            Soft Touch (Johnson Products)
            Solid Choice (Ecolab)
            So Pink (Gap)
            S.O.S. (Clorox)
            Speed Stick (Colgate-Palmolive)
            Speedway (USA)
            Spic and Span (Procter & Gamble)
            Spirit (Dial)
            Sponge Off (Revlon)
            Spot Free (Ecolab)
            Spot & Wash (Clorox)
            Spring Fever (Origins)
            Sta Flo (Dial)
            Stain Blaster (Ecolab)
            Stain Out (Clorox)
            Starring (Avon)
            State 999 (State)
            Static Guard (Alberto-Culver)
            ST DuPont (Inter Parfums)
            Stealth Fly System (Ecolab)
            Step Saver (S.C. Johnson)
            Stetson (Coty)
            Stop Signs (Clinique)
            Stop Slip
            (Johnson Wax Professional)
            Store Shine (National Sanitary)
            Streetwear (Revlon)
            Stridex (Blistex)
            Style Natural Reflections (Lamaur)
            Sudden Change (CCA)
            Sudden Shine (Alticor)
            Sudden Shine auto polish
            (Turtle Wax)
            Sudzy Satinique (Alticor)
            Sundown (Johnson & Johnson)
            Sun-In (Chattem)
            Sunlogics (BeautiControl)
            Sunny Sky (Avon)
            Sun Pacer (Alticor)
            Sunright (Nu Skin)
            Sun Source (Aveda)
            SuperBait (Clorox)
            Super Charged (John Paul Mitchell)
            Super Clean (John Paul Mitchell)
            Super Hard Shell (Turtle Wax)
            Super Sculpt (John Paul Mitchell)
            Super Scrub (USA)
            Sure (Procter & Gamble)
            SureFire 2001 (Turtle Wax)
            Suspend & Renew
            (National Sanitary)
            Sweet Georgia Brown
            (AM Cosmetics)
            Swifter (Procter & Gamble)
            Swiss Formula (Alberto-Culver)
            Symphony (National Sanitary)


            Tackle (Clorox)
            TAL 5 (WD-40)
            Tana (Sara Lee)
            Tandem (National Sanitary)
            Tapestries (Mary Kay)
            Targon (Block Drug)
            TCB (Alberto-Culver)
            Tea Tree (John Paul Mitchell)
            Teen Spirit (Colgate-Palmolive)
            Tegrin (Block Drug)
            Tempest (National Sanitary)
            T for Him (Tommy Hilfiger)
            T/Gel (Neutrogena)
            ThermaCare (Procter & Gamble)
            ThighZone (Estee Lauder)
            3-in-One (WD-40)
            Thrive (Procter & Gamble)
            Tide (Procter & Gamble)
            Tight End (BeautiControl)
            Tilex (Clorox)
            Time Defiance (Alticor)
            Time Off (Revlon)
            Time Wise (Mary Kay)
            Time Zone (Estee Lauder)
            Tinactin (Schering-Plough)
            Tinted Moisture (Neutrogena)
            Toilet Duck (S.C. Johnson)
            Tolett (Sara Lee)
            Tommy (Aramis)
            Tommy Girl (Aramis)
            Toni (Gillette)
            Top Shine (Turtle Wax)
            Top Speed (Revlon)
            Torch (BeautiControl)
            Tess `N Soft (Church & Dwight)
            Total Hair Fitness (J.B. Williams)
            Touch of Scent (Scott's Liquid Gold)
            Tranquil Moments (Avon)
            TreGlaze (Alberto-Culver)
            Trend (Dial)
            TreSemme (Alberto-Culver)
            Trevor Sorbie (Stephan)
            Tribute (Mary Kay)
            Triple Action Eye Enhancer
            (Mary Kay)
            Triple O (State)#p#分頁標題#e#
            Tropez (AM Cosmetics)
            Tropical Blend (Schering-Plough)
            Trouble (Revlon)
            True Grit (National Sanitary)
            TruFace (NuSkin)
            TruSkin (NuSkin)
            T/Sal (Neutrogena)
            T/Scalp (Neutrogena)
            Tsunami (Ecolab)
            Tuffy (Clorox)
            TurboRev (Ecolab)
            TurboSpeed (Ecolab)
            Tuscany per Donna (Estee Lauder)
            Tussy (Playtex)
            Tuxan (Sara Lee)
            Twenty Mule Team (Dial)
            Twin Power (Alticor)
            Twister (National Sanitary)
            2000 Flushes (HPD Laboratories)
            Ty-D-Bol (Sara Lee)


            Ultima II (Revlon)
            Ultra Ban (Chattem)
            Ultra Brite (Colgate-Palmolive)
            Ultra Sheen (Johnson Products)
            Ultra Star (Johnson Products)
            Ultra Swim (Chattem)
            Ultra Wash `n Wax (Turtle Wax)
            Uncircle Eye Treatment
            (Estee Lauder)
            Undeniable (Avon)
            Unlimited Options (Mary Kay)
            Unmakeup (Prescriptives)
            Upside Down (Alberto-Culver)
            U-Turn (Aramis)


            Valma (Sara Lee)
            Vanguard (Ecolab)
            Vanilla Fields (Coty)
            Vapona (Sara Lee)
            Vel (Colgate-Palmolive)
            Verite (Estee Lauder)
            Vibrant Vitamin Infuser
            Vicks (Procter & Gamble)
            Victory (Ecolab)
            Vidal Sassoon (Procter & Gamble)
            Virtual Skin (Prescriptives)
            Visible Improvement (Avon)
            Visine (Pfizer)
            Vision (Turtle Wax)
            Vital Elements (Aveda)
            Vita Tress (Nexxus)
            Vivid (Liz Claiborne)
            VO5 (Alberto-Culver)
            Volumizer (Conair)
            Volumekind (Nu Skin)


            Wash-a-Bye Baby (Procter & Gamble)
            Wash `n Curl (CCA)
            Washroom Wizard (State)
            Water Babies (Schering-Plough)
            Wave (Clorox)
            Wet `n' Wild (AM Cosmetics)
            Wet Ones (Playtex)
            Wheel Brite (Turtle Wax)
            White Barn (Bath & Body Works)
            White King (Sara Lee)
            White Linen (Estee Lauder)
            White Rain (Gillette)
            Wild Heart (Revlon)
            Williams (Sara Lee)
            Williamsport (Stephan)
            Windex (S.C. Johnson)
            Women of Earth (Avon)
            Woolite (Playtex)


            X-14 (HPD Laboratories)
            Xi'a Xi'ang (Revlon)
            Xtra (USA)


            Yankee Candle (Yankee Candle)
            Yijianxi (Sara Lee)
            Youth Dew (Estee Lauder)


            Zendium (Sara Lee)
            Zero In (State)
            Zest (Procter & Gamble)
            Zip Wax (Turtle Wax)
            Zout (Dial)

            Cross References for The Top 50 Companies
            Airkem--see Ecolab
            Armor All--see Clorox
            Amway--see Alticor
            Aveda--see Estee Lauder
            Bath & Body Works-See
            See Intimate Brands
            Benetton--see French Fragrances
            Bobbi Brown essential--see Estee
            Bombril--see Clorox
            Bumble and Bumble--see Estee
            Carter-Wallace--see also Church
            & Dwight
            Clairol--see Bristol-Myers Squibb
            and Procter & Gamble#p#分頁標題#e#
            Cleaning Technologies Group--see
            Donna Karan Cosmetics--see
            Estee Lauder
            DowBrands--see S.C. Johnson
            First Brands--see Clorox
            Fragrance Corporation of
            America--see CCA
            Freeman--see Dial
            Fuller Brush--see CPAC
            Glaxo SmithKline-see
            see Block Drug
            Global Household Brands--see
            House of Fuller--see Sara Lee
            Huntington Labs--see Ecolab
            Interior Design Nutritionals--see
            Nu Skin
            Jheri Redding--see Conair
            Johnson Wax--see S.C. Johnson
            Jo Malone--see Estee Lauder
            Kay Chemical--see Ecolab
            Klenzade--see Ecolab
            Kolynos--see Colgate-Palmolive
            Lancaster Group--see Coty
            Le Mur--see Estee Lauder
            MAC--see Estee Lauder
            MoInlycke--see Alberto-Culver
            National Chemical--see National
            Service Industries
            National Chemsearch--see NCH
            Neutrogena--see J&J
            Nutri-Metics--see Sara Lee
            Oral-B--see Gillette
            Origins--see Estee Lauder
            RoC--see Johnson & Johnson
            Sally Beauty Co.--see Alberto-Culver
            Sarah Michaels--see Dial
            Selig Chemical Industries--see
            National Service Industries
            Stanley Home Products--see CPAC
            Stila--see Estee Lauder
            St. Ives--see Alberto-Culver
            The Limited--see Intimate
            Tommy Hilfiger--see Estee
            USA Detergents--see also Church
            & Dwight
            Victoria's Secret--see Intimate
            White Barn Candle Co.--see
            Intimate Brands
            Zep--see National Service

            RELATED ARTICLE: More Brands Get the Boot at Procter & Gamble
            AT A MEETING with analysts on June 15, president and chief executive officer A.G. Lafley said Procter & Gamble must focus on four core categories--baby care, laundry, feminine care and hair care--to accelerate growth. Mr. Lafley told analysts that the company will discontinue its Olay cosmetics and Fit produce-rinse brands while scaling back global expansion of Dryel home cleaning kits, Secret antiperspirant, Bounty paper towels and Charmin bath tissue.
            For fiscal 2002, P&G said sales, excluding foreign exchange impact, should grow at a rate faster than the current year (which ended June 30) but not yet at the company's long term growth target of 4-6%. Volume will be up in the low single digits. Foreign exchange is expected to negatively affect top-line growth by about 1%; however, continued currency volatility makes it difficult to predict.
            In addition to focusing on core categories, Mr. Lafley said P&G must develop faster growing, higher margin, more asset-efficient businesses with global leadership potential, such as personal beauty care and health care. These higher return businesses, including brands like Olay, Actonel and Crest, hold potential to be tomorrow's leaders, according to Mr. Lafley.
            At the meeting, Mr. Lafley emphasized plans to get P&G's business in western Europe growing again. Efforts will be focused on core categories, big customers and big countries (UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain). #p#分頁標題#e#
            "We are not where we need to be in western Europe, but we have the right leadership and the right strategies and action plans in place to drive stronger, more profitable growth," Mr. Lafley said. "We're focusing on our big brands, both the ones that are big today and the ones with potential to be big in the future," Mr. Lafley continued. "We're shifting our mix to categories with higher growth, higher margins. We're focusing on big countries in both developed and developing markets. And we're focusing on our biggest global customers. All these choices form a solid platform for both top and bottom line growth."
            RELATED ARTICLE: Hugo Boss Plans Global Launch For Its New Deep Red Fragrance
            HUGO BOSS IS SEEING red--Deep Red that is. This fall, the prestige brand owned by Procter & Gamble will introduce Deep Red, a fragrance targeted to women in their 20s and 30s. The scent is the fourth in the Hugo by Hugo Boss lineup, which already includes Hugo Woman and two men's scents: Hugo and Dark Blue. The scent will launch in Germany and the U.S. later this month and a global rollout is planned later this fall.
            Company executives describe Deep Red as a floral fruity scent with top notes of black currant, pear, clementine and blood-orange; middle notes of ginger flower, freesia and hibiscus and bottom notes of cedarwood, bourbon vanilla and musk. The fragrance was developed by IFF.
            The eau de parfum will be available in 50- and 90ml sprays that retail for $36 and $45. The Deep Red collection also includes bath and body products such as 150ml shower gel ($15), 150ml body lotion ($20) and 50ml deodorant ($15).
            RELATED ARTICLE: Wehling To Retire as Global Marketing and Government Relations Officer
            ROBERT L. WEHLING, 62, global marketing and government relations officer, will retire on August 10, after more than 41 years of service. In anticipation of Mr. Wehling's retirement, James R. Stengel, 46, currently vice president, global baby care strategic planning, marketing and new business development, was elected global marketing officer, effective August 1, 2001.
            "Bob Wehling has been a true leader and innovator in developing new approaches to the way we market our brands and partner with our advertising agencies. He helped define what being a responsible advertiser means," said P&G president and chief executive officer A. G. LafLey. "During these times of changing values in our society, Bob is a champion of the belief that advertisers, agencies, and the media can make a positive impact on the industry when they work together to bring awareness to key issues like family-friendly programming.
            "Bob is also an outstanding example of dedication to community service," Mr. Lafley continued. "Over the years his inspirational leadership and unswerving commitment to a multitude of worthy causes, ranging from diversity to education and child advocacy, has left a lasting mark on our community."
            In a presentation to analysts on June 15, Mr. Stengel outlined a marketing approach for P&G that includes targeting prime prospect consumers (through the use of the internet and other devices), going where the consumers are (billboard and other non-traditional forms of advertising), expanding consumption (such as getting parents to use a wipe every time they change a diaper) and retail co-marketing (creating customized reports and marketing programs for retailers). #p#分頁標題#e#
            "Jim Stengel is superbly suited to be P&G's global marketing officer. Jim's 18 years with the company include marketing experience across our food, cosmetics, and baby care businesses. Running businesses both in the U.S. and globally, he has demonstrated his ability to develop strong external partnerships and lead a diverse organization. In addition, his strong commitment to training within the marketing organization will ensure that our people have the skills to meet the needs of our consumers, build our brands and keep P&G the preeminent consumer products company in the world."
            In other personnel moves, R. Keith Harrison Jr., 53, currently vice president-Europe family care and cotton products, has been elected global product supply officer, assuming the product supply responsibility currently held by Richard L. Antoine, effective August 1. Mr. Antoine, currently global human resources and product supply officer, will remain global human resources officer.
            Commenting on the move to separate the product supply and human resources responsibilities at the senior management level, Mr. Lafley said, "As we look ahead to the challenges of completing our global sourcing and manufacturing restructuring plans, it has become increasingly clear that this work will require the full time attention of one of our senior officers. Keith Harrison's broad range of global business assignments within product supply makes him an excellent choice. His capability and experience make him eminently qualified to lead the organization and continue the drive for innovative approaches to sourcing and product supply reliability."
            RELATED ARTICLE: Four New Group Presidents at Estee Lauder
            THE ESTEE LAUDER Companies Inc. announced on May 17 the creation of four new group president positions. The move reflects the intent to have Estee Lauder Companies' brands operate globally with a single vision and a unified marketing strategy. The new structure aligns the marketing responsibilities with the corporate support groups to advance the company's plans to be the world's leading marketer of prestige skin care, makeup, fragrance and hair care products, according to the company.
            Fred H. Langhammer, president and chief executive officer, announced that Dan Brestle, William Lauder, Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne and Philip Shearer have been appointed to these new roles. Mr. Brestle, Mr. Lauder, and Mr. Bousquet-Chavanne assumed their new positions on July 1. Mr. Shearer will assume his new post in September.
            Mr. Brestle leads the high-growth specialty group including such prestigious brands as Aveda, Bobbi Brown, Bumble and Bumble, La Mer, Jane, Jo Malone, Kate Spade, Prescriptives and Stila on a worldwide basis.
            William Lauder leads worldwide efforts in Clinique, Origins and the company's rapidly growing retail division, which includes more than 300 freestanding stores for Origins, MAC and Aveda. Additionally, he will lead the company's online activities on a worldwide basis, including Gloss.com. #p#分頁標題#e#
            Mr. Bousquet-Chavanne is responsible for global leadership of Estee Lauder, MAC and the fragrance brands Aramis, Tommy Hilfiger Toiletries, Donna Karan Cosmetics and fashion fragrances.
            As the new group president, international, Mr. Shearer is responsible for all of the activities in Estee Lauder companies' sales affiliates and distributor relationships worldwide and will be responsible for sales and profits for the company in the markets outside of North America. He will collaborate closely with the three other group presidents to integrate all global marketing strategies in the international markets. Mr. Shearer will also oversee the company's travel retail business. Prior to this appointment, Mr. Shearer was president of L'Oreal's luxury products division.
            "We are confident that these changes will extend our competitive advantage while accelerating growth, improving speed to market and creating more opportunities to leverage the exceptional talent we have within the company," Mr. Langhammer said. "By empowering such accomplished executives as Dan, William and Patrick with greater responsibility, we will have the strongest team in the industry. Ed Straw, our president of global operations, will continue to partner closely with the group presidents."
            RELATED ARTICLE: Avon's Four-Part Growth Plan
            AVON PRODUCTS' chief executive officer Andrea Jung, has a four-pronged growth strategy to grow sales Land profits well into the future. She recently provided some of the details to a group of executives at a strategic decision conference. Specifically, the plan will:
            * Leverage power of the Avon brand;
            * Capitalize on emerging market opportunities;
            * Expand core brand into new beauty-related categories and
            * Expand brand into retail channel.
            At the Sanford C. Bernstein 17th Annual Strategic Decisions Conference, Ms. Jung explained how innovative new products (such as Anew Retroactive and Project CPR, which is set to launch in the fourth quarter) along with better advertising and updated brochures are helping to improve Avon's beauty image.
            In emerging markets such as Eastern Europe and China, Avon is aggressively trying to reach younger consumers. Ms. Jung noted that Eastern Europe is enjoying strong economic growth and has a vibrant beauty market (worth $7.5 billion) that is condusive to direct selling. China's potential is even more impressive. The GDP is expected to grow 7.6% a year through 2003. The country also has a young population and a growing beauty market. Last year, Avon's sales reached $71 million in China and the company expects sales to grow 40% this year due to a rapid expansion of retail models such as beauty counters and boutiques. Looking long term, Ms. Jung said sales in China will triple to $150-200 million by 2003. Operating margins will double, the number of outlets will reach 6,000 and Avon will have 30,000 store representatives in place. Avon's entry into the vitamin/nutritional supplement segment via Avon Wellness is one example of how the company is expanding into new beauty-related channels. Avon expects global sales of Avon Wellness to reach $50 million in 2001 and $200-300 million by 2005. #p#分頁標題#e#
            RELATED ARTICLE: Avon Expands Its Channels
            THERE'S MORE THAN THE CORE. For years Avon has insisted that its representatives remain at the core of its selling philosophy. But in recent years, the company has taken some bold steps to expand its reach beyond traditional direct sales channels. In that respect, the company announced last September that it would open Avon Centers in Sears and J.C. Penney stores in the U.S. These centers will sell a new brand of products called beComing. After a fall launch in the U.S., beComing will roll out internationally in 2002 (For a closer look at beComing, see p. 54).
            The beComing line features eight integrated categories, including color cosmetics (beComing Radiant); skin care (beComing Luminous); fragrance, jewelry and fashion accessories (beComing Sensational); sun care products (beComing Active); products for moms and babies (beComing Mom) and bath products (beComing Centered). The becoming line also provides information about lifestyle and health-related topics (beComing Aware) and beauty profiles (beComing Connected). The 400-SKU line features upscale, prestige packaging with value price points. For example, becoming lipsticks will retail for $9.50, compared to $12-16 for prestige brands and $3-7 for core Avon products.
            At the same time, however, traditional representatives are finding new ways to reach their customers. For example, Avon has licensed representatives to operate stand-alone kiosks to sell Avon products in shopping malls throughout the U.S. In another move, late last year 16,000 U.S. representatives began taking customer orders on the web at www.youravon.com [http://www.youravon.com]. There, representatives can access invoices, orders and training tools.
            RELATED ARTICLE: Clorox Signs New Deal with Bombril S.A.
            IN MAY, THE CLOROX COMPANY announced it has entered into a new agreement with Bombril S.A. Under the terms of the agreement, Clorox will pay $175 million to acquire a 50% stake in Clorox-Bombril S.A., a new venture to be formed by Clorox and Bombril S.A. This venture will provide Clorox with a significant interest in the leading cleaning utensils and household cleaners business in Brazil.
            "We're pleased to have signed this new agreement with Bombril," said Clorox chairman and chief executive officer Craig Sullivan. "This venture is a major step in expanding Clorox's business in Latin America with market-leading brands."
            On Jan. 24, 2001, Clorox announced that it had agreed to enter into a joint venture with Bombril S.A. But on April 5, Clorox notified Bombril S.A. that it was canceling the agreement, because various conditions of the transaction had not been satisfied.
            The transaction is subject to the seller successfully delisting Bombril S.A. from the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange and to the execution of a shareholders' agreement between the two companies that, among other things, will provide for Clorox's role in the management of the new venture. The companies expect to finalize the transaction in July or August. Based on preliminary estimates, the transaction will dilute modestly Clorox's fiscal 2002 earnings per share. #p#分頁標題#e#
            RELATED ARTICLE: JV with Shiseido Remains On-track
            NEXT SPRING, Intimate Beauty Corp. will unveil the first new stores under its joint venture with Shiseido. Mr. Wexner calls the concept "a very compelling beauty/fragrance alternative." It combines Intimate Brand's retailing and brand skills with Shiseido's best-in-class product and manufacturing expertise.
            The new brand already includes more than 500 SKUs, according to sources. Fifteen stores are slated to open next March and plans call for 500 stores in the future. According to the company, sales volume could top $1 billion.
            RELATED ARTICLE: Can SFX'01 Fix Dial?
            AS THE HOUSEHOLD AND PERSONAL CARE industry becomes increasingly dominated by large multinationals, mid-sized players such as Dial are feeling the heat. In fact, after a reorganization in August, 2000, the company announced a new strategy dubbed SFX'01, which stands for:
            * Stabilize strong businesses;
            * Fix marginal businesses or jettison them;
            * explore options as a company and
            * complete the evaluation in 2001.
            If Dial chooses to sell, one of the suitors could be Japan's Kao Corp. Kao lost out to P&G when it attempted to buy the Clairol hair care business.
            According to one report, a number of mid-size U.S. companies could be forced into the arms of a suitor like Kao as a retail market dominated by a few major players makes it harder to get products on the shelf, analysts said.
            "Consolidation at retail has forced consolidation among the suppliers," said Franklin Morton, director of research at Ariel Capital Management. "You're seeing a lot of mid-sized companies seek shelter with larger entities."
            Other companies mentioned as acquisition targets include Playtex Products, Church & Dwight and even Alberto-Culver. Of course, all that's sheer speculation, since analysts note there has been little if any indication those companies are looking to sell. All of these companies have good brands and a strong North American infrastructure, they noted.
            RELATED ARTICLE: No Skin's Sandie Tillotson Recognized by Feminine Fortunes
            SANDIE TILLOTSON, senior vice president of Nu Skin Enterprises, was recently selected as a Woman of the New Millennium by Feminine Fortunes. Other honorees 市場營銷調研報告范文included Maya Angelou, Sandra Day O'Connor, Katie Couric, Marion Jones and Oprah Winfrey.
            Ms. Tillotson was chosen for her leadership and efforts as a co-founder of Nu Skin Enterprises. She also helped create the company's Force for Good Foundation, a philanthropic organization established to assist in the preservation of life, the continuation of indigenous cultures and the protection of fragile environments.
            COPYRIGHT 2001 Rodman Publications, Inc.



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