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      Research proposal范文:Influence of Social Media on Consumer

      論文價格: 免費 時間:2021-10-18 11:52:50 來源:www.orient-thai.net 作者:留學作業網
      Research proposal格式范文-社交媒體對消費者購買行為的影響,本篇Research proposal的目的在于分析社會化媒體活動及影響消費者決策認知的各種因素。本研究將有助于通過社交媒體開展業務的企業組織深入了解消費者體驗的本質。此外,Research proposal提案將分析消費者通過在線社交網站傳播口碑的能力。通過社交媒體確定對消費者行為的積極和消極影響。消費者對品牌的忠誠度與購買決策同樣相關。病毒式廣告和手機活動正在改變消費者購買產品的感知能力。社會商務與增加信任和購買產品的意愿有關。對于研究方法,將采用定性方法,重點回答研究問題,即某些情況如何以及為什么會發生,而不是找出30名參與者的頻率。根據從文獻綜述中收集的信息準備問題。專題分析將在數據范圍內進行,重點是精確定位、檢查和分析信息。
      Research proposal格式范文
      Research proposal格式范文
      Abstract 摘要
      The purpose of this research proposal is to analyze social media activities and different influencing factors which are changing the perception of consumer’s decision making process. This research will be advantageous to the business organization who are undertaking their business through the means of social media which will provide them in-depth understanding and essence of consumer experience. Furthermore, research proposal will analyze the consumer’s power of word-of-mouth transmitted via online social websites.  Determine positive and negative impact on consumer behavior through social media. Similarly, Consumers commitment loyalty towards brand interrelated with purchasing decision. Viral ads and Mobile activity are changing the consumer perceptivity on purchasing a product. Social commerce related to increased trust and intention to purchase a product. For the research methodology Qualitative method will be practiced which will focus to answer research question how and why certain circumstances might occur rather than finding how often with 30 numbers of participants. Questions are prepared from the information collected from literature review. Thematic analysis will be done within the data which will focus to pinpoint, examine and analyze the information gained from the consumers. Conclusively, proposal imparts implications and discussion of the research, conclusion, references and appendix.
      Table of Contents 目錄
      1.0  Introduction…………………………………………………………………………………
      1.1Objective of the study………………………………………………………………..
      2.0  Literature review……………………………………………………………………….
      3.0  Research Methodology……………………………………………………………
      3.1 Research plan…………………………………………………………………………..
      4.0  Discussion of implications of research…………………………………………………….
      5.0  Conclusion………………………………………………………………………………….
      6.0  Reference
      7.0  Appendix
      1.0 Introduction 簡介
      在當前的商業環境下,消費者對數字交互尤其是社交媒體的興趣與日俱增。信息技術為消費者行為提供了授權和鼓勵,使其從信息的被動接收者轉變為與商業產品相關的信息的主動客戶。以前,消費者的表演活動是由公司控制的,而在今天的商業環境中,整個營銷戰略已經完全改變。因此,公司現在已經了解了消費者不斷變化的行為,并通過在業務中使用社交媒體實現了互惠互利。消費者行為中的在線活動正以非??斓乃俣戎饾u增長。隨著社交媒體和用戶創建內容(UCC)在網站上的大量參與,如Facebook、博客、Google My business、YouTube、Trip Advisor、LinkedIn、Foursquare for business等。             
      In context of present business, there is an increasing interest of consumer activity in digital interaction especially in social media. Information technology is providing empowerment and encouragement to consumer act from becoming inactive receiver of information to become active customer of information related to business products. Previously the consumer performing activity was controlled by companies whereas in context of today’s business, the entire marketing strategy has been completely changed. Therefore, companies now have understood the changing behavior of consumer and developed mutual benefits from the use of social media in the business. Online activity in consumer’s behavior is gradually growing at a very fast rate. With the tremendous involvement in social media and user created content (UCC) on sites, like Face book, blogs, Google My business, YouTube, Trip Advisor, LinkedIn, Foursquare for business, etc (Heinonen,2011).
      Consumer decision making process to purchase a product contains various steps from the recognition of a need through pre-purchase search of information about the product through social media to satisfy the need, the evaluation of purchase and post purchase including experience involving social media. Social media is being used by the consumer as a platform for sharing information. Individual consumers are utilizing different social media tools such as reviews, ratings, online forum and communities, recommendations to interact with other consumers via online. Within the social network domain increasing share of communication has been arise because consumers are spending more and more time on social media.
      1.1 Objectives of the Study 研究的目標
       This research proposal focuses on the quality of consumer experience, an understanding of underlying reasons, opinions and motivations. Social media activities will be analyzed and influencing factors which are changing the perception of consumer to purchase a product. Some of the objectives of this research are as follows:
        How social media is influencing the consumer to purchase a product? 社交媒體如何影響消費者購買產品?
        How Brand, viral advertisement, Mobile activity are changing the perception of consumer? 品牌、病毒式廣告、手機活動是如何改變消費者的認知的?
       Positive and negative impact on consumer’s behavior through social media. 通過社交媒體對消費者行為的正面和負面影響。
       Why consumers are using social media as a means of social commerce? 為什么消費者使用社交媒體作為社交商業的一種手段?
      Analyze the consumer’s power of word-of-mouth transmitted via online social websites. 分析消費者通過在線社交網站傳播口碑的能力。
      Why consumers are being involved in variety of activities while purchasing a product? 為什么消費者在購買產品時會參與各種活動?
      2.0 Literature review 文獻綜述
      2.1 Electronic Word of Mouth (EWOM) 電子口碑

      A major influence on consumer decision making is from the information gained through social media. The growth of digital consumer behavior is due to the use of increased technology. Word of mouth is considered to be key areas that are developing through social media. Electronic word of mouth (EWOM) transmitted through social websites has Positive and negative influence on consumer purchasing intention.  Reviews, feedbacks, recommendation, ratings, reviews given by the customers for the purchase of product and services are generally available in internet. Word of mouth such as positive feedback, recommendations, ratings, and reviews about product has a positive impact on consumer’s decision making process. On the other hand, Negative word of mouth or any negative comments about any product or brand has a strong influence consumers’ purchasing intention than positive comments(Taylor, 2015).  
      2.2 Social Commerce 社會商業
      Social media is used as a platform for sharing information and social interaction to generate social support among the customers. Several factors like product uncertainty, seller uncertainty which is effecting the consumer’s buying intention is influencing consumers’ purchasing behavior through social commerce.  An individual consumer review the another particular consumer feedback and opinion in order to reduce their risk about the pre-purchase information.      Social support influences the trust of consumer which is generated through social media. The effect of social commerce is helping on consumer’s  trust and intention to purchase a product (M. N. Hajli, 2014).
      2.3 Brand Loyalty 品牌忠誠度
      Consumer perception on brand also influences purchasing decision process. Consumers have put on view to adoption of decision rule to purchase a product that they are often familiar with and well-known brands. With the engagement of social media applications like Face book, it has increased the commitment towards brand which is also indicated as positive WOM activities. It has shown that when a consumer is more loyal towards a particular brand they tend to talk and purchase more the product which therefore spreading positive WOM. Consumers like to purchase from a brand they are familiar with the product. As well as they recommend to other consumer to purchase the product. “59 % of consumer like to purchase  a new product that is from the similar brand they are familiar with on the other hand only 21% of the consumer like to new product from the brand they like.” (Hutter et al., 2013).
      2.4 Viral Advertisement. 病毒式廣告
      Viral ads on social media sites are another factor that has an impact on the consumer purchasing intention. Viral advertising is a strategy to do business which uses social platform for promotion and encouragement to purchase a product. Information about the product spreads from one consumer to another through their social networks it is same as the virus spread from one person to another. From social media consumer receive the page link and share the ad link to different websites as well as pass through emails, web page and social media profile (Holly, 2013).
      2.5 Mobile Activity 流動活動
      In today’s world consumers are frequently using their cell phone and consumer behavior in mobile setting is increasing in context of shopping online. Many consumers prefer to shop online using their mobile via social media application rather than visiting the store. Instead of visiting the store to purchase a product consumers are more likely to purchase product simply scrolling the list of products and touching them which can inspire the ownership feeling of consumer psychologically. Mobile display ads uplift consumer attitudes and intentions for high-involvement to the purpose to purchase a product (Stephen, 2016)
      3.0 Research Methodology 研究方法
      Qualitative research methodology will be practiced for the research which will focus to answer research question how and why certain circumstances might occur rather than finding how often. Grounded theory will be followed in order to interpret the meaning with the social interaction with consumer and discover new understanding of consumers’ behavior. Thematic analysis will be done within the data which will focus to pinpoint, examine and record the information gained from the consumers. Interpretivism research philosophy will be followed where data will be collected from small samples, in-depth investigations related to research objectives.
      3.1 Research Design 研究設計
       Every person plays a role of consumer because they purchase a goods and services in their daily life. So, In order to conduct the research in total 30 numbers of IIBIT students and teachers will be taken an interview by asking open ended question providing them with some option asking them  to chose among option and  state their reason or idea. The questions which will be asked are prepared by information gained from literature review. The data will be gathered and analyzed from interview taken to 30 numbers of IIBIT students and teachers by asking both open ended questions related to purpose of the research. Answers from open ended question will provide the researcher with the variety of ideas and help to collect data from those ideas. Likewise, Valuable data will be analyzed from information gathered from wide variety of idea. 
      4.0 Discussion and Implications of research 研究的討論和意義
      Every individual’s consumer experience, an understanding of underlying reasons, opinions and motivation can be gained from the implication of research. This research will be appropriate to the business organizations, retailers who are conducting their business via social media which will provide them in-depth understanding of consumer experience and influencing factors.    Findings/ data will be the answers related to the questions that are prepared for interview. Electronic word of mouth such as reviews, feedbacks, recommendation and ratings are changing the perception of consumer. Within those EWOM which is the most influencing factor can be understood through perspective of consumer. Electronic Word of mouth can have both positive and negative impact on consumer purchasing intention. Recommendations, ratings, and reviews about product have a positive impact on consumer’s decision making process. Among Positive or negative EWOM which has an overpowering influence on consumer purchasing decision making process can be analyzed in-depth. Before purchasing a product consumer are unsure about a new product and seller they are going to purchase a product,  how consumer are being benefitted by   social media as to gather more information related to product can be understood.  How Brand commitment, mobile activity and viral ads are changing the decision making intention of a consumer can be find out.   Inclusively, information gained from consumer experience will benefit the online business organization and also will provide them what kind of marketing strategy should be implemented.
      5.0 Conclusion 結論
      This research proposal is centered on the nature of consumer’s experience; provide an insight to underlying reasons, considered opinion and motivations of consumers. Qualitative methodology, thematic analysis, data collected from small sample thirty numbers of participants by asking open ended interview question. Moreover, Consumer decision making process contains various steps to purchase a product from pre-purchase process which involves  recognition of a need ,search of information about the product through social media to satisfy their need, the evaluation of purchase and entire  post purchase activities including experience involving social media tools such as reviews, ratings, feedback, recommendations etc. Electronic word of mouth which is transmitted through social media is empowering to consumer. Positive and negative EWOM has a huge impact on consumer purchasing intention. Social commerce is helping consumer to build a trust, social support information sharing etc. Viral advertisement, brand loyalty and commitment are related with the decision making process of consumer. After reviewing the complete research business organization and retailers who are performing their business through online via means of social media will be benefited as well as helps them to enhance their marketing strategy.     
      References 參考文獻
      Bronner, F., & De Hoog, R. (2014). Social media and consumer choice. International Journal of Market Research, 56(1), 51-71.
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      Research proposal格式范文的核心是消費者體驗的本質;深入了解潛在原因、經過深思熟慮的意見和消費者的動機。定性方法,專題分析,從小樣本中收集的數據,通過開放式訪談的方式詢問30名參與者。此外,Research proposal還提到消費者決策過程包含從預購買過程購買產品的各個步驟,包括識別需求,通過社交媒體搜索產品信息以滿足其需求,對購買和整個購買后活動的評估,包括涉及社會媒體工具(如評論、評級、反饋、建議等)的體驗。通過社會媒體傳播的電子口碑賦予消費者權力。積極和消極的EWOM對消費者購買意愿有巨大的影響。社會商務幫助消費者建立信任、社會支持信息共享等。病毒式廣告、品牌忠誠度和承諾與消費者的決策過程有關。在審查了完整的研究后,通過社交媒體在線開展業務的商業組織和零售商將受益,并幫助他們提高營銷戰略。本站提供各國各專業留學生論文Research proposal寫作指導服務,如有需要可咨詢本平臺。

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